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Community Council Meeting Minutes 2006



Nick Walker, Robert Scarsbrook, David McKie, Grace Weir, Douglas Paxton, Margie Stewart, Andrew Wilson, Bill David, Norma David, Tom Purse.


PC Andrew MacLeman, Betty Scaff, William Scaff.


Christine Scarsbrook, Linda Smith, Jackie Mackenzie,


The Minutes of the 13.12.2005 meeting were adopted – Proposed by Andrew Wilson and Seconded by Grace Weir

  • Crime figures for December 2005.
    • Howwood - 1 attempted theft, 1 vandalism.
    • Outlying – 2 break-ins at farms – Bridesmill Road and 1 malicious mischief – Bowfield Road.
  • Points Raised.
    • It was noted that the bus shelter on Beith Road has been vandalised but it was stated that these are normally only reported to Ad shell or Renfrewshire Council.
    • No further witnesses have come forward regarding the vandalism to the steps from Beith Road up into the play park. An estimate of the damage caused is quoted at £2k to £3k.
    • With regard to police attendance at this years Fete, HCC have been advised to write to the Community Police Sergeant for confirmation, although it was stated that there should be no problems in having a police presence again this year.
    • Howwood Primary School was cited as a good example of efforts to curb vandalism as practically no vandalism has occurred there compared to other schools around the area.
  • Village Hall has been booked for the Scottish Evening on 25 February 2006. Guests to arrive 6:45 for 7pm.
  • Cost of band is £150 and HCC agreed funding. This will be the same band as last year.
  • Karen Lafferty has kindly agreed to be part of the entertainment at this event with other attractions including various singers and dancers. The school will also be approached to see if they wish any involvement with the children.
  • Craig Crawford has kindly noted the date for transport duties and will begin collecting people at 6:15pm.
  • Tickets should be available by the end of January 2006.
  • Advertising is being sought for inclusion in the programme of events. All suggestions to BD.
  • Any donations towards Raffle prizes to BD, AW or LS at the Post Office.
  • Confirmed date is Saturday 17 June 2006.
  • Provisional booking made for Bouncy Castle, medium slide and Jungle run.
  • Suggested attractions were discussed, these included Muirshiel crafts demonstration participation by Hessilhead Wildlife Rescue Trust, Fire Brigade and a dog agility demonstration.
  • Muirshiel and Hessilhead are still to be investigated and AW will also contact the Fire Brigade regarding their participation.
  • Phil McFadden will be approached with regard to organising a football competition again this year.
  • AW to book school asap.
Parking At Station Road / Main Street

Final plan of alternative solutions from RC is still outstanding after many months. Further reminder was sent to Roads Dept. but there has still been no reply.

Road Condition and Markings Between Spateston and Howwood.

Roads advised they were investigating this matter. However as no update has been received Secretary sent a reminder. There has still been no reply.

Midton Road junction with Bowfield Road

Scottish Water are aware of the burst water main in this area but, as there is now a Health and Safety issue with regard to icing, Roads Dept. have also been notified.

Bowfield Road

The wall at the bottom of Bowfield Road is in a bad state of repair and now constitutes a Health and Safety hazard. HCC to contact RC.

A copy of a letter from Alistair Campbell to RC has been received by HCC. This letter reiterates the bad state of repair of the Hedging and pavements. HCC to contact RC supporting the comments made in the letter from Alistair Campbell.


It was suggested that we should have automating speed-warning notices at each end of the Main Road to curb speeding drivers. HCC had previously been advised that these are considered to be ineffective but it was noted that more of these warnings are appearing on roads in various areas and, in particular, around Bridge of Weir and Houston.

HCC will contact Bridge of Weir Community Council to ascertain how they obtained the warning notices around their area.

The Community Police Officer also confirmed that speed monitoring would continue to be carried out in the Howwood area.


Wind Farm Between Lochwinnoch and Kilbirnie – Ladymoor Development.

Plans for a Wind Farm were intimated. The output of Wind Farm is said to be equivalent of 94% of domestic consumption of Glasgow.

HCC have asked Lochwinnoch CC if they will invite HCC along to any public meetings on this matter.

There has been no response to date.

Carsewood House Area

No update on planning application.


No new applications at this time.

LloydsTSB Community Grant

AW outlined details of the above Scheme and how this might tie in to the repair of the steps from Beith Road up into the play park and also provide a path from the top of these steps to the steps at Midton Road.

