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Community Council Meeting Minutes 2008



Robert Scarsbrook (Chair), Christine Scarsbrook, Douglas Paxton (Minutes), Grace Weir, Margie Stewart, Andrew Wilson (Secretary), Nick Walker.


Councillor John Caldwell, Scott Allan, PC Andrew MacLeman, Millar Leon & David Fulton.


Councillor Tracie McGee, Councillor Iain McMillan, Councillor John Hood, Bill David, Norma David, Jackie Mackenzie & Linda Smith.


The minutes were approved for adoption by Grace Weir and seconded by Nick Walker.


There were 4 Crimes/offences reported – Breach of the Peace, Perverting the course of Justice, Road Traffic and Fraud (door step crime). It was again emphasised that anything suspicious should be reported to the police. The new Chief Constable is committed to community policing and new officers being recruited will all go into this area but will take 2 to 3 years to take effect.


Survey - 56 responses, key issues were advised to the meeting and it was agreed that the results would be posted on to the Web site. DPA – Douglas Paxton has agreed to act as the Data Protection Officer and a sub group consisting of Douglas Paxton, Robert Scarsbrook and Nick Walker would meet to discuss registration. It was noted that Ann McNaughton is now the Community Council Liaison Officer.


Scott Allan introduced David Fulton who demonstrated the Community Speedwatch equipment and went over operational issues. The Council are looking to train 6 members from Howwood Community Council – Robert Scarsbrook to co-ordinate. Traffic orders were being prepared for rural roads into the village where speed would be reduced to 40 mph. It is hoped that this will be in place by October. New shop order also being prepared hopefully for implementation by October.

Bowfield Road/Hill Road – still pursuing speed table idea for some time this financial year. Scott Allan highlighted significant budget cuts had been implemented.

Fred’s Shop –plan for road markings issued to meeting.

Crossing at New village shop – on hold due to budget issues. Pavement repairs at Fred’s Shop. Scott Allan reported that part of the area was a private frontage which could not be repaired using public monies. Scott Allan to produce for next meeting a list of all similar “Private Frontages”.

Flooding at foot of Bowfield Road – notice to landowner served with no response. Council considering next stage.

Flooding upper Bowfield Road to be actioned upon – debris causing the problem.

Path from Station to layby – need to work with Sustrans. Feasibility study required first at a cost of circa 8k. Traffic light would cost circa 80k. Budget constraints will place this as a low priority.

School path flooding – Councillor Caldwell reported that following investigation this appears to be an issue for the School who have no funding available – Still pursuing. Councillor Caldwell also reported that the Primary School had not prepared a School Travel Plan.

Pavement and bad holes at the bottom of Bowfield Road – Scott Allan will look into. Mayfield Drive – road now has marking – Scott Allan believes this is for patching work. Scott Allan reported that 200k had been set aside for road repairs (not patching) to cover all council roads.


Newsletter due for issue in July – articles to Andrew Wilson. Web stats – nothing received. HWW walk – Saturday 14th June 1 pm at the triangle.


House at pub has been approved with conditions – nothing unsurmountable.

  • Youth Club football in the hall is being monitored – soft balls causing no real issue.
  • George Street Bins – letters have been sent but no difference to date.
  • Insurances due 56.50 plus 60.00 for fete – both approved. ASCC membership to be renewed at 15. Planning aid subscription 25 renewed.
  • Outdoor access forum and networking day – Andrew Wilson to attend.
  • Alcohol Licencing in the Community – info and leaflets from Andrew Wilson. Bill David looking at impact on Howwood Community Council.
  • Consultation, on model scheme for Community Councils and Councillors – Robert Scarsbrook, Nick Walker, Christine Scarsbrook and Andrew Wilson will look into and advise.
  • Local Area Committees – meeting 5th June in Johnstone Town Hall – Grace Weir to attend. Community Council Forum 12th May Nick Walker attended. ASCC Constitution Consultation – Nick Walker gave an update.
  • Howwood Playgroup – request for financial support – agreed to give 300 and waive stall fee.

Tea room being staffed by Church of Scotland team. Chapel unable to assist this year.

Football – unlikely to happen. Concern that strong lighting from street lights was affecting residents – Scott Allan to look into.


Tuesday 10th June 2008 at 7.30 pm, Village Hall. Thereafter, second Tuesday monthly - 8th July, 12th August (Scott Allan in attendance),

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