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Welcome to the Village of Howwood Offical Web Site

Welcome to HOWWOODHowwood is a small Renfrewshire Village located in Scotland. The village is 14 miles from Glasgow City Centre, and 7 miles from Glasgow International Airport. Despite being so close to these main centres, the village has an attractive rural setting amidst the scenic West Renfrewshire Countryside.

Over recent years the village has grown considerably with a number of residential housing developments. Access to the village has also been enhanced with the opening of The Johnstone-Howwood Bypass, and the re-opening of the Railway Station.This makes the village today an ideal place for the commuter or a lovely environment to bring up young families.

The Village of Howwood

The purpose of the website is to give information about life in the village, the amenities that are available, and a historical background. It is hoped that in putting the site together that there will be something for everyone.

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