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Community Council Meeting Minutes 2006



Nick Walker, Robert Scarsbrook, Andrew Wilson, Christine Scarsbrook, Jackie Mackenzie, Grace Weir, Linda Smith, Douglas Paxton, Bill David, Norma David.


PC Andrew MacLeman.


David McKie, Margie Stewart, Tom Purse.


The Minutes of the 08.08.2006 meeting were adopted – Proposed by Nick Walker and Seconded by Grace Weir.

  • Crime figures for Aug 2006
    • Howwood – 10 crimes with 7 detections; 1 fraud (bogus workman),3 motor vehicle crimes (2 detected), 2 speeding (2 detected), 2 vandalism (2 detected), 1 theft (1 detected), 1 housebreaking
  • Points Raised
    • No further instances of bogus workman have been reported.
    • Police looking out for youths gathering in the park.
    • Abandoned car – Police are aware of this matter.
    • Fly tipping – again occurring at Rowbank and near Garthland Bridge.
    • Roadhead Roundabout Lochwinnoch – Police advised that road works to reposition the roundabout may mean increased traffic through Howwood. Date of works not yet known.
    • Waste bin at Fred’s shop has been set on fire but no Police report recorded as yet.
    • Report of cars parking on pavement along Main Street, west bound near the Church, are causing an obstruction for pedestrians. Police will pay attention to this report.
    • As AGM will be held on 10 October 2006 the regular Police report may be deferred until the November meeting
  • The Working Group reported back that plans for the event were progressing.
  • Tickets will be £5 per adult including 1 child. Additional child ticket will be 50p. Concession and young adult tickets will be £2.50. Tickets will be ready for sale by AGM on 10 October 2006 and will be available from Community Councillors and the Post Office.
  • Posters advertising the event will go on display in October.
  • Event will start at 6:30pm.
  • Entertainment will be Jiggers, Howwood Primary School and the J&D School of
Dance and Drama
  • All Community Councillors are required to assist at the event.
  • CS to arrange for notices area to ensure children are warned not to enter the bar area.
  • Food, drinks and licence have been organised

Annual Bulb Planting Saturday 28 and Sunday 29 October 2006

Date for bulb planting was confirmed as 28 and 29 October 2006. Meet at Triangle at 2pm both days.

Villagers and CC invited to help out at this event

Bulbs have been delivered.

Renfrewshire Council (RC) was consulted on the planting plan. No objections were raised

SUSTRANS Access (Access to Cycle Track)

DP updated the meeting on progress.

Contact with some land owners established but others still to be contacted

Concerns from landowners include use of route option 5 (RC preferred), water supply , impact on preservation area

Mayfield Wasteland

Progress ongoing.

Dog Bin/ Rubbish Bin in Park

Litterbin still not installed despite 4 reminders. Secretary will escalate this matter to RC.

Suggestion to ask RC to make hire of football pitch conditional upon litter being cleared by users after the event. HCC will consider this matter as it may disadvantage some users.

Beith Road Steps to Park

HCC was disappointed to note that the fence erected to prevent use and further accidents at the vandalised steps had been vandalised. Secretary to advise RC of the situation.

Howwood Wildlife and Woodlands (HWW)

Latest village walk took place on Saturday 2 September 2006. The walk followed the Orange Route to Belltrees and on to Lochwinnoch returning via Castle Semple Loch along the Green route. The walk exercised right of access at Castle Semple Loch and the cycle route area. The day was enjoyed by all.

HCC was delighted to learn that the walking routes will be used for a sponsored walk and a Reid Kerrr outing in the coming weeks


Secretary reported back on the Interpretation Master Plan meeting and the associated report. Further information will be available shortly.

Rubbish Collection

Letter received from resident of Kilnknowe Cottages regarding non collection of rubbish near the Bowling Club area. It is understood that RC may have written to residents about difficulties with parked cars in the area. Secretary to meet with resident to understand the issue

A further incidence of non collection of rubbish in the Mayfield Court area was also reported. Car parking may also have been an issue in this case.

  • Web site hits in August 2006 - 14137
  • Redesign of the village web site is underway. Users will see a change to the look and feel of the site shortly.
News Letter
  • Distribution of the latest News Letter containing a survey is underway
  • Question raised on use of CC abbreviation in the news letter but was considered to be clear to readers
  • Web address for posting response to survey experienced a glitch. HCC hope to rectify.
  • High response to survey via the Post Office
Planning Application To Build A House In Howwood Inn Car Park

This application was withdrawn by the applicant.

Outline Planning Application To Build A Pet Crematorium

Application has not yet been presented to the Board. Secretary will check on progress.

Full Planning Application for Agricultural Workers House

Application has not yet been presented to the Board. Secretary will check on progress
Wind Farm Between Lochwinnoch and Kilbirnie – Ladymoor Development

Community Council Forum meeting on 31October 2006 will chair a discussion on Wind Farming. HCC members will attend.

Emails received from Lochwinnoch Action Group on other Wind Farm proposals. HCC will not respond to applications not impacting the Muirshiel area.

