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Community Council Meeting Minutes 2006



Nick Walker, Robert Scarsbrook, Andrew Wilson, Christine Scarsbrook, Jackie Mackenzie, Grace Weir, Linda Smith, Douglas Paxton, Margie Stewart.


PC Tracy Knox, John Cairney, Scott Allan, Tracie McGee.


Bill David, Norma David, David McKie.


The Minutes of the 11.07.2006 meeting were adopted – Proposed by Jackie Mackenzie and Seconded by Robert Scarsbrook.

  • Crime figures for July 2006
    • Howwood – 15 crimes with 5 detections; 2 theft from lock fast premises, 3 theft motor vehicle (1 detected), 1 vandalism, 3 theft, 2 Road Traffic Act (detected), 1 housebreaking, 1 attempted housebreaking,1 assault (detected), 1 Bankruptcy Scotland Act (detected).
  • Points Raised
    • Further detections are expeceetd regaring theft of motor vehicles.
    • Sneak thief operating in the village. Villagers are reminded to lock all windows and doors and to secure car keys as these are being used to steal cars.
    • Team of bogus workmen reported to be operating within the village. They offer gardening and maintenance work and are said to be driving a yellow van. Elderly people are especially at risk, with one villager in the Bowfield Road area having been swindled out of a lot of money. Please be vigilant and report such instances to the Police.
    • Drunken youths arrested on 29/7/06. The incident will be included in August crime figures.
    • Two villagers are still experiencing difficulties with anti social behaviour and have a log of events, which is to be reported to Police.
    • Report of abandoned camping equipment near Castle wall area. Details are to be passed on to Police.
    • Report of youths in the park area harassing villagers. Police to check for report.
    • A question was raised regarding litter being thrown from a car. Police confirmed that this can be reported as an offence but would require corroboration of the offence to enable them to pursue

HCC welcomed Scott Allan (SA) from Renfrewshire Council (RC) Transport to the meeting. The invitation to attend was extended to SA after a recent meeting between HCC and the Department to discuss outstanding Roads matters. SA will attend HCC meeting on a quarterly basis to report on progress.

SA gave an overview of RC Local Transport Strategy. The draft document can be obtained from RC website. Highlights from the overview of the Strategy document specific to Howwood -

Three key items within the strategy for Howwood are control of traffic speeds, route to the Cycle Path and improved bus services. Implementation of improvements will be dependent upon funding being available.

A map of the local area was circulated with roads being categorised according to condition and need for remedial work. Beith Road/ Spateston was an area highlighted as being in need of immediate repair. The works are due to start mid August 2006 with a convoy system in place between 9:30am and 4:30pm. Midton Road area will be repaired in the next financial year.

Other matters raised

Communications difficulties between HCC and Roads have been resolved.

White Cart area of M8 motorway will again be under improvement. The works are due to start around January 2007 and are expected to last for 3 months.

Discussion on possible traffic calming methods and locations for these measures – methods included speed bumps, average speed cameras, speed cameras, rumble strips, speed guns and speed-activated signs. SA indicated he was keen to try speed activated signs to try to alleviate problem of speeding traffic but warned that use of speed bumps and rumble strips often leads to request for removal due to increased noise and vibration. There are also implications for emergency vehicles where speed bumps are deployed. Two main areas identified for possible speed calming measures are Main Street and Midton Road.

SA is to consider the installation of ‘20s plenty’ speed signs in the Midton Road area
Concern raised regarding communal grassed space being turned into parking within the Midton Cottages area. SA advised that this is possibly a matter for Housing rather than Roads. AW to contact Housing on this matter.

A Road Safety officer is due to be appointed within RC. HCC are keen to receive Road safely leaflets for distribution to villagers.

Roads will work with HCC to establish a list of priorities for traffic calming measures.

ROADS Cont..

HCC asked SA to pass on thanks to the Department for the excellent remedial work carried out to the wall and fence at Main Street / Midton Road.

HCC thanked SA for attending the meeting and providing such an interesting insight into Roads matters.


The Working Group reported back that plans for the event were progressing.

An illustrative costing was presented to the meeting together with a request for funding.

A proposal for funding for up to £400 was agreed.

Annual Bulb Planting / Triangle / Floral Displays

AW confirmed that the bulbs had been ordered at a cost of around £320. Provisional date for bulb planting is weekend of 28/29 October 2006. Date to be finalised at next meeting. Volunteers will be required.

SUSTRANS Access (Access to Cycle Track)

DP updated the meeting on progress. Contacting landowners is proving difficult.

Mayfield Wasteland

Update expected for next meeting.

Dog Bin/ Rubbish Bin in Park

Litterbin still awaited. Secretary continues to follow up with RC.

