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Community Council Meeting Minutes 2008


Robert Scarsbrook (Chair), Linda Smith (Vice Chair), Andrew Wilson (Secretary), Christine Scarsbrook (Minutes), Bill David (Treasurer), Norma David, Grace Weir, Nick Walker, Margie Stewart

Councillor John Caldwell, Councillor Tracie McGee, PC Andrew MacLeman, Douglas Chalmers, Lindsey Chalmers, Scott Allen (Renfrewshire Council (RC) Roads)

Jackie Mackenzie, Douglas Paxton, Councillor Iain McMillan, Councillor John Hood, John McLean, Sandra McIntosh

Minutes from previous meeting were not available.  Approval will be carried forward to next meeting.

                There were 5 crimes / offences reported during July 2008– 1 theft, 1 Road Traffic Act (detected), 1 poaching             (detected), 1 attempted murder (detected) and 1 robbery.

Matters Discussed

  • Number of robberies in surrounding area.  Robbers are armed with a knife and there has been an injury caused to some of the victims.
  • The attempted murder was at Bowfield.
  • A consultation questionnaire ‘Have your say’ was distributed at the meeting.  Community Councillors to complete and hand back at next meeting.  Results will be published in due course.
  • Speed Watch trial is going well.  Two days notice is required by police for each session.


  • History of Howwood – cost not yet available.
  • Pharmacy – a second appeal was raised last week but outcome not yet known.
  • AGM confirmed as Friday 17 October at 7pm in the Village Hall.  The AGM will be followed by Howwood Wildlife and Woodlands AGM and a talk from Oxfam on Fair Trade.   All reports to be emailed to minute secretary in advance.
  • Best Garden competition – judging will take place 15 August 2008.  A prize of £50 garden vouchers was approved at the January 2008 meeting.  BD to collect the vouchers.
  • Roads

Update from Scott Allen

  • Traffic Orders Kilnknowe Cottages/ Midton Road speed limit and Village Shop parking.   There were objections raised on these orders from the Traffic Branch of the Police.  The Traffic Branch agreed to a 30mph along Midton Road but not to the 40mph from Howwood to Johnstone.  The Village Shop parking would not be enforceable.  SA is still in negotiation on these matters
  • Bowfield Road / Hill Road Junction.  The cost for a detailed design for the proposed speed table is £2,500 therefore on hold at this time as RC is looking at a less costly alternative.  SA provided background to this issue which has been ongoing since 1998.  A notice has been served to one property to cut back hedging.   Strong feelings expressed by local residents who attempt to exit this impaired line of vision junction on a daily basis.  CC to write to Roads Department on this matter as many villagers have expressed similar concerns for the safety of motorists and to children walking to and from the primary school.
  • Pavement near Fred’s Shop.  There is an issue with repairs as part of the area is in private ownership. SA to take this back for review.
  • Flooding / Icing at Bowfield Road / Midton Road junction.  Water is run off from private property.  Notice has been served to the owner.
  • Bowfield Road Pavement.  Repair of 2 pot holes has been authorised and may look to repair further.  SA was advised that Bowfield Road is rutted between Howwood sign and Bowfield County Club.
  • Pavement from Station to lay-by over Garthland Bridge.  Roads Department supports HCC request to Local Area Committee grant for feasibility study and design work.
  • School Path flooding.  CC was delighted to hear that this work had now been concluded.
  • Light pollution along Main Street.  This matter is now closed.
  • Beith Road overgrown hedging.  RC have requested owner to cut back hedging.

New Matters raised

  • Bowfield Road / Dunalister Path overgrown trees / hedge impeding access to path.
  • Road to St Vincent’s Hospice overgrown hedge.
  • Footpath at Corseford School needs repaired.

Next Roads update due Nov 2008.


  • 64 Midton Road (old Teknek factory) HCC have lodged an objection to this proposed development on various grounds.  Chair thanked the working group who investigated this matter on behalf of the HCC.   Objection details are available from the Secretary.
  • Pet Crematorium – Environmental impact assessment is available but as it contains no new information the HCC objection still stands.


  • Cllr T McG – RC are to add the bin at the Rhombus Garden to the uplift schedule.  Clarification required that RC know it is the Rhombus Garden and not the Triangle.
  • Cllr J C – George Street bins still seem to be a problem.
  • Cllr J C – carried out a walkabout of the village to help identify any issues.  The railings at the park, war memorial, Village Hall appearance and planting and the rough grass at the park were matters which would be looked at.
  • Cllr T McG advised that she is also do a walkabout and invited the Secretary to accompany her.
  • Cllr T McG also advised that fly tipping near the Hospice had been collected.
  • Recycling collection takes place around 7am.  Residents are advised to put boxes out the night before if this is too early.


  • Inaugural meeting of STP West of Scotland Community Transport Forum.  No action required.  Pass to Craig Crawford who might be interested.
  • Renfrewshire Community Planning Partnership.  NW happy to look at this and advise HCC.
  • Local Area Committee (LAC).  A £50 grant for expenses for attending this meeting was agreed by RC.  BD to complete the paperwork.
  • Electoral Reform Society.  A meeting will be held on 11 Sep 2008 at 10am.   As the date and time is inconvenient to attend the Secretary is to ask for feedback from the event.
  • Big Lottery Fund.  HCC application for funding for refurbishment of the Park was turned down.   It was noted that no constructive assistance was provided by Environmental Services on this matter.  HCC’s complaint to be put in writing and raised at the next LAC.
  • ASCC newsletter is available from the Secretary. ASCC requested email addresses from all Community Councillors and this was agreed.  NW to pass these on.
  • ASCC consultation on change to constitution draft has been received.  Carry forward to next meeting.


  • Village Speed Watch
    • Delighted to receive such good support from the village for this initiative especially form parents with young children.
    • It was noted that nearly all vehicles entering the village at Station Road are over the 30mph limit.
    • Buses seem to be the worst offenders
    • Too many cars are going too fast throughout the village. 
    • There have been 10 session so far.
    • The trial will continue until September at which time HCC will consider any further action and provide feedback.
    • It was suggested that the Speed Watch equipment could be demonstrated at the Primary School when term commences.
    • HCC would recommend other community councils to take up this scheme.
  • Newsletter
    • The next newsletter is almost ready pending results of the garden competition.  The AGM details are to be added.  Distribution will take place end August / early September.
  • Bills for Payment
    • A number of expenses need to be refunded.  BD to deal with this matter.
  • Fete Equipment
    • Thanks expressed for M Mitchell for kindly making and donating bags for the fete equipment.  A token of appreciation was agreed.  BD to deliver the token.
    • RS and BD to pack the equipment when they are available.
  • Grass Cuttings
    • It was noted that grass cuttings are not always being picked up.  Raise this matter with Andy Summers RC Environmental Services at the September meeting.
  • Church Holiday Club
    • A letter of thanks was received from the Church for funding provided.  The club was a success again this year with up to 28 children attending and having fun. Parents also express their appreciation.


NEXT MEETING:  Tuesday 9 September 2008, 7:30pm Howwood Village Hall (Andy Summers RC Environmental Services in attendance)

AGM: Friday 17 October 2008, 7pm Howwood Village Hall

Thereafter, second Tuesday monthly – 11 November 2008 (Scott Allan, RC Roads, in attendance), 9 December 2008 etc.


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