Deconstruction Order For Decking - Linister

Matter seems to be resolved. Remove from agenda.

East Muirdykes Farm

HCC approached by new owners of the farm regarding plans to plant broadleaf trees. Secretary will respond to proposals indicating that HCC have no objections as this fits with environmental plan in the Howwood area.

Thorntrees Cottage Midton Road
  • Planning Application to demolish existing cottage and build a new home were received. Secretary will respond raising concerns on
  • Possible impact of construction traffic so near the bend
  • Impact upon pedestrians using this route to walk to Primary School
  • Loss of heritage by demolishing one of the oldest buildings in Howwood
  • Design of new house may be out of character for the area
  • Secretary to email draft response to HCC members
  • Planning Aid Scotland
  • CC agreed to renew membership for a further year at a fee of £10. Treasurer to issue cheque in payment.
  • Scottish Awards for Quality in Planning
  • HCC agreed that no submission will be made.
  • New Shop – Content of Councillor Nimmo’s letter was discussed and a response drafted. Draft will be circulated to HCC members for agreement before Secretary replies. Copies of the reply to be sent to Alex Hewetson (RC) and the Community Council Forum.
  • Fete 2007 – Date of the Fete confirmed as Saturday 23 June 2007. No objections received regaring to specific tasks allocated to members at the last CC meeting
  • Christmas Lights – Application for funding resubmitted to Awards for All with audited accounts.
  • Village Hall and Kitchen – Extraction hood now installed for cooker but cooker test still to be carried out.
  • Local Government Boundaries Review – Howwood now part of Johnstone super ward despite the high number of objections to the consultation document
  • Citizens’ Advice Bureau – BD attended meetings and gave a brief update. BD will continue as representative for HCC.
  • AGM 10 October 2006 at 7pm. – Format of AGM was discussed. There will be a speaker, Duncan McIntosh, Conservation Offices with RC who will give a talk on changing land use in the Castle Semple area. CS to request 2005 AGM Minutes from Alex Hewetson’s office in advance of the AGM. 2005 AGM Minutes to be displayed on the Notice Board. Accounts need to be audited in advance of the meeting and this is in hand. Tea will be provided
    • HCC AGM 7 – 7:40pm
    • HWW AGM 7:40 – 8pm
    • Speaker 8 – 8:40pm
    • Refreshments
    • Close 9pm

As per the Agenda

  • Fire Brigades’ Union leaflet re consultation on service change - Consultation document received but as specific questions not asked response cannot be made. Union’s opinion leaflet is clear. Copies available from the Secretary.
  • Community of the Year – HCC was unsuccessful with entry submitted.

Fruits of Faith Participation Howwood Parish Church – Friday 6 October 2006 2 – 8pm and Saturday 7 October 11am – 4pm

HCC will take a stall at the event to provide information on CC activities

CC volunteers to man the stall are to contact Secretary with availability. LS and GW will attend 6 – 8pm on 6 October 2006. AW will attend 2 – 4pm on the 6 October 2006.

Fundraising Information Meetings

CS & RS provided hand out with details of the small grants available (see appendix to these minutes) Suggestion that an application for a grant could be made in respect of expenses relating to fund raising activity e.g. Fete could be made to Community Grants Scheme. This will be discussed at a future meeting.

AW attended information meeting for larger grants. Possibility that Growing Community Assets would be a possible funding source for larger initiatives. AW has information available.

Community Planning

DP attended this meeting and took part in a workshop – Housing, Neighbourhoods & Safety and gave a brief update. A concise report will be available for a later meeting.


JM attended AGM and gave a brief update. Possibility of using Volunteer Centre as a source of volunteers for specific projects. Use of RCVS Print Shop could be a cost effective source for any HCC printing requirements.

Standing Up To Antisocial Behaviour Newsletter

A copy of the newsletter was circulated. Secretary to request inclusion on the circulation list.

Remembrance Day – Sunday 12 November 2006.

Village Remembrance Day will follow similar format to 2005. Meet at Memorial at 12:30pm. Notice will be placed on Notice Boards and Web site. Secretary to make arrangements.


AGM: Tuesday 10 October 2006 at 7:00 pm Howwood Village Hall

Next regular meeting date – Tuesday, 14 November 2006, Howwood Village Hall at 7:30 pm

Thereafter second Tuesday monthly - 12 December 2006, 9 January 2007 and 13 February 2007.

Contact Details Raised At Meetings
  • Police 01505 404000
  • Fly Tipping 08452 30 40 90
  • Antisocial Behaviour Help line 0800 169 1283
  • Youth Nuisance Help line 01505 325030
  • Renfrewshire Council 0141 842 5000
  • Roads & Lighting Faults 0141 842 4466 (M – F) 0141 889 2314
  • Dog Warden, Michelle Knox 0141 840 3164
  • Secretary, Andrew Wilson 01505 702 392
  • Village Web site
  • Responses to Wind Farm Survey
Appendix to Minutes

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