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Community Council Meeting Minutes 2006



Nick Walker, Robert Scarsbrook, Andrew Wilson, Bill David, Norma David, Christine Scarsbrook, Jackie Mackenzie, Grace Weir, Linda Smith, David McKie, Tom Purse.


PC Andrew MacLeman.


Douglas Paxton.


The Minutes of the 09.05.2006 meeting were adopted – Proposed by Robert Scarsbrook and Seconded by Bill David.

  • Crime figures for May 2006
    • Howwood – 7 crimes;3 vandalism (1 detected), 3 Road Traffic Act (all detected), 1 historical theft (detected).

  • Points Raised
    • Level of anti social behaviour has now dropped.
    • Annabel Goldie MSP has raised concerns re anti social behaviour matters with Renfrewshire Council (RC).
    • Vandalism at Howwood Primary School continues to be a concern.
    • Due to operational requirements the mounted police officers will be unable to attend the Fete.
    • PC MacLeman gave an overview of the successful Choices for Life event. This event is attended by primary school children from Strathclyde area and addresses drink and drugs issues.
FETE – 17 June 2006 at 1pm
  • BD updated the meeting on progress.
  • Glasgow Wind Band concert at Church of Scotland on Friday 9th June at 7:30pm . Final push required for ticket sales -Tickets cost £5.50 and £4.50 concession.
  • HCC members to meet at Church 6 / 6:46pm as required.
  • Quiz Night at the Bowling Club Tuesday 13 June 2006 will start at 7:30pm.
  • Volunteers for Fete day are urgently required – start at 9am.
  • Bar licence has been obtained.
  • Burger supply organised.
  • Large length of rope is required - TP.
  • Highland dancers to be confirmed.
  • Stalls organised.
  • Raffle licence has been obtained.
  • Raffle tickets available from BD.
  • Tables to be collected - BD/JM.
  • Ice cream van has been organised.
  • Village Survey was discussed. Copies will be available in the Tea Room but there might be a need to leaflet village.
  • Raffle will be drawn on Sunday 18 June 2006 in the Howwood Inn at 7:30pm. All ticket stubs and money to be handed to BD by 12noon on Sunday 18 June 2006
  • HCC members BBQ discussed.
  • Final working group meeting will be held on 8 June 2006.
Outline Planning Application To Build A Pet Crematorium

No update on application. One villager requested reasons for HCC objection. Minutes of 11 April 2006 will be passed to villager

Full Planning Application for Agricultural Workers House

No update on application.

Elliston Farm – 6 Houses Proposed Development

Conditional approval. RC Planning Dept Minutes will be available in next two weeks

Wind Farm Between Lochwinnoch and Kilbirnie – Ladymoor Development

Letter has been received from Wind Hydrogen Ltd stating that they are reviewing their original plans with a view to submitting revised planning application in the autumn. HCC will request a meeting with Wind Hydrogen possibly in October.

Response to survey has been poor with only 5 replies being received so far. Copies of the survey may be obtained from Fred’s shop, Post Office or Please leave written responses at Howwood PO or e-mail your comments to

Dog Bin/ Rubbish Bin

Replacement bins for the park area are still to be installed . HCC will follow up with RC Environmental Services.

Mayfield Wasteland

Discussion on failure of RC Planning in their statutory duty to enforce scheme of maintenance of the site. Councillor Nimmo to advise on 10 year limit. Further update awaited.

SUSTRANS Access (Access to Cycle Track)

Response to letters to land owners – one reply received to date. Reply was not in favour of the proposal. Further update awaited.

Howwood Wildlife and Woodlands – Next Walk

The next village walk is being organised for Saturday 1 July 2006. Meet at Triangle at 1:00pm.

Anti Social Behaviour Scheme Nominations

Decision to nominate HCC for the annual village litter clear up

A737 By Pass - Howwood Junction Safety Concerns

No update.

Road Safety Leaflets

Delivery of Roads Safety leaflets - not yet received.

