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Community Council Meeting Minutes 2005



Robert Scarsbrook, Gordon Weir, Grace Weir, Andrew Wilson, Bill David, Norma David, Louise McClements, Nick Walker, Amish Amin, Craig Crawford, Linda Smith, David McKie.


PC Tracey Knox-McLean, Douglas Paxton, Judy Paxton.


Christine Scarsbrook, Brian Young, David Bottomley.


The Minutes of the 10.05.2005 meeting were adopted – Proposed, Craig Crawford and Seconded, Grace Weir.

Matters/actions arising

Reliable Buses – It is now confirmed that Gillans will be taking over the Reliable Buses routes with effect from 20th June 2005. There will, however, be no route from Howwood direct to the Royal Alexandra Hospital and fewer runs to Paisley.

Amenity Housing – Received two queries asking if any progress has been made. This has been pursued by HCC and it seems unlikely that Sheltered Housing would be an option as there has been no identified need in this area. HCC will write to the Head of Housing and also the Head of Planning identifying the need for Amenity Housing for older residents as highlighted in the recent Village Design Plan consultation. It will be requested that any future development within the village includes the provision of affordable housing. Draft letters in this respect were circulated amongst HCC members and their content agreed.

Howwood Playgroup – The Playgroup has expressed there thanks to HCC for our recent £200 donation to their funds and has also provided a copy of their constitution as requested.

ASCC Community of the Year – Entries are required by the end of June 2005. David McKie will provide an entry under the category of Web Site and Howwood Wildlife and Woodlands will provide an entry under the category of Environment.

Children’s Service Plan consultation – HCC have received a reply to our objections in the way that this consultation was being carried out. The substance of the reply was that, the questionnaires forwarded to HCC members were only meant to provide a gauge to community opinion and not a means of short cutting the consultation process. Duplicate questionnaires were received due to an administrative error.

Fete 2004 School Kitchen let – This late invoice has now been paid.

  • Crime figures for May 2005
    • 3 Crimes and no detections - 1 Theft, 1 Theft by housebreaking, 1 Housebreaking with intent.
  • Other Matters Arising
    • It was re-iterated that villagers should ensure property is secured at all times, remember to lock up at night and car keys must not be left in sight.
  • A progress report was given by Bill David
  • The weather forecast for the day would appear to be overcast but dry.
  • All activities, stalls, etc. have now been finalised and a plan layout drawn up.
  • The main Raffle prizes have been purchased and other raffle prize donations are still being received.
  • It has been confirmed that at least two community police will be in attendance on the day.
  • The cost of printing the Fliers has been offset by the advertising fees collected and, overall, the Working Group are well within budget.
  • HCC Personnel/Helpers will be a problem on the day so all members are requested to sequester as many people as possible to give assistance. Assistance will be required no later than 9 am on the day to assist with the setting up of the Fete equipment.
  • Amish Amin proposed the purchase of two 9 meters by 3 meter gazebos for HCC use at the Fete and other future events. David McKie seconded the proposal. The two gazebos will be purchased before Saturday 18th June 2005.
FETE 2005 Cont.
  • Dance
  • Everything has now been organised and the Band has been booked.
  • Rainbow/Brownie leaders will help with the Dance Bar.
  • The Village Hall will be decorated for the Dance between 12 noon and 3 pm on Friday 17th June 2005.
  • Tartan Rugs are again required as part of the decoration theme and these should be passed to Norma David as soon as possible.
Pamandus Site

HCC have now been advised that a subjective decision is normally made as to whether changes to plans are material on non-material. This decision is usually made by the Planning Department dependent upon each individual circumstance. There has been no indication as to guidelines on material or non-material changes.

Howwood Inn outline plans

HCC have made representation to the Planning Department regarding the outline plans for a dwelling house as notified in the Gazette.

No formal planning application has been advised to HCC. It is understood that outline plans for 10 dwelling houses to be erected may have been tendered.

T-Mobile Mast
  • A T-Mobile mast is to be erected at East Muirdykes farm.
  • HCC have no material objections

No report.

Roadhead Roundabout

HCC have been advised that the road into Lochwinnoch from the Roadhead roundabout is to be closed to traffic from mid July to mid August 2005.

It would appear that Lochwinnoch/Largs traffic is to be diverted through Howwood via Station Road to accommodate this closure.

HCC will check with the Roads Department if this information is indeed correct and ascertain their plans for the diverted traffic.


As per the Agenda

  • Renfrewshire Council CC Forum – 20th June 2005 at 6:30 pm (Civic Suite, RCHQ). There will be discussion as to arrangements for CC elections at this Forum. Nick Walker will attend. Any one else interested in attending to contact Nick Walker.
  • RCVS AGM – 4th July 2005 at 7:00 pm (Wynd Centre). Any one interested should contact Andrew Wilson.
  • Postwatch Newsletter - Copies from the Secretary.
  • Scottish Executive consultations – Copies from the Secretary.
  • SRANI Phase 1 completion – SRANI are having a celebration to mark the completion of Phase 1 (RSPB to Loch Head). The celebration will be held on Friday 24th June 2005 at 6:30 pm. Anyone interested please contact the Secretary.




Then: 9 August 2005, 13 September 2005, AGM 4 October 2005.

NB Community Council election September 2005.

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