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Community Council Meeting Minutes 2006



Nick Walker, Robert Scarsbrook, David McKie, Margie Stewart, Andrew Wilson, Bill David, Norma David, Christine Scarsbrook, Linda Smith, Jackie Mackenzie, Douglas Paxton, Tom Purse.


PC Andrew MacLeman, from Ladymoor Wind Factory Action Group - Douglas Wingate, Nigel Willis and Archie (illegible).


Grace Weir.


The Minutes of the 14.02.2006 meeting were adopted – Proposed by Robert Scarsbrook and Seconded by Jackie Mackenzie.

  • Crime figures for February 2006
    • Howwood – 8 crimes; 2 breach of the peace (detected), 4 vandalism (2 detected), 1 theft (detected) and 1 theft from a motor vehicle.
  • Points Raised
  • Howwood Primary School.
    • A further instance of vandalism at the school which remains undetected
    • Issue with parents car parking at entrance to the school
    • Mounted police demonstration team have been asked if they would provide an attraction at Howwood Fete. Response expected by next HCC meeting.
    • Chief Constable Well-being Fund. HCC were advised that any group within the village could apply for a grant from the fund of up to £500. Application forms are available from PC Andrew MacLeman or Tracy Knox. HCC will advise other groups in the village.
    • In response to a question the meeting was advised that the act of vandalism to a tree at the school remains undetected.
Dog Bins

Replacement dog bin within the park area - Outcome of funding meeting on 31 March is awaited

Mayfield Wasteland
  • HCC had raised matter of ownership with Renfrewshire Council (RC) and await a reply
  • A resident of one of the 9 new houses in Mayfield Drive advised the meeting that ownership of the wasteland reverted to the property owners of all 9 houses upon the sale of the last property. The resident has also written to RC on this matter and awaits a reply.
Village Spring Clean
  • Reminder that Spring Clean will be held on the weekend of 25/26 March 2006
  • Volunteers to meet at the Village Hall Car Park at 10am and 2pm on the Saturday and at 2pm on the Sunday
  • Howwood Inn have kindly offered soup and sandwiches to volunteer on Sunday 26 March at 5pm
  • All councillors were urged to attract volunteers for the clean up.
  • Provision of a vehicle has been arranged for the Sunday but a vehicle is still require for the Saturday sessions
Dunallister Path / Right Of Way

Trees have been trimmed back. Cuttings will be removed shortly. Further work on trees expected

RC Outdoor Access Forum Meeting – 29 March 2006

DP and AW will attending the meeting. Anyone else wishing to attend should contact the Secretary

Christmas Lights

Costing of new lights for the triangle is being undertaken by RC

Play Park

The secretary expressed thanks to RC for cleaning up play park so quickly after recent vandalism

FETE – 17 June 2006
  • Hessilhead Wildlife Rescue Trust –response to request to take part at the Fete is awaited
  • The following groups will be asked if they can participate in the Fete -Muirshiel Rangers, working with wood group and Howwood Primary School
  • The following will participate -Bowfield Country Club and Dog Training, Fair Trade stall from Howwood Parish Church
  • Fete day insurance is to be arranged with ASCC
  • Tug of War between Howwood Inn and Railway Inn has been suggested
  • Ideas for events at the Fete should be passed to the working group – Bill David, Jackie Mackenzie, Tom Purse and Andrew Wilson
  • Phil McFadden is no longer involved with youth football team. Linda Smith will investigate an alternative opportunity for provision of this popular annual contest.
RC Roads Department

CC contact within Roads, Stephen Tingle, has been contacted regarding the outstanding Roads issues. Response awaited. Mr Tingle has declined the invitation to attend HCC meetings as this is not part of his remit.

Road Safety Leaflets

Delivery of Roads Safety leaflets is still outstanding from last year. Secretary will follow up on this matter.

A737 By Pass

Discussion on safety issues previously raised with AMEY In particular discussion on the difficulty of using the A737 Howwood junction to both enter or exit the village

The matter of a roundabout to replace the current markings was discussed. Suggestion for a village survey to canvass opinion on this matter. View expressed that cost would likely be prohibitive

Meeting was advised that the roundabout at Kilbarchan junction may have been funded privately

Opportunities to canvass local opinions were discussed. Ideas included having a stall at the Fete and development of an on line web survey. IT working group will consider the mechanism for a web survey

Traffic Calming

No update

Wind Farm Between Lochwinnoch and Kilbirnie – Ladymoor Development

Representatives from Ladymoor Wind Factory Action Group (the Group) attended the meeting to reiterate their points from previous meeting. A further update and information about public meetings was given.

The next public meeting will be held by Kilbirnie and Glengarnock Community Council at Walker Memorial Hall on Tuesday 21 March at 7.30pm

Cargill Hall will be the venue for Bridge of Weir meeting on 1 April 2006.

