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Community Council Meeting Minutes 2005



Nick Walker, Robert Scarsbrook, Christine Scarsbrook, Linda Smith, David McKie, Grace Weir, Douglas Paxton, Jackie Mackenzie, Margie Stewart, Andrew Wilson.


PC Andrew MacLeman, Julie Philp.


Bill David, Norma David, Tom Purse.


The Minutes of the 08.11.2005 meeting were adopted – Proposed by Grace Weir and Seconded by Linda Smith.

  • Crime figures for November 2005
    • 1 assault, 1 vandalism, 1 rape
  • Points Raised
    • It was noted that a young male has been reported in connection with instances of vandalism at park, stile and steps
    • Police were requested to patrol the park area as part of their regular patrol.
    • Lighting repairs required at park area have been reported to RC.
    • Christmas tree has been target of vandalism again this year. New location for the tree to be considered
    • Tanker vehicle parked on Main Street at exit of Station Road opposite Railway Inn was mentioned as being a potential road safety hazard. One accident has already occurred. Police will investigate this matter.
    • Agricultural crime has been an issue over the past 6/8 weeks. Theft from farmhouses and machinery from buildings has been the target. Police are activity tackling this problem. Police advise farmers to be vigilant.

  • Village Hall has been booked for the Scottish Evening on 25 February 2006.
  • Cost of band is £150 and HCC agreed funding.
  • Karen Lafferty has kindly agreed to be part of the entertainment at this event.
  • Craig Crawford has kindly noted the date for transport duties.
  • Provisional date is Saturday 17 June 2006.
  • Booking of Bouncy Castle and other equipment will need to be organised quickly. BD to be advised to proceed. Funding of the equipment at around the same level as last year was agreed.
  • Suggestions for attractions were discussed, these included Muirshiel crafts demonstration and participation by Hessilhead Wildlife Rescue Trust.
  • Police will be asked to attend Fete as their presence last year was much appreciated.
Parking At Station Road / Main Street

Final plan of alternative solutions from RC is still outstanding after many months. Further reminder will be sent to Road Dept.

Road Condition and Markings Between Spateston and Howwood.

Roads advised they were investigating this matter. However as no update has been received Secretary will send reminder.

Midton Road to Beith Road

Councillor Nimmo advised that repair to pavement will be addressed - Beith Road to Hospice in this financial year and the remainder from Hospice to Cottages in the next financial year.

Hill Road Junction

Ongoing. Legal issues still to be resolved.

Water Seepage

It was noted that the water seepage problem near Fred’s shop had been fixed and that Station Road problem is currently under repair.

Road Closure at Lochwinnoch Over The Summer

In response to HCC comments regarding the lack of notification of these works a responding letter has been received from Director of Planning & Transport, RC after the intervention of local MSP, Trish Godman. No further action required at this time.

  • Old Mill at Elliston.
  • RC Planning Department have turned down this application. HCC have been invited to comment. HCC will reiterate that they have no objections to the planning application.
  • Wind Farm Between Lochwinnoch and Kilbirnie – Ladymoor Development
  • Plans for a Wind Farm were intimated. The output of Wind Farm is said to be equivalent of 94% of domestic consumption of Glasgow.
  • HCC will ask Lochwinnoch CC if they will invite HCC along to any public meetings on this matter.
  • Carsewood House Area.
  • No update on planning application.
  • 44 Station Avenue
  • RC Planning Dept has approved these plans.
  • Meeting With RC Department Responsible For The Park.
  • The steps from Main Street up to the park on the east side were vandalised recently. RC advised that they hope to repair the steps but no details given at this time.
  • HCC also enquired about path improvements within the park
  • Due to continued vandalism HCC asked that the park bench should not be replaced.
  • The Play Park surface, also recently vandalised, has been repaired.
Dog Bins

A dog bin within the park area has recently been removed. Secretary to enquire about replacement.

Fly Tipping

Instance of fly tipping at Garthland Bridge area was noted. RC will investigate who owns the land in question. HCC will check with nearby landowners.