Beith Road Steps to Park

Report that villager has had an accident whilst using the vandalised steps and has reported matter to RC.

Howwood Wildlife and Woodlands (HWW) – Next Walk

The next village walk is being organised for Saturday 2 September 2006. Meet at Triangle at 1:00pm. Poster will be organised. The walk will take the Orange Route to Belltrees with optional return by train from Lochwinnoch.


Update from DMcK will be given at next meeting

News Letter
  • Next News Letter is proposed for September 2006.
  • Articles will include – St Andrew’s Family Ceilidh, hedge maintenance, crime, HCC vacancies for new members and village survey.
  • Draft will be emailed in advance of next meeting.
Planning Application To Build A House In Howwood Inn Car Park

RC Planning meeting was held today therefore minutes not yet published. HCC were advised that the recommendation is to reject this application. Update at next meeting

The intended site includes a large Lime tree, which is subject to a Preservation Order. The tree preservation order has now been granted and has been received by the Secretary.

Old Carsewood House Site

A question was raised at the last meeting as to any objections raised for housing at the Old Carsewood House site. Chair checked with RC and advised that an outline planning application had in fact been made in June / July 2005 but further advised that the applicant and Planning Department could not agree on changes to the plans and no further plans have been raised since.

Outline Planning Application To Build A Pet Crematorium

No update on application.

Full Planning Application for Agricultural Workers House

No update on application.

Wind Farm Between Lochwinnoch and Kilbirnie – Ladymoor Development

There has been no reply to invitation to attend AGM and general meeting from Wind Hydrogen Ltd.

Community Council Forum meeting is now end October 2006 and will chair a discussion on Wind Farming. HCC members will be invited to attend. The application for planning permission is not expected until mid October 2006.

Deconstruction Order For Decking - Linister

The deconstruction order was not served as the decking has been removed. The metal framing is still in place. Secretary will check with complainee if this matter is now resolved.

  • New Shop – Secretary contacted Councillor Nimmo for clarification as to why the views of the village were not considered and the response was circulated at the meeting. Content of the reply will be discussed at next meeting.
  • Fete 2007 – Date of the Fete is proposed for Saturday 23 June 2007 to avoid clash with other local events. Secretary to make arrangements for the school and licence. Members were allocated with a specific Fete task, which they can change if not suitable and are responsible for ensuring task is carried out on time and for reporting back on progress. The need for Working group meetings should be reduced as a result of this plan. Provisional task list is
    • Raffle – organise prizes and tickets well in advance LS & GW
    • Football Competition Phil McFadden
    • Attractions – mounted police, fire brigade, dog show JM & Tom Purse
    • Stalls DP
    • Bar NW
    • Food AW
    • Concert CS, RS & MS
    • Fliers / Advertising DMcK
    • Helpers BD & ND

  • Christmas Lights – Application for funding has been made to Awards for All. Written permission for use of the land to support the application has been obtained from RC.
  • Village Hall and Kitchen – HCC have been advised that replacement cooker is a priority and plans indicate installation before the St Andrew’s Ceilidh. Secretary will check on progress for the next meeting
  • Local Government Boundaries Review – No update
  • Citizens’ Advice Bureau , board – defer
  • AGM 10 October 2006 at 7pm. – It was agreed that if Wind Hydrogen Ltd do not wish to attend the AGM and general meeting that an invitation will be extended to a speaker to give a talk about Historic Renfrewshire.

As per the Agenda

  • Fire Brigades’ Union leaflet re consultation on service change - Copies will be circulated at next meeting.
  • Lloyds TSB Foundation 21st Birthday Awards invitation – HCC nominated Lapwing Lodge for the grant and as they were successful the Secretary has been invited to the awards ceremony.

Training Opportunity for External Funding Newsletter Readers

CS & RS indicated that they would attend a training evening for grant applications and report back to HCC.


Next meeting date – Tuesday, 12 September 2006, Howwood Village Hall at 7:30 pm.

Thereafter second Tuesday monthly 10 October 2006 (AGM), 14 November 2006, 12 December 2006 and 9 January 2007.

AGM: Tuesday 10 October 2006 at 7:00 pm Howwood Village Hall.

Apologies in advance for September meeting - NW.

Contact Details Raised At Meetings
  • Police 01505 404000
  • Fly Tipping 08452 30 40 90
  • Antisocial Behaviour Help line 0800 169 1283
  • Youth Nuisance Help line 01505 325030
  • Renfrewshire Council 0141 842 5000
  • Roads & Lighting Faults 0141 842 4466 (M – F) 0141 889 2314
  • Dog Warden, Michelle Knox 0141 840 3164
  • Secretary, Andrew Wilson 01505 702 392
  • Village Web site
  • Responses to Wind Farm Survey

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