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Community Council Meeting Minutes 2005



Nick Walker, Amish Amin, Robert Scarsbrook, Christine Scarsbrook, Gordon Weir, Rosee Macdonald, David McKie, Andrew Wilson, Bill David, Norma David, Ken Macdonald, David Bottomley, Louise McClements, Craig Crawford.


PC Graham Barclay, Douglas Paxton, Gayle Pollock, Helen Purse.


Linda Smith, Brian Young, Grace Weir.


The Minutes of the 08.02.2005 meeting were adopted – Proposed, Norma David and Seconded, Louise McClements.

Matters/actions arising

Reliable Buses – AW wrote to the Traffic Commissioner enclosing the letter of complaints received previously.

Further instances have been reported – 28/02 and 07/03 @ 8am – bus did not turn up at Station Road. Gayle Pollock also has other instances to report.

Account Signatories – Forms are now available. New signatories will be required to attend the Bank in person with appropriate ID.

Sports and Hobbies Cheque – Cheque has now been issued and delivered.

  • Crime figures for December 2004
    • Figures were still not available and will be presented at next meeting.
  • Crime figures for February 2005
    • 2 crimes with 1 detection and the likelihood of a second detection - 1 Drunk and incapable (detected), 1 Vandalism.
  • Other Matters Arising
    • PC Barclay advised that Traffic Police have been actively monitoring speeding in the area and hopes that this will deter speeders. HCC voiced their appreciation for this initiative.
    • Our request for a speed survey at the Garthland Bridge should be passed to Traffic Management in Greenock. It appears that Greenock have not yet had the time to carry out this survey.
    • Football nuisance in Station Road, including bus shelter damage and relevant safety issues, was reported to PC Barclay. The Police will keep an eye on the problem and any further instances should be reported to PC Barclay or direct to the local police office.
  • This event was well received with letters of thanks being received by HCC. All letters of thanks were much appreciated.
  • The 3 band members, pianist and singer have all indicated that they would like to support us again in any future events.
  • It was agreed that the singer should be supplied with a microphone in future.
  • The event was attended by 53 people and costs were kept low at £220.
  • The use of the mini coach was a helpful addition this year but pick up times need to be better managed. It was suggested that pick up times be advertised as between 6 and 6:30pm in the future.
  • HCC thanked Craig Crawford for providing the transport.
  • The Chair thanked all those involved in making the evening such a success.
FETE 2005

A progress report was given by Bill David

  • Everything is in good shape this year.
  • The cost of the Falconry display of £400 has been agreed and a deposit for the hire of the Falconry display is now required from the Treasurer. This is to be refunded to Robert Scarsbrook who has already paid the required deposit. A cheque was passed to Robert Scarsbrook at this meeting.
  • Equipment hire will cost £285 and can be paid in full on the day.
FETE 2005 Cont.
  • Phil McFadden has again agreed to hold a football competition this year and he has also put in a request for a stall at this years Fete.
  • Will need to look to sourcing tables from elsewhere to avoid contention with the Dance in the Village Hall that evening. BD will check availability.
  • Advertising for inclusion in the programme is now well underway, as is stallholder contact.
  • The next Working Group meeting will be on Monday 14th March 2005 at 9pm
    Volunteers to form a Fete Dance working group were requested.
  • The committee members will be Norma David, Grace Weir, Christine Scarsbrook and Andrew Wilson.
  • Andrew Wilson will lead the working group.
  • Louise McClements has agreed to help with the bar duties on the evening.
Midton Road

It was noted that the construction of a pavement opposite the play park towards Bowfield Road is underway.

Bowfield Road/Midton Road junction

This junction has now been resurfaced. The road surface appears to be an excellent improvement.

HCC thanked the Roads Department.

Crash Barrier at Linister Estate.

It is considered that the new crash barrier creates a hazard for pedestrians and blocks access to some walking routes.

It was reported that Howwood Wildlife and Woodlands Group have already written to Renfrewshire Council regarding this issue.

Double-parking / on pavement parking opposite the village shop

Complaints have now been received from some residents that the yellow lines have not yet been done.

