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Community Council Meeting Minutes 2005



Robert Scarsbrook, Andrew Wilson, Christine Scarsbrook, Nick Walker, Linda Smith, David McKie, Grace Weir, David Bottomley.


Douglas Paxton, Mrs M Mullen, Tom Begg, Keith Mayes (ASIST), Lisa Simpson (ASIST).


Bill David, Norma David, Craig Crawford, Gordon Weir.


The Minutes of the 09.08.2005 meeting were adopted – Proposed by Robert Scarsbrook and Seconded by Linda Smith.

Matters/actions arising

School Path and resident’s complaint – After many months of enquiry by HCC, RC have advised that this matter should be directed to RC Housing & Properties Department. The Secretary will contact that Department to ascertain if the matter is being dealt with.

Amenity Housing – Re. Letter sent to RC clarifying that HCC are not specifically asking for amenity housing but rather that any new housing being proposed includes provision for mixed cost housing and small scale development for elderly. RC has noted this request. This item will now be removed from the agenda.

Local Authority Electoral Boundaries Proposal – Estimated that 100 villagers have joined HCC in responding to the consultation and registered their concerns on the proposed changes.

Hall Upkeep – Reply received to HCC letter to RC requesting if they have plans for upkeep of Village Hall. Reply indicates that they currently have no plans to upgrade the Village Hall. RC gives priority to upgrades to meeting basic ‘water tightness’ and issues of Health and Safety. HCC to confirm that building is now watertight and that Health and Safety matters, including disabled access, are up to standard. HCC are also interested in how and how often RC carry out assessment of properties.


No report.

ASIST (Anti-social Behaviour Investigation Team)

HCC welcomed Keith Mayes and Lisa Simpson from Renfrewshire Council ASIST.

Keith and Lisa provided an outline of the role of ASIST and how they deal with complaints on matters of anti-social behaviour, noise problems and disputes with neighbours.

Key message from ASIST is to report all instances to the Police and ASIST but do not tackle the problem yourself.

Further information on ASIST may be obtained from 01505 325030 or email to request a Mediation Services and Anti-social Behaviour information pack.

Garthland Bridge

The start of the 30 mph limit has now been marked with white lines and warning signage.

Bowfield Road Water / Drainage

No update

Parking At Station Road / Main Street

RC proposals circulated to all residents impacted in the Station Road / Main Street area.

Final plan of alternative solutions from RC is still awaited.

Hill Road Junction

No update

Water Leakage At Johnstone End Of Village

Still problems in this area. These have been reported to Roads and Water.

Contact Roads on 0141 842 4466 Monday to Friday 8 – 8 should problems arise. Obtain a reference number for logging on the Web site road faults.

Road Condition and Markings Between Spateston and Howwood

Earlier report of the poor condition of the road surface and the lack of clear road markings has not yet been addressed. Contact Roads Department for update.

Howwood Inn Car Park

RC Planning Department have rejected the application for planning permission for dwelling house.

Carsewood House Area

No update on planning application

Application For 2 Houses At Former Elliston Grill

No objections

T Mobile Mast At East Muirdykes

No objections

Former Teknek Premises

HCC to check if this area is zoned for housing

Glasgow Airport Consultation

HCC will respond to consultation document

The Airport has arranged a series of drop in evenings during September and October 2005. Villagers may wish to attend one of these sessions. Sessions are 21 and 28 Sep and 5, 12,19 and 26 October at Spence Room, Business Centre, Glasgow Airport. Details available from the Secretary.

Planning Aid Meeting

Secretary will attend

Planning Law Consultation

Comments to Secretary please. Main comment to date is the lack of opportunity to appeal by objectors


HCC enquired why Midton Road Cottages are not included in the current recycling collections. Response from RC indicates that they are awaiting the delivery of a special vehicle to accommodate collections from areas like Midton Road Cottages.


Update was given on project to upgrade Triangle and paths.

  • Quantity Surveyor now engaged for Tender document preparation
  • Sign posts, way markers and gates are now installed


No progress. Carry forward to new HCC year.

Local Access Forum

Next meeting 22 September 2005. Anyone who can attend please contact the Secretary

Trees Main Street At Park Area.

Trees are reported to be causing restricted view of on coming traffic when turning right into Mayfield Drive. Matter to be reported to RC Road Department.

  • ASCC Community of the Year - HCC have not been short listed for the Environment submission but still await outcome of the Web submission.
  • Site visits for last month – 11500.

Intimation that Malgus Broadband Ltd are offering a wireless Broadband Package in the Howwood area. Leaflets and enquiry forms may be obtained from the Post Office, contact 0870 44 200 60 or see press for details.


Newsletter now distributed.


No report.


As per the Agenda

  • Renewable Energy Conference 21 – 21 September 2005 in Inverness– Details from the Secretary.
  • Awards for RC Staff – Nominations invited by RC for Council staff. HCC to propose Jim who keeps our village streets litter free.
  • RC Corporate Services Department Annual Report – Available from the Secretary.
HWW Car Boot Sale

Request for volunteers to assist at HWW Car Boot Sale on Saturday 17 September 2005 – Douglas Paxton and David Bottomley kindly volunteered.

Bulb Planting
  • A bulb-planting weekend will be arranged for 29 – 30 October 2005. Time 12:30 – 15:30 proposed.
  • Funding of £200 to purchase bulbs was agreed.
  • Areas for planting suggested as Park, and area opposite Post Office and entrances to the village.
  • Volunteers will be needed for this activity. Please contact Secretary if you can help
Christmas Event

Suggestion from villager for HCC to organise a children’s’ Christmas event.

HCC regretfully can not commit to this activity due to other commitments at that time of year and the forthcoming Community Council Elections.


AGM 14 OCTOBER 2005, 7:00 pm HOWWOOD VILLAGE HALL – all welcome.

Then: Provisionally - 8 November 2005 13 December 2005, 10 January 2006 at 7:30 pm.

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