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Community Council Meeting Minutes 2006



Nick Walker, Robert Scarsbrook, David McKie, Margie Stewart, Andrew Wilson, Bill David, Norma David, Christine Scarsbrook, Linda Smith, Jackie Mackenzie.


Anne Kavanagh, James Kavanagh, PC Andrew MacLeman, from Lochwinnoch action group - Douglas Wingate, Jannis Low and Sybil Simpson.


Grace Weir, Douglas Paxton, Tom Purse.


The Minutes of the 10.01.2006 meeting were adopted – Proposed by Andrew Wilson and Seconded by Norma David

  • Crime figures for January 2006
    • Howwood – 2 assault, 2 vandalism and 1 attempted break-in at Bowfield Way
  • Points Raised
    • A person said to be responsible for the act of vandalism to a moving vehicle some 10 days ago, is subject to a police report
    • Howwood Primary School – report of minor damage to trees. Police will be giving this area some attention in future.
    • Police urged villagers to contact the Police or ASSIST if they have any information or concerns about crime in the area. Reports may be made anonymously.
    • Police Tel 01505 404000. ASSIST Tel 01505 325030 (Office hours Mon – Fri)
    • Police advised that ASSIST is active in the village working towards an ASBO for an individual.
    • In response to a question Police advised that their presence in the village last weekend was due to their concern over the spate of vandalism and youth crime in the village.
    • Police advised that they work with schools to promote public safety.
    • A question was asked as to whether or not perpetrators of recent incidents where from within the village or external. Police view was that the perpetrators were mainly internal to the village.
SCOTTISH EVENING - 25 February 2006
  • The organisation of the event is on track
  • Due to Health and Safety issues the kitchen facilities in the Village Hall cannot be used as before. Alternative arrangements for cooking are being made.
  • 56 tickets have been purchased with more sales expected.
  • Volunteers to assist at the event were requested – JM, ND, LS, NW, AW, MS, BD, DM, CS all volunteered. An additional 5 people will be approached for assistance.
  • Meet at Village Hall at 12 noon to help with decoration of the hall
  • Tartan rugs to AW in advance or deliver to the hall at 12 noon
  • Event will start at 6:45 pm. Helpers to be at the hall for 6 pm
  • Raffle prizes were requested. Prizes may be delivered to Post Office in advance or the hall on the day
  • Transport will begin collecting people at 6:15pm
  • CS will arrange floral table decorations
  • Final meeting of the working group will be Monday 20 Feb at 8 pm in Ivy Cottage
FETE – 17 June 2006
  • Hire of equipment has been confirmed
  • School has now been booked
  • Both St Andrews Ambulance and Police will attend the event
  • The main event for the Fete is still to be decided upon. Ideas to BD
  • Police dog or horse demonstration was suggested. PC MacLeman will make enquiries on behalf of HCC
  • Hessilhead Wildlife Rescue Trust was also suggested – CS to forward details to BD
  • Phil McFadden will be approached with regard to organising a football competition again this year
  • A draft response had been circulated in advance of the meeting and comments invited. No further comments were raised at the meeting and all agreed the response. HCC response will be sent off with copies to Alex Hewetson and village web site.
RC Roads Department

Response from Roads advised that the retaining wall at Bowfield Road/ Midton Road and Main Street had now been examined. Findings indicate that routine maintenance is required but work is not likely to start before April 2006. The drain in that area has now been cleared.

Other outstanding matters remain unanswered i.e. Footpath Bowfield Road, Plan for parking near shop (outstanding since Aug 05) and speeding traffic.

A letter from Roads provided hitherto unknown information. Roads have a policy of providing a CC contact within Roads. Stephen Tingle is the contact. HCC will invite Stephen to a regular meeting of HCC to kick-start the engagement process.

Speed Bumps

Information received that speed bumps are to be installed in Bishopton area. AW will seek further details as HCC were previously advised that Roads did not approve of speed bumps. Suggestion that information could be requested under Freedom of Information legislation.

Road Condition and Markings Between Spateston and Howwood

Roads advised that work would start on this area, as a priority, in the next financial year. AW to seek information on reports of Road issues around the Howwood area. Again Freedom of Information legislation may be considered as a means of obtaining this information.

Midton Road junction with Bowfield Road

The continued water seepage hazard in the area of May View and Hill View houses remains a cause for concern. This will be reported to both Roads and Scottish Water.

Footpath Midton Road / Beith Road

First phase of work between Beith Road and Hospice is due to commence in next 6 weeks. The remaining phase, Hospice towards Midton Road cottages, is expected to start in next financial year.

Howwood Area

Nothing to report.

New Supermarket - Paton’s Mill area of Johnstone

For information only, Morrisons have raised a request for planning permission for a new supermarket in Johnstone.

Scottish Executive PANS Consultation

Consultation received from Scottish Executive on Planning and Notification. No deadline date given. HCC will respond to question of best practice with example of the outcome from Midton Road proposed new housing.