Although the collection dates notification has now expired RC confirmed that collections will continue. Brown Bin collection for garden refuse has now ceased. New leaflets will be issued shortly by RC.

Recycling of plastics continues to be confusing for some. Better training for RC employees and better communication with public was considered appropriate.

Dunallister Path Area

No update. This item to be carried forward.


Working Group has been established and will comprise initially - David Paxton, Margie Stewart and Jackie Mackenzie. DP agreed to lead the Group.

Working Group intend to meet with all interested parties, including RC, SUSTRANS and Councillor Nimmo, to discuss the matter.

All HCC correspondence on SUSTRAS to be passed to the Working Group for background information.

As stop gap to full access alternative suggestion was to create car parking at St Brides Bridge.

SRANI Project in Lochwinnoch may also be valuable contact for the Working Group.

Working Group were advised that co-option of members from outside HCC are allowed per CC constitution.

Next report from Working Group expected Jan/ Feb 2006.

  • Web Working Group update from first meeting.
  • Considering freshening up / creating a new look for the Web site.
  • Propose to include items Howwood News Paper reports.
  • Legal position regarding Notice Board content will be investigated.
  • Income generation from advertising will also be investigated.
  • Next meeting of Working Group will be early January 2006.
  • Next report at January 2006 HCC meeting.
  • Next Newsletter proposed for despatch late January 2006.
  • Items for inclusion required for January 2006 meeting.
  • Finalised helpers recruitment notification to be added to Wed site.
  • Posters required – 6xA3 and 12xA4 to be produced in colour.
  • Include Howwood Helpers campaign within the next newsletter.
  • School Path and resident’s complaint – No update.
  • Local Authority Electoral Boundaries Proposal – Report of outcome is expected at HCC January 2006 meeting.
  • Hall Upkeep –No further response from RC. HCC to follow up on this matter.
  • Licensing Consultation – HCC did not respond due to early closing date.
  • Glasgow Wind Band – Proposal to hold concert in Parish Church. Church considers the event to be too expensive and would not be prepared to sell tickets. Final decision to be made in January HCC meeting.
  • Remembrance Service – Chair thanked Rev D Stewart and Fr J Balmer for conducting the Service. For next year owners of neighbouring cottage have kindly made an offer of power supply for the musicians. This year saw a good turn out at this earlier than normal time.
  • An e-mail was received from Derek Parker of the Paisley Express - “Thanks, Andrew, it was a very moving and meaningful service. Congratulations to yourself, Howwood Community Council, all who attended, including the highly talented musicians and everyone else in Howwood who made it possible. The occasion encapsulated the mood of Remembrance Sunday to perfection. Please pass on my congratulations and thanks to everyone who made it possible, including the community council.”
  • Account Signatories – Not yet progressed.
  • Community Planning – Re: Complaint from HCC regarding late notification of meeting and poor organisation. Response received from Community Planning via Trish Godman MSP.

No report.


As per the Agenda

  • Scottish Executive Discussion Paper Review Of Community Councils & ASCC – Closing date for this paper is 28 Feb 2006. Copies of the paper may be obtained from Chair, telephoning Review Team 0131 244 0885 or via the Scottish Executive website under ‘consultations’. HCC will gather comments for response to this paper.
  • CC forum – next meeting will be 16 January 2006. Anyone wishing to attend should contact the Secretary
  • Association Of Scottish Community Councils.
  • DP attended the Annual Conference /AGM 2005 held on 19 November 2005.
  • DP provided an excellent hand out summary of the meeting including his personal thoughts. Any comments to DP at next HCC meeting.
  • Report on Common Good.
  • HCC will review this report.
  • Membership of HCC
  • Julie Philp expressed interest in being co-opted onto HCC. JP will make final decision after next meeting.
  • Wishes From Chair
  • Chair wished all HCC members a very merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.


Thereafter second Tuesday monthly, 14 February 2006 and 14 March 2006 etc.

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