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Community Council Meeting Minutes 2005



Nick Walker, Robert Scarsbrook, Christine Scarsbrook, Linda Smith, David McKie, Grace Weir, Douglas Paxton, Bill David, Norma David, Jackie Mackenzie, Tom Purse.


PC Andrew MacLeman, D Chalmers, Margie Stewart.


Andrew Wilson.


The Minutes of the 13.9.2005 meeting were adopted – Proposed by Linda Smith and Seconded by David McKie.

The Minutes of AGM held on 14 October 2005 will not be formally adopted until next AGM but no concerns were raised as to content.

Matters/actions arising

School Path and resident’s complaint – Councillor Nimmo is pursuing this matter with RC Housing & Properties Department. An update is expected at next HCC meeting.

Local Authority Electoral Boundaries Proposal – Report of outcome is expected at HCC January 2006 meeting.

Hall Upkeep –No further information received from RC. HCC to follow up on this matter.

Antisocial Behaviour –Refer to Police Report.

  • Crime figures for September 2005
    • No crimes reported
  • Crime figures for October 2005
    • 6 crimes reported; 2 Breach of the Peace, 1 drugs related, 1 theft, 1 Road Traffic Act, 1 vandalism
  • Crimes reported November 2005, available to date.
    • Break-in at Howwood Parish Church
  • Concerns Raised
    • Police raised concerns on the drugs related matter especially as the person involved was of school age
    • The nature of the vandalism at the Play Park was also cause for concern. Police have been liasing with ASIST on this matter. RC will undertake a clean up of the offensive graffiti as quickly as possible.
    • Destruction of stile between park and field was raised.
    • Villagers were urged to report all instances of anti social behaviour to Police and or ASIST. In the case of non urgent matters villagers may leave a message for the attention of PC Andrew MacLeman or PC Knox-McLean via Johnstone Police Station
Bowfield Road Water / Drainage

RC acknowledged the problem and are investigating

Parking At Station Road / Main Street

Final plan of alternative solutions from RC is expected by January 2006.

Hill Road Junction
  • No update
  • Road Condition and Markings Between Spateston and Howwood.
  • RC Roads Department are investigating. Due to the length of time this matter has been outstanding HCC will seek advice from Councillor Nimmo.
Water Seepage Near F Storrie’s Shop

It was noted that the water seepage has been ongoing for some time. Concern raised that the area may become a danger during winter weather. HCC to raise issue with Scottish Water.

Howwood Cut Off at A737 By-Pass

Several matters were raised about this junction – safety, speeding and noise pollution. Chair advised that similar issues had been raised and perused since the by pass had been built. HCC pursued issues via AMEY and in Feb 2005 AMEY provided HCC with a study report. In essence the report concluded that there was no data to support perceived major safety concerns. Report may be obtained from the Secretary. HCC will continue to monitor the situation.

Speeding Through The Village

Speeding traffic is again causing concern. Chair updated meeting on past initiatives to solve this ongoing problem. It was noted that the RC draft plan to alleviate the parking situation near the Triangle also contains suggested measures for traffic calming. HCC will pursue this matter in conjunction with the RC parking plan proposals. Villagers were reminded of police advice to record licence number of speeders and report to Police. Although no prosecution will result Police will have opportunity to council speeders on the dangers of such behaviour.

RC Planning Web Ste

RC Planning Department now have a web site for planning applications.

Carsewood House Area

No update on planning application.

Former Teknek Premises

HCC checked that this area is not currently zoned for housing.

Glasgow Airport Consultation

Report from HCC members who attended recent drop in evening during September/October 2005 concluded that due to lack of control over vocal protesters consultation event was considered to be a failure.

HCC to write to consultation group on the disappointment felt regarding the way meeting was conducted and the failure of the process.

Planning Application - 2 Story Side Extension At Station Avenue

Details of the application are expected shortly. Secretary will update HCC if required

Dunallister Path Right Of Way

Villager raised concern on the difficulty of negotiating this narrow and overgrown path.

HCC confirmed the current Right of Way status of the path.

Discussion on the history of land ownership around the Dunallister area took place. Villager wished HCC to research ownership of the land stretching back some 30 years. HCC view was that such research and resulting expense is out with the remit of HCC constitution as no purpose would be served nor benefits to the community accrue. Villager undertook to investigate the matter and HCC looked forward to receiving an update on completion of the historical research.

The legal position on responsibility for maintenance of the path is less clear. Villager with property bordering the path is seeking legal clarification on this issue and is to discuss matter with RC. HCC will welcome update on this matter.

HCC will continue to monitor maintenance issues of this Right of Way.