Further public meetings have still to be arranged but will include Kilmacolm
The Group advised that letters of objection to the proposed development from local communities are being encouraged . Draft letters of objection may be obtained from the Group

Attention of the meeting was directed to a recent article appearing in the Scotsman newspaper

The Group suggested HCC hold a public meeting and kindly offered to address such a meeting

The Group advised that an application for planning permission for the development is expected to be submitted in April 2006 by Wind Hydrogen Limited

Discussion on ways for HCC to canvass local opinion on the planning application followed and included

Need for a balanced view with both pro and cons articulated form all sides of the debate for the information of villagers

Wind Hydrogen Limited would be invited if a public meeting was arranged

Survey leaflet drop to villagers was suggested

Permission to hold public meeting in Howwood Parish Church would be sought. Tentative date for meeting suggested a 2 – 3 week time frame

Dedicated email address and suggestion box at Post Office could be used for responses to survey

Village Web site could be used for an electronic survey
HCC representatives to attend Kilbirnie and Glengarnock meeting to report back on outcome

The Local Plan would be consulted to establish the likelihood of such a development being granted planning permission

Contacts for obtaining information and independent advice were discussed

Working group will be set up to coordinate HCC activity - BD, AW and NW volunteered for the working group

Rannoch Lea
  • Residents request for assistance to get response from Planning Department on an enforcement order matter which has been outstanding for a considerable length of time.
  • HCC agreed to write to Head of Planning to ask for an explanation of the delay
Midgavin Nursery
  • Midgavin Nursery wrote asking for support regarding a previous planning application for building works and conversion, which had been rejected by Planning on the grounds that the proposal was in contravention of planning guidelines for nursery premises. A site visit by Planning is to be undertaken. As there is a need for more nursery places locally HCC will write to Planning stating support in principle within planning guidance and asking to be updated on the outcome of the site visit.
  • During February 2006 there were 16813 visits to the web site
  • Users must now register before posting notices on the site
  • Scottish Evening – The Evening was a great success and all helpers and contributors were thanked for their efforts. Special mention of appreciation to Andrew Wilson for coping so well with the cooking under such difficult circumstances. AW will be writing to RC on the non-suitability of the hired kitchen equipment. 58 villagers attended the event and from the feedback received all had a most enjoyable evening. Final costs for the evening are to be confirmed
  • School Path and resident’s complaint – A temporary fence had been installed but rubbish continues to be a problem. HCC will write to Councillor Nimmo again on this matter.
  • Glasgow Wind Band – Date for event will be advised at the April 2006 meeting
  • Account signatories – BD to progress ASAP.
  • Christmas Lights – see Environment
  • RC Outdoor Access Forum meeting – see Environment

As per the Agenda

  • RC CC Forum meeting 3.4.2006 6.30 pm Paisley Town Hall– DP may be able to attend on behalf of HCC. Anyone interested in attending contact the Secretary.
  • Community Planning Forum () 5.2006 and 7.11.2006 6.00 pm Johnstone Town Hall – First date to be confirmed as it is incorrectly stated in the communication. Anyone interested in attending contact the Secretary.
  • ASCC Newsletter - Copies available from the Secretary
  • ASCC Consultation on ASCC structure (No date) – DP is interested in attending. Copies will be distributed for comment
  • *ASCC Scottish Executive consultation on NHS prescription changes, due 30.4.2006.
  • *ASCC Scottish Executive consultation on prevention of household waste, due 28.4.2006.
  • *ASCC Scottish Executive consultation on Freedom of Information (Scotland) Act 2002 functioning, no due date given
  • Forestry Consultation / Public Meeting 16.3.2006 Glasgow and 26.4.2006 Edinburgh, on draft forestry strategy
  • RCVS Newsletter – available from the Secretary
  • * Scottish Executive consultations available on line at Comments to the Secretary, please.
  • SUSTRANS – Link from Howwood Railway Station to Cycle Track
  • DP circulated notes on the meeting held with Scott Allan, Principle Engineer, Traffic and Transportation, RC on 24.2.2006. DP provided an overview at the meeting. In brief
  • Meeting was instigated by DP on behalf of HCC
  • RC and Councillor Nimmo supportive of the initiative from both a transport and health point of view
  • Link could take 3 – 5 years to complete
  • Funding for the project will be 100% from RC
  • Project needs to be broken down into small phases
  • Early approach to landowners is seen as key to success of this project
  • Community support is vital for this initiative as is support from local MP and SMP
  • The report may be obtain from DP or the Secretary
  • A proposal was made for a village survey. The aim of the survey would be to establish if villagers still wish to proceed with the proposed link
  • This matter will be added to the agenda of next HCC meeting and discussed further

14 APRIL 2006 at 7:30 pm, HOWWOOD VILLAGE HALL.

Thereafter second Tuesday monthly 9 May 2006, 13 June 2006, 11 July, 8 August etc.

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