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Community Council Meeting Minutes 2005



Nick Walker, Christine Scarsbrook, Gordon Weir, Grace Weir, Rosee Macdonald, David McKie, Linda Smith, Andrew Wilson, Craig Crawford, Bill David, Norma David, Ken Macdonald, Brian Young, Miller Leon.


Gayle Pollock (1st Howwood Guides), Noreen Pollock, Edith McGlynn.


Robert Scarsbrook, Amish Amin, Betty McArthur, David Bottomley, Louise McClement


The Minutes of the 14.12.2004 meeting were adopted – Proposed, Bill David and Seconded, Craig Crawford.

Matters/actions arising

St Andrew’s Night – Treasurer, Ken Macdonald reported overall profit was £201.77 after expenses and donation to the Sports and Hobbies Group. Treasurer to issue £160 cheque to Sports and Hobbies Group.

Reliable Buses – Secretary reiterated that details of dates and times of irregular service are still required for the Office of the Traffic Commissioner. Gayle Pollock agreed to provide details. Linda Smith will also pass on details of two instances to the Secretary. It was noted that the removal of a previously published Reliable Buses timetable might also be a breech in the view of the Regulator.

Letterhead / Logo – The Chair is still pursuing this matter.


No report.

A737 junction at Howwood

HCC has written to Amey with a request for sight of their report on the A737 and for details on how they monitor the Junction.

Midton Road

Report of possible temporary pothole repair in this area.

Poor state of pavement on park side of Midton Road was reported. Secretary will write to RC on this matter.

Other Roads Issues

The Secretary reminded the meeting that all road faults should be reported to-
RALF on 0800 373 635. It is important to keep the RALF fault reference number for follow up purposes.

The Secretary will also report the under noted to RC

  • Bowfield Road / Midton Road Junction - poor state of road surface at this junction.
  • Blocked drains and flooding near the Parish Church and at the Triangle
  • Garthland Bridge pothole (already reported)

Double-parking / on pavement parking opposite the village shop

Road Department have been contacted regarding the proposal for the introduction of single yellow line parking restrictions to address the problem.

A number of local residents likely to be impacted by the proposed parking restriction have been consulted. Early indications are that residents would welcome this initiative. Consultation is ongoing.

Howwood Wildlife and Woodland (HWW) Roads Issues

HWW updated the meeting on the Garthland Bridge issue. HWW await a report on recommendations for traffic calming measures together with a police report on the traffic speed survey to be carried out at the Bridge. HWW will keep HCC advised.

Bus Stop Markings at Post Office

Question was raised regarding the effectiveness of the Bus Stop road marking in preventing inconsiderate parking in this area. It was noted that some road users are observing the parking restriction but not all.

Play Park ground works

The remedial work to fix the flooding problem has not yet started. HCC will continue to monitor the situation.

Play park fence in disrepair

HCC have recently written to RC on the safely concerns raised regarding the poor state of this fencing. Response now awaited.

Railway Inn site

An e-mail has been received via the web site making complaint about the untidy state of the site adjacent to the Railway Inn.

HCC directed the resident to RC who owned the site. Subsequently the site changed ownership.

Don’t Rubbish Renfrewshire Campaign

Andrew Wilson is awaiting more information on this campaign.


Use of Brown bins by those villagers who have this facility was discussed. It was noted that during the winter months the bins may be used for paper recycling. Andrew Wilson to obtain update from RC on their plans for recycling in Howwood area.

Meeting was reminded of the recycling facilities located in Johnstone.

Rubbish Accumulation – Play Park

It was noted that rubbish accumulation was still an issue in this area.

Village Spring Clean Up

Traditionally the village spring clean up is scheduled for 1st week in April. It was agreed that this be brought forward to the weekend of 19 & 20 March this year to avoid the Easter holiday period.

Clean up sessions will be Saturday 19 March at 10 AM & 2 PM and from 2 PM on Sunday 20 March. Full details will be issued shortly together with a plea for volunteers from the village to assist the HCC in this worthwhile campaign.

Meeting was reminded that all instances of fly tipping should be reported to the police.

To help attract volunteers it was suggested that a Table Top Sale could be arranged to coincide with the Spring Clean weekend. Although this was not agreed for the Spring Clean up period further consideration will be given to holding a similar event in the run up to the Fete.


Nothing to report.


The Scottish Evening for local senior citizens is to be held on 19th February 2005 and the Village Hall. Doors open at 6 PM. Cost will be 75p.