Dependant upon estimates of costs involved this approach could be tried in conjunction with RC and Howwood Wildlife and Woodlands Group.

Dog Bins

A dog bin within the park area has recently been removed. Secretary has been advised that this bin will be replaced.

Fly Tipping

Instance of fly tipping at Garthland Bridge area was noted. RC will investigate who owns the land in question. The fly tipping has been reported but there has been no action so far.

Village Spring Clean

This is usually carried out during the first weekend of April but HCC has agreed that it will now be carried out on the weekend of 25/26 March 2006.

Volunteers to meet at the Village Hall Car Park at 10am and 2pm on the Saturday and at 2pm on the Sunday.

Dunallister Path Area

No update. TP to continue to progress.

  • Works due to begin 9 January 2006 with expected completion date of 3 March 2006.
  • All neighbouring interested parties to be notified that they may experience some inconvenience.
  • A photographic record of progress will be made in line with Grant requirements.
  • An Orientation Board has been agreed for this area but will not be erected until completion of the Triangle works.
Pathways initiative
  • Leaflets detailing all the walks is to be printed later this month.
  • All signage and way markers have been installed.
  • One path improvement has been completed with one other path improvement to be finalised.
  • During December there were 14000 visits to the web site.
  • A small change has been made to the Home page in that Howwood articles from the Gazette now appear on a weekly basis.
  • The whole web content is to be updated and revamped but this will be carried out in stages over a period of time.
  • The Newsletter will be completed during this month and will include the Village Spring Clean, Fete, Scottish Evening, Howwood Helpers, Triangle Mass Walk, and the usual activities/contacts.
  • There will also be articles regarding Vandalism and Fly tipping.
  • It is hoped that the Newsletter will be delivered to households at the end of January 2006.

There was nothing specific to be minuted at this meeting.

  • School Path and resident’s complaint – TP to check if the works have yet been carried out.
  • Local Authority Electoral Boundaries Proposal – Report of outcome was expected at HCC January 2006 meeting but there has been no communication to date.
  • Hall Upkeep – A response has now been received. The matter of disabled access is still under ongoing review and there is to be a longer-term project to look at the condition of various Community Halls. There is however, no immediate commitment to refurbish Howwood Community Hall at this present time.
  • Glasgow Wind Band – The Parish Church premises are adequate for approx. 190 people and all calculations of costs etc. have been based on 150 people attending. The Wind Band will be contacted to ascertain dates for a recital and to find out requirements for printing of tickets. David Stewart will be copied in to any correspondence.
  • Account signatories – BD to progress asap.
  • Scottish Executive Review of Community Councils – A review of the discussion paper was carried out and the responses given by HCC Members were discussed. A draft of the HCC response to the discussion paper will be circulated for comment and once finalised a copy of the final response will be posted on the web site for information.
  • ASCC AGM report comments and common good.
  • o HCC to check on what land there may be to the Common Good in Howwood and will also contact Brookfield CC for more information, as it would appear that they hold several areas of land to the Common Good. It was agreed that HCC would also purchase a copy of the appropriate report on Common Good at a cost of £10. o AW had three questions to raise from the report supplied by DP. All these questions were on the meaning of several comments in the report and DP discussed and satisfactorily answered the questions raised.

As per the Agenda.

  • RCVS Newsletter and RCVS Annual Report – Copies of both available from the Secretary.
  • RC Community Planning Courses – Anyone interested in attending should contact the Secretary for further details.
  • MSP Trish Godman’s Newsletter and Surgery dates – Copies available from the Secretary.
  • Our Annual Grant in the sum of £451 has now been received from RC.
  • Christmas Tree.
  • The Christmas tree is vandalised every year and this year has been vandalised several times.
  • AW put forward a proposal that HCC should advise RC that they no longer wish to have a tree provided each year. Instead, the Village should have white pin lights threaded throughout the branches of the trees within the Triangle.
  • RC have already confirmed that they would have no objections to this but also advised that we may have to get Scottish Power to supply some form of outdoor power point.
  • It was confirmed that grants are available through Awards for All to cover the costs of such requirements.
  • HCC unanimously agreed to this course of action for future years and AW will ascertain appropriate costs in order to complete the appropriate application for funding.


Thereafter second Tuesday monthly, 14 March 2006, 11 April 2006, 9 May 2006 etc.

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