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Community Council Meeting Minutes 2006



Nick Walker, Robert Scarsbrook, Andrew Wilson, Bill David, Norma David, Christine Scarsbrook, Jackie Mackenzie, Douglas Paxton, Tom Purse, Grace Weir.


PC Andrew MacLeman, James Bannon.


Linda Smith, Margie Stewart, David McKie.


The Minutes of the 14.03.2006 meeting were adopted – Proposed by Robert Scarsbrook and Seconded by Bill David.

  • Crime figures for March 2006
    • Howwood – 10 crimes; 2 vandalism, 6 theft and 2 assault.
  • Points Raised
    • Two of the thefts were house breakings one of which may result in a detection
    • Police have been assisting ASSIST with anti social behaviour issues. One complaint last year from HCC. Villagers urged to report anti social behaviour to Police, ASSIST or Housing Officer where appropriate.
    • An incident on 7 April 2006 where a youth discharged a ‘ball bearing’ gun at a bus has resulted in the youth being subject of a report.
    • Mounted police have kindly agreed to attend the Fete for a ‘meet and greet’ subject to operational demands.
    • Chief Constable Well-being Fund - PC MacLeman advised that Howwood Sports and Hobbies group have request an application form. Other village groups are reminded that any group can apply for a grant from the fund of up to £500. Application forms are available from PC Andrew MacLeman or PC Tracy Knox.
    • The next HCC Newsletter to contain details of how to report community safety issues like anti social behaviour
SUSTRANS ACCESS– Link from Howwood Railway Station to Cycle Track
Update on progress from DP

Letter to landowners is to be drafted. The letter will seek views from landowners on the intended link to the cycle track. Meetings with landowners to be arranged if required
HCC is to canvass views from villagers to confirm whether or not they still support this initiative. Newsletter and Web site articles being considered together with a survey to be conducted at the Fete

Monies may become available for this initiative during October / November 2006 therefore it is important to carry out the preparatory work as soon as possible.

The survey questions will be drafted and presented at the next meeting.

Having a link to the cycle track from Howwood is seen as a major benefit to the health of villagers and visitors alike and as such, HCC will seek support from local MSP, MP and MEP. HCC will draft letters on this matter and also seek an appointment with the Hon Douglas Alexander MP at his Howwood Surgery session being held on 13 April 2006.

FETE – 17 June 2006
  • Overall organisation progressing on track
  • Hessilhead Wildlife Rescue Trust –agreement in principle to attend the Fete day with display of photographs and literature
  • Football has now been organised for Howwood youths who play for various local teams
  • Dog training demonstration has been organised
  • Howwood Primary School is keen to participate on Fete day. BD will follow up with the school
  • Other participants may include a mobile barber
  • Women’s Rural will take a stall
  • Fete day insurance has still to be arranged with ASCC
  • Fete working group meetings will be held two weekly from the end of April

Local Plan

The Local Plan has now been officially adopted.

Elliston Mill

Appeal has been turned down by Renfrewshire Council (RC) Planning Department.
Midgavin Nursery

Planning has been turned down after site visit by RC Planning Department.

New Outline Planning Application To Build A Pet Crematorium

The outline planning application is for a Pet Crematorium near Midton Wood. HCC to raise objections on various grounds this is a green belt and hence building is contrary to the Local Plan this area is important for wildlife and nature conservation construction traffic will be problematic upon this single track road.

once constructed, visitor traffic to the facility is likely to be inappropriate for a single track road.

New Full Planning Application for Agricultural Workers House
  • Planning application for large two-story house near Midton Wood. HCC raised some concerns on this application
  • Inclusion of storage facility needs clarification
  • Green belt policy in Local Plan
  • Site is near to historic Lime Kiln
Wind Farm Between Lochwinnoch and Kilbirnie – Ladymoor Development

Representatives from HCC attended the public meeting at Kilbirnie and reported back
case against the Wind Farm from the Ladymoor Wind Factory Action Group was clear and well presented.

Case for the Wind Farm from Wind Hydrogen Limited was less clear and not well made
Wind Hydrogen Limited stated that a planning application would be submitted in June 2006 and that the environmental impact study is 85% complete. The environmental study will be published in due course.

Chair presented a draft summary of information collated by the HCC Wind Farm working group and requested comments as quickly as possible. The information will be used as part of the survey seeking views from villagers on this proposed installation. The survey will be distributed to villagers shortly.

Arrangements and speakers for a public meeting were discussed.

The Triangle

News that the Triangle has now been completed was warmly received.