Recycling at Midton Road Cottages

No update


Access to SUSTRANS was carried forward from previous HCC. Meeting was updated on the Engineering Study that examined access options. Report concluded that all options were very expensive.

It was agreed to form a Working Group to investigate the matter for HCC. Access to SUSTRANS was an initiative which villagers wished to be pursued as identified under Village Design Plan initiative.

Volunteers for Working Group were requested by the next meeting. DP volunteered at this meeting and will be provided with a copy of the Engineering Study by way of background.

Trees Main Street At Park Area

No action to date.

Bulb Planting

Chair thanked HCC members for their hard work on bulb planning last weekend. Area of the park and open space on Main Street was planted up this year.

Proposals for tub planting at entrances to village was withdrawn due to safety concerns expressed by RC Roads Department.

Dog Bins / Rubbish Bins

Requests were received for installation of additional dog bins in park area. Chair advised that Howwood already has full allocation of funding for bins. Any additional bins would need to be purchased by HCC and ongoing maintenance funded by HCC. At a cost of £450 per bin and an annual maintenance charge of £450 each, the expense was deemed unjustified.

HCC are to request rubbish bins in the park area to replace stolen bins. Provision of additional rubbish bins will also be considered.

Replacement of Stile At Park /Field

Replacement for the stile destroyed was discussed. It was thought that farmer owned stile but HCC will discuss with RC and farmer with a view to replacement.

  • The need for a Working Group to be set up to address web site management and future strategy was agreed. Working Group will be DMcK, NW and RS.
  • Site visits continue to be high – Sep and Oct 2005 had 18000 and 17000 visits respectively.
Broadband - BT

Broadband service provided by BT continues to be problematic in some areas. Advice to anyone experiencing problems is to press BT for resolution.


Next Newsletter proposed for despatch early in 2006. Ideas for content to be passed to Chair.


Provisional date for the Scottish Evening is 25 February 2006.

AW to be asked to action same plan as 2005 for catering and task allocation.

Entertainment Working Group was set up. Group is BD, LS and TP.

First Working Group meeting arranged.


At AGM in October 2005 it was suggested that a group of Howwood Helpers be set up. This group is open to all villagers wishing to assist with community events like the Fete but who do not wish to attend regular HCC meetings.

Information on how to become part of the Howwood Helpers will be published shortly
Judi McClary is to be asked to coordinate the setting up of the Helpers group.


No report.


As per the Agenda

  • Community Planning Forum – Meeting held 7 Nov 2005. Concern expressed on the very short notice given for this event. HCC will comment accordingly
  • Provost’s Awards – Any nominations to be passed to Secretary
  • Licensing Guidance draft (deadline 30 Nov 2005) – Available from the Secretary. Any comments to be passed to the Secretary.
  • Renfrewshire Addiction Awareness – Details available from the Secretary.
  • RCVS Newsletter- Available from the Secretary

Howwood Fete
  • Provisional date is Saturday 17 June 2006.
  • Working Group of four people is normally required to run the Fete. It was agreed that this year HCC, as a group, will organise the event.
  • DB kindly agreed to check on availability and costs of equipment such as bouncy castle.
  • It was agreed that budget would be set at the outset rather than ad hoc.
  • People to help out on the day are required urgently.
  • Decision to be taken by mid Feb 2006 if Fete cannot be run due to lack of volunteers.
Howwood Fete Cont.
  • Decision taken not to hold dance on the evening of the Fete as this has proved difficult to run with limited number of volunteers.
  • Suggestions are required as to other possible attractions for the Fete. Tug of War is one possibility.
HCC Bank Account Signatories

The new HCC need to update the bank account signatories. The following was agreed; Ken Macdonald to be removed from the list of authorised signatories and Linda Smith is to be added. The remaining signatories of Andrew Wilson (Secretary) Bill David (Treasurer) and Christine Scarsbrook will continue.

Membership Of HCC

Co-option to HCC is allowed under the constitution. Margie Stewart expressed an interest in being co-opted. HCC unanimously agreed to the cooption and gave a warm welcome to Margie.

Glasgow Wind Band

Proposal for a joint HCC and Howwood Parish Church fund raising event to hold a concert in the Church. Event is pending approval by the Church Board.

  • A date in May 2006 is being proposed.
  • Details of the event including costs to be forwarded to Chair.
  • Update to be provided at next HCC meeting.
Howwood Parish Church

Villagers are advised that due to recent break-in at the Church remedial work is being undertaken in the Church grounds. Church apologise for any incontinence caused to villagers.

Remembrance Day Service

This year the service will be held at new time of 12:30 pm, at the War Memorial



Thereafter: 10 January 2006, 14 February 2006 and 14 March 2006.

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