It was suggested that this issue be debated at the AGM in order that we can canvass the opinion of the local residents.

AW to write to Roads Department to ascertain any alternative options and to obtain advice on any means of gathering appropriate data on road usage/parking etc.

Spring Clean 19/20 March 2005

10:30am Saturday and 2pm Saturday and Sunday gathering at the Village Hall car park.

AW requested that as many HCC members as possible attend and that we all encourage as many others as possible to take part.

It was agreed that the Mayfield Drive path area adjacent to the Howwood Inn would be targeted as a ‘hot spot’ for the clear up on Sunday 20th March 2005.

Village Triangle Design

A copy of the plans for the Triangle and a request for suggestions as to the proposed sculpture are to be placed in the Notice Board at the Village Hall.

Recycling Bins

AW to write to the Recycling Officer to ascertain any progress on this initiative

Bowfield Road/School path.

HCC received a request for support in trying to have broken fences, bordering the School path and one of the properties, repaired after an unsuccessful 3-year struggle with Renfrewshire Council Environmental Services.

Various letters over this time period are available for information if required.

The property has become a regular target for theft during the period the fence has lain un-repaired.

AW offered to go along and look at the extent of the problem. The reference numbers of the various police reports should be obtained to back up any correspondence with Renfrewshire Council.

HCC agreed to take this issue on board and will write to Renfrewshire Council to try to progress repairs as soon as possible.

This issue will be reviewed at the next meeting.


Offers have now been received for the purchase of the Carsewood House site but Renfrewshire Council cannot yet divulge the name of the successful purchaser. HCC will be advised once legal formalities have been concluded.

Nothing else of relevance to report.

Web site
  • Visits for February 2005 were 6128.
  • More time per visit is also being spent on the web site.
  • Scottish Evening photographs have now been included on the web site.
  • Fund raising from introduction of advertising banners was discussed. It was suggested that any revenue could be utilized to off set running costs (approx. £50 per annum). It was agreed that a pilot would be run and any suggestions for adverts should be directed to David McKie.
  • Broadband - BT upgrade has now taken place. Line survey is to be undertaken shortly.
News Letter
  • Another newsletter is due to be distributed.
  • This should be done during May 2005 in advance of the Fete.
Kirk Information Centre
  • The Centre is now into its second month of operation and is open on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 10am to 12 noon.
  • Visitor numbers have been very low but include both visitors to the Village and new residents.
  • We will continue to assess progress.
  • Running costs in respect of Church were discussed and it was agreed to provide a contribution, at this time, of £50. Treasurer to make necessary arrangements.
  • No report.
  • BD to contact Cllr. Nimmo regarding the Bowfield Road/School path issue.

As per the Agenda

  • Anonymous letter re Sheltered Housing – Renfrewshire Council to be contacted to check their policy on this issue. HCC will endeavour to have the appropriate Council representative attend a future meeting to give a talk on this subject.
  • CC Forum, ASBO meeting 14.03.2005 at 6:30pm – Anyone interested can attend. The meeting will be held in the Civic Suite members lounge.
  • Health Council Newsletter – Copies available from the Secretary. New members are also being sought.
  • Post watch Newsletter – Copies available from the Secretary.
  • Scottish Executive Housing issues consultation report – Copies available from the Secretary.
  • Renfrewshire Council Seniors’ Forum Seminar on healthy ageing – The Seminar will be held on the morning of Friday 18th March 2005. Further details available from the Secretary.

Due to the upcoming re-election of Councillors in September, it was agreed that this item could now be removed from the agenda for future meetings.

Fete Dance

Some thought should be given as to which of the various community groups should be approached to assist with the bar. The chosen group would be given a share of the takings for their group funds.

Canadian visitors

HCC have been advised that Canadian visitors are expected shortly as a result of visits to the Howwood Community web site.

Spring Bulbs

It was decided that photographs should be taken of the bulbs that were recently planted. These photographs could be used to publicise a similar initiative for next year.


TUESDAY 12 APRIL 2005 - 7.30 pm, Howwood Village Hall.

Then: Tuesday 10th May 2005, 14th June 2005, 12 July 2005, 9 August 2005 etc.

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