Saturday 29 April 2006 is the date for the inaugural walk to one or more of the new walking routes. Villagers are warmly invited to meet at the Triangle at 12noon on the 29 April 2006 to take part in this event. Leaflets are currently being distributed to villagers.

Dog Bins

RC Environmental Services will replace the dog bin within the park area.
Village Spring Clean.

The clean up was very successful this year. Vote of thanks for all who contributed including RC for the skip, Beyards for the transport, Howwood Inn for the soup and sandwiches and especially to villagers who helped out.

Christmas Lights

No update

Mayfield Wasteland

As yet no response from RC re ownership issue raised by villagers and HCC

Access Strategy Meeting

Looking for views from villagers on walks around the village. A survey is being considered.

Beautiful Scotland in Bloom

AW attended meeting arranged by Beautiful Scotland in Bloom and suggested Howwood enter this non-competitive event. General agreement that this initiative should be delegated to Howwood Wildlife and Woodlands (HWW).

Fly Tipping In Field Behind Beith Road Houses

Report of accumulation of rubbish on this private land. This will be reported to Fly Tipping hot line. Villagers are reminded to report all such instances via the Fly Tipping hot line

RC Roads Department

Frustration at the lack of response or meaningful response to long outstanding Roads matters. HCC to write to Director of Planning and Transport RC. Outstanding matters include speeding, parking and traffic calming – no progress line marking and road surface between Howwood and Spateston – being planned but no progress to date
Midton Road pavement – partly completed.

Road Safety Leaflets
  • Delivery of Roads Safety leaflets is still outstanding from last year - not yet received.
  • A737 By Pass - Howwood Junction Safety Concerns
  • Issue will be subject of the survey during Fete.
  • Considering raising this matter with the Hon Douglas Alexander MP
  • During March 2006 there were 23032 visits to the web site. This is highest number of visits for year to March 2006.
  • Howwood walking map is now available on the site.
  • Scottish Evening – Final costs for the evening to be confirmed.
  • Village Hall and Kitchen – RC Estates Support advised that the problem is one of ventilation for the gas cooker. This matter is being addressed within the wider RC area with tender process for remediation work due April 2006. Alternative facilities are available. Update to be obtained for next meeting.
  • Community Planning Forum – date of meeting is Monday 15 May 2006 if anyone wishes to attend.
  • School Path and resident’s complaint – HCC has recently written to Councillor Nimmo and await a reply.
  • Account signatories – completed
  • Glasgow Wind Band – Date for event is Friday 9 June 2006. BD and RS are to meet with the Conductor by 24 April 2006 to discuss arrangements. Programmes and tickets will be arranged by the Band as will posters for the event. Tickets will go on sale in the village in May. The event is also to be advertised on the village Web site - BD to contact DMcK
  • CC Forum – invitation was received but was too short notice to organise attendance

As per the Agenda

  • RC Senior Citizens’ Voucher / Outing Scheme 2006 – Notices regarding the coach outings and gift vouchers scheme will be available at Howwood Post Office.
Association Of Scottish Community Councils (ASCC)

Chair circulated communication from ASCC. Comments by next meeting please.

Glasgow Airport Community Awards

Advice of award scheme to celebrate 40th anniversary of Glasgow Airport. Forty awards of up to £1000 are being offered. Eligible groups are - any local group involved in economic regeneration, sport, education or the environment. Contact the Secretary for details. Secretary will advise likely groups – Guides, Sports & Hobbies, school and HWW. Applications due by 26 April 2006.

Hon Douglas Alexander MP - Surgery

Notice of the surgery has today been leafleted to some homes in Howwood. Although less than 48 hours notice has been given HCC will attempt to make an appointment to discuss topics of interest to Howwood villagers. These topics include - A737 Junction, SUSTRANS access and the Wind Farm proposal within the Regional Park area.


9 May 2006 at 7:30 pm, HOWWOOD VILLAGE HALL.

Thereafter second Tuesday monthly - 13 June, 11 July, 8 August, and 12 September etc.

Contact Details Raised At This Meeting
  • Police 01505 404000
  • Fly Tipping 08452 30 40 90
  • Renfrewshire Nuisance Help line 0800 169 1283
  • Youth Nuisance Help line 01505 325030
  • Renfrewshire Council 0141 842 5000
  • Roads & Lighting Faults 0141 842 4466 (M – F) 0141 889 2314
  • Secretary, Andrew Wilson 01505 702 392
  • Village Web site
  • Responses to Wind Farm Survey

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