Midton Road Pavement

No update

RC Roads Department Letter

A letter has been sent from HCC to RC Roads documenting all outstanding Roads matters. Although out with the RC 10 day response period no reply has been received. The information requested under the Freedom of Information Act should be received within next 10 days to comply with the stated response period.

Discussion on next steps to get response to outstanding Roads matters – consider writing to Chief Executive of RC and MP, MSP and as a last resort the Ombudsman

New Roads Matter Raised

Pavement at Bus Stop on Main Street at retaining wall – surface uneven possibly due to water ingress Matter will be raised with Roads and Scottish Water.

Mayfield Crescent / Mayfield Drive junction – hole in road surface at water drain.

Elliston Road burst water pipe at number 6.

  • During May 2006 there were 21,940 visits to the web site
  • Fete and Wind Band Concert notices to be put on the site – BD to send files to DM.
  • Links to be created for Paisley Festival and RC.
  • Web site refresh and clean up will be considered by Web Working Group after Fete
  • Scottish Evening – Final costs for the evening were £506.46.
  • Village Hall and Kitchen – To be followed up.
  • Christmas Lights – Indicative costing for lights has been received from RC. Costs are in the region of £2,500 – 4,000 dependant upon the number of trees to be lit and number of light strings required. Before submitting an application for funding to Awards for All a site survey will be requested to ascertain the total costs. Breakdown of indicative costs -
    • Power Supply £1200
    • Cabinet housing £ 500
    • Works for mounting £ 500
    • Time clock £ 50
    • Transformer per tree £ 100
    • Lights per 4 strings £ 150
    • Disconnect £ 100 *
    • Maintenance £ 100 * (excludes vandalism)
    • Fees 10 % of sub total

  • *Paid by Environmental Services in lieu of Christmas tree normally provided at the village hall

  • Community of the Year – submission still to be drafted under the environmental category. Ideas to Secretary. Closing date end of June 2006.
  • Dogs at Skiff/ Midton Woods – Since action by Dog Warden no further instances have been reported.
  • Ageing Scotland Consultation – Response has been compiled and returned by Secretary.
  • Local Government Boundaries Review – No update.

As per the Agenda

  • RC Education & Leisure Annual Report etc– Available from the Secretary.
  • Planning Aid AGM 17 June 2006 – HCC unable to attend as date coincides with Fete.
  • MSP Trish Godman re Belltrees Road signs– Copied into letter from Trish Godman MSP re ‘No Through Road signage to Belltrees. Signage was intended to be temporary but now has become permanent. Await response from AMEY.
  • Postwatch Newsletter and questionnaire– Copies will be sent to HCC members and will be available in Post Office. Copy to be forwarded to Hon Douglas Alexander MP.
Annabel Goldie MSP Surgery

Chair updated the meeting on the outcome of the discussions at the surgery.

New Shop

A new shop with later opening times was one of the desired facilities identified by villagers as part of the Village Design Plan. The premises have been built but as yet no retailer has been established. The reason stated for this is the lack of an off sales licence, which was refused by Licensing for reasons of over provision. As HCC was not consulted on this matter the Secretary will write to RC for information on decision by Licensing.

Fire Service

Fire Service to be requested to attend Fete in place of mounted police.


Next meeting date – Tuesday 11 July 2006, Howwood Village Hall at 7:30 pm.

Thereafter second Tuesday monthly - 8 August (possibly at Church of Scotland Hall), 12 September, 10 October, and 14 November.

Contact Details Raised At Meetings
  • Police 01505 404000
  • Fly Tipping 08452 30 40 90
  • Antisocial Behaviour Help line 0800 169 1283
  • Youth Nuisance Help line 01505 325030
  • Renfrewshire Council 0141 842 5000
  • Roads & Lighting Faults 0141 842 4466 (M – F) 0141 889 2314
  • Dog Warden, Michelle Knox 0141 840 3164
  • Secretary, Andrew Wilson 01505 702 392
  • Village Web site
  • Responses to Wind Farm Survey

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