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Community Council Meeting Minutes 2005



Robert Scarsbrook, Christine Scarsbrook, Gordon Weir, Grace Weir, Rosee Macdonald, Andrew Wilson, Bill David, Norma David, Ken Macdonald, Brian Young, David Bottomley, Louise McClements, Nick Walker, Amish Amin, Craig Crawford.


PC Andrew MacLeman, Joan Whyte.


Linda Smith, David McKie.


The Minutes of the 08.03.2005 ( & 12.04.2005) meeting were adopted – Proposed, Louise McClements and Seconded, Norma David.

Matters/actions arising

Reliable Buses –No response from Traffic Commissioner to recent letter. Secretary to check on Reliable bus service operations and ascertain if Arriva and SPT have any plans to service Howwood.

Account Signatories – Now completed.

School Path – Ownership issue appears to be reason for inaction. Response from Environmental Services awaited. HCC to seek assistance from Alex Hewetson of Renfrewshire Council (RC) on this matter.

Amenity Housing – Received a second anonymous letter asking if any progress has been made. Secretary has been in contact with RC and is investigating the position. Secretary will report back to HCC in due course. In recent Village Design Plan consultation with villagers, the need for Amenity Housing for older residents was highlighted

  • Crime figures for April 2005
    • 5 Thefts, 2 Thefts from vehicle, 1 Vandalism.
  • Other Matters Arising
    • PC MacLeman was welcomed to HCC.
    • Person arrested for theft from car and break in of garden hut.
    • Report of recent break in to property where entry was via unlocked back door. Car keys were also taken but car not stolen. PC MacLeman warned villagers to ensure property is secured at all times, remember
    • to lock up at night and car keys must not be left in sight.
    • Reminder for Police presence at Village Fete 2005 on 18 June 2005 was passed to PC MacLeman who will highlight this to Sgt. Robertson.
    • Report of youth vandalism at Bus Stop on Beith Road near Torbracken. Similar incident at Bus Stop outside Village Hall was also highlighted.
    • Report from Secretary on recent attendance at Anti Social Behaviour Order (ASBO) meeting.
      • Renfrewshire Nuisance Helpline 0800 169 1283 open 9 am to 10 pm.
      • If reporting incidents there is a need to know at least the name and address of perpetrator.
      • The ASSIST service can get involved in contacting offenders.
      • ASBO applies to all residents, both council and private who are 12 years of age or over.
      • Helpline details to be put on Web site and Newsletters
  • A progress report was given by Bill David.
  • Plans for Fete are well advanced.
  • Advertising and Stall holders requirements being finalised.
  • Tables requested from Howwood Parish Church – CC to ask
  • Raffle.
    • Tickets to be printed shortly.
    • A budged of £300-£400 was agreed for purchase of top prizes.
    • Raffle will be draw on evening of Fete Dance in Village Hall.
    • HCC members were urged to sell as many tickets as possible .
    • Falconry display and activities arranged.
  • School booked.
FETE 2005 Cont.
  • Licences obtained
  • Football competition will again be a feature of Fete day. DB to confirm details with Phil McFadden.
  • Burger Stall helpers to be determined.
  • Bar helpers identified.
  • Dance
    • Village Hall and Band booked.
    • Fete Dance Working Group to meet shortly.
    • BY to contact Rainbows/Brownie leaders re helping with Dance Bar.
    • Tickets will be available shortly.
  • AW to place notice in Advertiser “Whats on”.
  • Q96 – awaiting response. Saga Radio to be contacted.
Spring Clean

Great success this year. 35 villagers including children helped with the clean up. HCC expressed thanks to all those who helped.

Letter of appreciation received from Alistair Campbell. Letter also highlighted that ‘fly tipping’ is still a concern.

It is planned to hold another Spring Clean in 2006.


It is planned to plant more bulbs later in the year.

Village Design Plan

Two grant applications have been successful.

CERS – Community Environment Renewal Scheme administered by Forward Scotland
under the auspices of the Scottish Executive. This grant to be used for upgrade to Triangle.

Awards For All – to be used for sign post and way markers as part of the path improvement project.

HCC expressed appreciation to Howwood Wildlife and Woodlands (HWW) for undertaking this work on behalf of HCC.

HCC thanked CERS and Awards For All for this funding.