Update on progress

  • Piper has been arranged for the event
  • Bill David & Robert Scarsbrook now have a draft programme for the event.
  • Participation by the school is still to be agreed.
  • Tartan rugs and bunting were requested by Grace Weir
  • Christine Scarsbrook will provide floral table decorations
  • Table cloths situation etc to be checked by Andrew Wilson & Nick Walker
  • Tickets will soon be available from Post Office
  • Craig Crawford has kindly agreed to provide transport. Linda Smith will coordinate transport requirements
  • Brain Young agreed to MC the event.
  • Invitation has been sent to Cllr Nimmo, the Rev. David Stewart and Father Joseph Balmer
  • Raffle donations to Post Office or Rosee Macdonald

FETE 2005

A progress report was given by Bill David

  • A cheque will be required shortly for the hire of the slide and bungee equipment. Bill David will confirm amount to Ken Macdonald.
  • The school and the Village Hall are to be booked by Andrew Wilson.
  • The Fete working group have agreed position on Security arrangement and will be consulting with police in advance of Fete day.
  • he Guides are considering a Gang Show for the week running up to Fete day. More details awaited from Gayle Pollock.
FETE 2005 Cont.
  • Car Boot Sale. Last year a suggestion was made by Jeanette Fraser to hold a Car Boot Sale around the time of the Fete. Although it was not held last year consideration was to be given to holding one this year. Andrew Wilson to contact Jeanette Fraser for her views. Update at next HCC meeting.
  • The next meeting of the working group will be Monday 17th January 2005 at 9pm
Web site
  • Visits for December 2004 were 5476.
  • Notice Board is still a concern regarding the amount of spam. David McKie is considering various alternatives to help stop spam.
  • Broadband mast - no update on progress
News Letter
  • Andrew Wilson has now drafted the newsletter.
  • The target for distribution is by end of January. Volunteers for distribution of the newsletter, around 23 January, were noted at the meeting.
Kirk Information Centre
  • The expected launch date for the Kink information centre is 1 February 2005.
  • Andrew Wilson still looking for more volunteers to man the Centre on Tuesdays and Thursdays 10 AM until noon. Please contact Andrew if you can help.
  • The centre will provide general information for local and visitors wishing to drop in e.g. transport time tables, walking routes or contact numbers for local authorities. There will also be tea and coffee available.
  • Craig Crawford and Linda Smith are to provide some of the information for the Centre.

HWW are taking the Village Design Plan forward for HCC.

An update on progress was provided by HWW

  • Plan to have the Triangle as a focal point of the village
  • Progressing plan with help of local Access Officer e.g. walking routes
  • Grants position has been investigated by Andrew Wilson with first application due to be made shortly
  • Sustrans track access proving difficult to achieve. Andrew Wilson provided details including the possibility of funding to carry out a feasibility study for this route.
  • Time scales for completion of walking routes and Triangle upgrade are dependent upon the amount of Grant funding which can be secured. Aim is for this year.
  • Garthland Bridge access improvement is key to number of HWW proposals

Garthland Bridge – number of suggestion make including commissioning a survey of usage.

Fountain – the Howwood Fountain, missing for many year, has been located. Alas it is in a very poor condition and is not thought to be usable as a focal point.

It was agreed that villagers be asked for suggestions for a replacement feature for the village. Details will be published in the News Letter.

It was suggested that a link between Howwood.Com and HWW be revised to ensure that HCC are keep up to speed with HWW developments. Nick Walker will confer with David McKie on this matter.


No report.


As per the Agenda

  • Housing Stock transfer anti-campaign newsletter– Anyone interested can obtain newsletter from the Secretary.

In accordance with the HCC Constitution two members were to be contacted regarding non-attendance

  • Miller Leon disputed his non-attendance record and stated that he found the reminder approach inappropriate. Miller, after consideration, decided to resign from HCC. The Chair thanked Miller for his contribution and hard work over the years
  • The other member is still to be contacted to ascertain situation.

Views on the non-attendance rule were raised and discussed. After discussion the outcome was that as the Constitution had been formally adopted by HCC then it is inappropriate to revisit.

HCC Change of Signatories for Bank Account

A proposal was made and accepted to update the signatories for the Howwood Community Council Bank Account to reflect the change of office bearers. The current signatories are Bill David (Past Chair), Andrew Wilson (Secretary), Brian Young (Past Vice Chair) and Ken Macdonald (Treasurer). It was agreed that the new signatories would be Bill David (Member), Andrew Wilson (Secretary), Ken Macdonald (Treasurer) and Christine Scarsbrook (Minute Secretary).

Treasurer to arrange new signatories mandate with the Bank. Minute Secretary will provide an additional copy of these Minutes for Bank purposes.


It was intimated that the Guides are to seek fund raising sponsorship in the village in respect of the Tsunami disaster appeal.

The Guides will also be undertaking a photographic record expedition of their likes and dislikes of Howwood. The results of this undertaking will be available at the proposed Gang Show. HCC is also interested in the results, as this will reflect the opinions of our village youth.


TUESDAY 8 FEBRUARY 2005 - 7.30 pm, Howwood Village Hall.

Then: Tuesday 8th March 2005, 12th April 2005, 10th May 2005, 14th June 2005 etc.

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