Wind Farm Between Lochwinnoch and Kilbirnie – Ladymoor Development

A letter was received from Lochwinnoch Community Council stating their intent to canvass public opinion within Lochwinnoch and neighbouring areas on the Ladymoor planning application.

An action group from Lochwinnoch (not Community Council) attended the meeting and gave an overview of their research into issues of wind power. In particular their views covered the application for planning permission for a Wind Farm at Ladymoor. In brief the views expressed by the Lochwinnoch action group are outlined below.

Their research indicated that wind farming of the type proposed is not a good idea despite their original opinion that in principle, wind energy was a good idea

Purpose of installation was said to be as a mitigation measure for ‘dirty’ emissions from other forms of power generation in other areas of UK - a type of ‘carbon trading’ arrangement whereby dirty energy suppliers could purchase a share of ‘clean’ energy.

Group raised serious concerns on health issues, noise levels, vibration and general environmental impact

The group stated that their motivation for opposition to the planning application was not one of ‘nimbyism’ but out of genuine concern for health an environmental impact

Concerns raised about the number and size of all proposed installation in the Clyde Muirshiel park area

Indicated that impact of such an installation would be felt for some 5 miles from the installations

Access to country side could be impeded

Details of the research and views would be made public once their investigations were completed

Highlighted that ‘expert’ opinion on the matter of wind energy was often conflicting

Expressed view that a coordinated Scottish Executive study including public consultation was needed to ensure that wind energy impact was understood before any such installation are granted planning permission

Research also highlighted that countries like Denmark and Germany had halted wind farms as the power output generated did not justify the impact

Environmental concerns also raised regarding flooding

Impact of large installation upon small rural communities and associated infrastructure was also a cause for concern.

The Chair thanked the Lochwinnoch group for attending the meeting and providing such a wide ranging overview.

Village Spring Clean

Reminder that Spring Clean will be held on the weekend of 25/26 March 2006

Volunteers to meet at the Village Hall Car Park at 10am and 2pm on the Saturday and at 2pm on the Sunday.

Dog Bins

A dog bin within the park area has recently been removed. Secretary was advised that this bin would be replaced. However RC indicated that funding would be required. AW will raise the matter again.

Fly Tipping

Fly tipping at Garthland Bridge has now been cleared but a further accumulation has started.

Dunallister Path Area

No update.


Works progressing with expected completion date of 3 March 2006.

LloydsTSB Community Grant
  • AW advised that Howwood Wildlife and Woodlands Group grant application for path improvements around the park had been declined.
  • Question raised regarding seeking reparation for damage to steps up to the park.
  • Meeting was reminded to report all incidences of vandalism to the police and or ASSIST.
  • Agreed to continue seeking funding for path improvements for the park area.

Delivery of the Newsletter is underway

  • During January 2006 there were 13500 visits to the web site.
  • Postings to the Notice Board are again causing concern. It was agreed that only registered users would be allowed to post notices. This in an attempt to stop inappropriate content.
  • Delegated DMcK to continue deleting offensive and inappropriate postings
  • DMcK to make editorial decisions on ongoing themes
  • There is a desire to encourage healthy and interesting debate and articles. A notice to this effect will be included in the next Newsletter
  • School Path and resident’s complaint – No update.
  • Local Authority Electoral Boundaries Proposal – Report of outcome not yet received. Now expected by end of summer. Remove from Agenda meantime.
  • Glasgow Wind Band – Date for event will be advised at the March 2006 meeting
  • Account signatories – BD to progress ASAP.
  • Christmas Lights – Carry forward

As per the Agenda

  • Audit Scotland – RC Community Planning assessment questionnaire received. Due to very short notice , 5 days, Secretary responded on behalf of HCC.
  • Scottish Health Newsletter - Copies available from the Secretary
  • Post Watch Newsletter - Copies available from the Secretary
  • MEP Europarl Newsletter - Copies available from the Secretary
  • RC & Police Antisocial Behaviour Strategy - Copy available from the Secretary
  • RC Outdoor Access – HCC may send two representatives to the meeting on 29 March 2006. Contact AW if you wish to attend.
  • Fence Main Street Side of Park
    • Further damage to the fence was reported.
  • Play Park
    • Further report of vandalism to the play park. Secretary advised that this had already been reported to Police. RC will repair in due course but area has been cleaned up meantime.
  • Doctor’s Surgery Village Hall
    • Meeting was advised that service kindly provided by Dr O’Kane of Riverview Medical Centre has been discontinued. Discontinuance is due to lack of clinical facilities and privacy. Falling numbers of attendees was also a contributory factor with only 35 people attending during 2005.
    • Improved Scottish wide travel scheme due to be introduced in the spring was thought to be of benefit to villagers travelling to Riverview.

14 MARCH 2006 at 7:30 pm, HOWWOOD VILLAGE HALL.

Thereafter second Tuesday monthly 11 April 2006, 9 May 2006, 13 June 2006 etc

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