HWW were authorised to continue with the Triangle and path improvement plans on behalf of HCC. HWW to report back to HCC on progress.

Recycle Boxes

These should now have been distributed.

Land at Mayfield Path

A resident of Mayfield Drive has advised that there is a Burden contained within the Title Deeds of the nine ’new’ houses in Mayfield Drive to manage the land in question.

HCC have delegated this matter to HWW in the first instance.


Overview given of the various options described within recent RC commissioned feasibility study.

  • Options are expensive
  • HCC to arrange meeting with Councillor Nimmo and all other interested parties.
  • HCC need to establish a Working Group to lead on this matter. As HCC are due for election in September 2005 this will be deferred and picked up as part of the new HCC.
Road Safety

‘20s Plenty’ leaflets are now available and will be distributed with the Fete flyer.

Lack of signage at Mayfield was an oversight by Roads and Mayfield will be included in this scheme.

Response from Traffic Police, Greenock re Garthland Bridge traffic speed is still awaited

Garthland Bridge issues also to be raised with Councillor Nimmo, local MP and RC.

Bowfield Road

Report that the crash barriers at bottom of Bowfield Road have again been badly damaged.

Need for road sign warning of deer hazard to be raised with RC.

Crash Barrier At Linister

Response from RC regarding the positioning of this barrier was discussed. Secretary to pursue HCC’s continuing concerns on pedestrian safety with RC.

Midton Road

Poor condition of road surface was brought to attention of HCC.

Road Works Plans

HCC to request information from Councillor Nimmo and RC on any upcoming plans for road improvements during 2005/6.

Pamandus Site

HCC was advised of complaints regarding planning changes which have been raised with Planning Dept by residents neighbouring the building works.

One of the neighbouring residents outlined the nature of the complaints and expressed frustration at the lack of explanation from Planning.

HCC to contact Planning Aid, who assist communities with planning matters, to seek their advice on this issue. Planning Aid might also be able to assist in facilitating a meeting with all parties concerned.

HCC to seek clarification from Planning as to the criterion surrounding minor or major changes to plans.

HCC will review original response to this Planning application.

Carsewood Site

Question raised regarding any plans received concerning this site.

No formal planning application has been advised to HCC. It is understood that outline plans for 10 dwelling houses to be erected may have been tendered.

Kirk Information Centre
  • The provision of this service has been discontinued due to lack of demand
  • Information Centre requirements will be revisited in September 2005 with a view to relocating to Village Hall.
News Letter
  • Flyer for Fete is due for distribution shortly.
  • Next Newsletter will therefore be mid summer circa 6 weeks before Community Council elections.
Web site
  • Visits for April 2005 were 9500.
  • Broadband is now available in the village.

No report.


As per the Agenda

  • ASCC Community Of The Year – Awards application is now available and due for completion by 30 June 2005. HWW may consider Environment category on behalf of HCC. Other categories may be also be considered.
  • Playgroup Update and request for donation – Request for donation towards purchase of new toys was considered and £200 agreed by HCC at this time. HCC to request sight of new Playgroup constitution.
  • RC Children’s Service Plan For Comments By 20/05/2005 - HCC expressed their objections to this method of consultation. BD & ND to respond on behalf of HCC.
  • SE Forestry Plan Consultation On Line– Available for completion on line. Details from Secretary.
  • Johnstone History Society Request For War Related Memorabilia and recollections – Contact Secretary.
  • Various - Newsletters – Contact the Secretary.

Invoice received from RC for use of Village Hall kitchen during Fete 2004. Due to time delay Treasurer to check if this has already been paid.

Dog Bins – Question raised regarding the number of bins. HCC advised that village has the highest number of bins provided free by RC and that additional bins would therefore incur costs to the community for supply and cleaning.

A.O.C.B. Cont.

Howwood Play Ground Project AGM. AGM was held where it was agreed that the Project Group would be wound up. HCC congratulated the Play Ground project team for their hard work in successfully delivering the Play Ground for Howwood. Small amount of residual funds from the Project are likely to be donated to HWW as they have similar constitution and aims.


TUESDAY 14 JUNE 2005 – PLEASE NOTE CHANGE OF TIME - 7.00 pm at Howwood Village Hall.

Then: Tuesday , 12 July 2005, 9 August 2005, 13 September 2005, AGM 4 October 2005
NB Community Council election September 2005.

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