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Community Council Meeting Minutes 2003



Nick Walker, Robert Scarsbrook, Betty McArthur, Ken Macdonald, Rosee Macdonald, David McKie, David Bottomley, Amish Amin, Linda Smith, Craig Crawford, Andrew Wilson, Norma David, Gordon Weir, Grace Weir, Millar Leon, Bill David.


PC Graham Barclay, Cllr Alastair Nimmo, Noreen Pollock, Gayle Pollock, Margie Stewart, Anne Ratcliffe, Joyce Neil, Robert Cardow.


PC Colette Pryde, Christine Scarsbrook, Danny McAlister.


The Minutes of the 10.06.2003 meeting were accepted (prop. Robert Scarsbrook, sec. Ken Macdonald). Again, Christine Scarsbrook received two copies of the minutes under separate cover, and Betty McArthur received none.


PC Colette Pryde is pregnant and will leave community policing but PC Barclay expects another officer to replace her soon. Superintendent Daniel Dyer has recently taken post with the local Police Division. The CC would like to invite him to attend a meeting as an introduction and welcome.

  • Crime figures for June
    • 9 crimes reported, 3 thefts (1 detected), 4 thefts by housebreaking, 1 attempted theft of car, 1 road traffic (detected).
  • Crime figures for July
    • 8 crimes reported, 2 thefts, 1 housebreaking, 2 vandalism, 1 assault (detected), 1 opening lock fast place with intent (detected), 1 road traffic (detected).
  • Crime figures for August
    • 7 crimes reported, 3 thefts (2 detected), 2 housebreaking, 1 theft by opening lock fast place, 1 “children & young persons act” (detected).
    • A number of housebreaking incidents have been in Kilnknowe Cottages, and extra care is advised. A neighbourhood watch scheme is being set up there; perhaps this could be extended across the village.
    • Young people loitering noisily and causing damage at the church during Guides and around the play park have both caused concern recently. The Police have made rounds at weekends which has been helpful and hopefully will continue. PC Barclay will visit the Guides to assess the situation there.

The CC has two vacancies at present. Nominations will be sought for an election following the Annual General Meeting.


The next CC meeting is the AGM. There will be a presentation by South Renfrewshire Access Network Initiative before the meeting. After the AGM, the regular CC meeting for October will take place.


Bill David, Brian Young, Andrew Wilson and Ken Macdonald.

Royal Incorporation of Architects in Scotland Millennium Awards entry is in, seeking funds to support the development of a village design statement for Howwood.

Bowfield Way decking. Appeal was lost, so Renfrewshire Council is seeking removal of the decking.

Pamandus. The plans for this site were revised and resubmitted. After discussion and review of the plans, CC decided to submit a further objection on the following bases: the plans fail to give an adequate view of distances and alignment between the proposed houses and their neighbours; the proposed houses appear to impact on the neighbouring houses' amenities by compromising privacy, blocking light and obscuring views; two proposed houses on one property appear at odds with the density of surrounding properties; new properties below Glen Aylmer and Hunthill were obliged to be single storey facing Bowfield Road and allowing the proposed houses to be two storey facing Bowfield Road is inconsistent; the likely increase in traffic congestion on Bowfield Road with an impact on road safety. Cllr Nimmo intends to seek a site visit to help clarify these and other issues raised by neighbours.

A new house is planned at Mid Gavin Farm. An extension is proposed at 21 Hillfoot Drive.

Renfrewshire Council’s local plan. The collected objections and responses from the latest consultation on the Local Plan reveal that several areas of Greenbelt (including the field between Beith and Midton Roads) and Sites of Importance for Nature Conservation around Howwood were challenged by developers. The Council proposes not to alter their earlier proposals. The CC supports the decision not to release further greenbelt land and not to remove nature conservation status from land in the Howwood area.

Main Street site - No news.

2003 Fete

David Bottomley, David McKie, Rosee Macdonald and Amish Amin.

The Fete went well and the CC raised about £1400 overall. Fete working group members felt that larger numbers on the group would be necessary in future but that starting work on the fete in late winter was beneficial. The date for next year’s fete has been set: 19.6.2004.

Margaret Fraser Commemoration

Norma David, Linda Smith and Brian Young.

The garden is complete and those who have seen it are impressed. An official opening and dedication has been proposed but arrangements are not yet made. Linda Smith agreed to discuss this with the Fraser family and the School. Please bring any remaining donations to Ken Macdonald by the next CC meeting (14.10.2003).

Calor Scottish Community of the Year Awards

Andrew Wilson, Betty McArthur and Bill David.

An application was completed over the summer and all six categories (young people, older people, local business, community activities, environment, internet) have been entered.


Speeding on Midton Road, through the village in general (Main Street and Station Road) and towards Greenacres on Bowfield Road are causing further concern especially in the evenings. Child and animal safety are the major worries, but some of the roads affected are narrow and winding. Various residents have contacted the Roads Dept at Renfrewshire Council without effect. Speed cameras were suggested but their use is limited to accident black spots. A speed survey may provide useful evidence to present to the Council. PC Barclay agreed to discuss with the Traffic Police. Cllr Nimmo will discuss with Roads Dept. Bill David had heard of speed watch campaigns in England where residents can be supplied with speed radar “guns” and training, and may report speedsters to the Police for prosecution. This might be worth discussion with Supt Dyer when he attends the CC.

Parking at the Post Office blocking the bus stop is causing congestion and affects safety of pedestrians. The Roads Dept is looking at how to address this problem.

The junction of Bowfield and Hill Roads has poor visibility and is dangerous, especially with car parking obstructions along lower Bowfield Road. Traffic lights were suggested. Cllr Nimmo will raise this issue also.

Cllr Nimmo believes that resurfacing of Elliston Road and Elliston Place will be included in the programme of road works for the next year however budgets are not yet complete following the elections in May. Traffic calming and flooding / drainage work will also occur on Midton Road, but there is no detail yet of what calming measures are proposed.

Incomplete works in Midton Road and elsewhere have caused concern over the summer, where various repairs have gone ahead but the final resurfacing is neglected. The works involved have been repairs by Scottish Water. CC to write raising this concern and inviting their attendance.

The Community Road Safety Initiative which aims to involve local communities in developing strategies to improve road safety focuses on leaflets to raise the profile of road safety issues and is of limited value to Howwood, but Cllr Nimmo may have access to advisory road signs on safety through this scheme.


Renfrewshire Council will deal with collapsed fencing in the park near Main Street as it affects child safety. Howwood is about to be added to the door to door garden waste collection scheme; leaflets should be distributed soon. Lochwinnoch Gardening Club has organised home compost bins through the Council’s Recycling officer. These are also available to Howwood residents through Cllr Nimmo.


In July there were 3160 hits on Fete pictures are on line. The campaign to establish broadband access in Howwood is ongoing. Lochwinnoch has made little progress on a village notice board. Further information and advice to be sought.

  • School. New classrooms in place and repainting of school complete.
  • Carsewood House. This is to be demolished, probably before the end of October. There is no decision on use of the land thereafter. It was suggested that it might act as a turning and dropping off point for school traffic to reduce congestion at Bowfield Road. A proposal could be put to the Council through Cllr Nimmo.
  • Land between Howwood Inn and Mayfield. As this land has not been landscaped as was agreed in the planning for Mayfield houses and ownership is in doubt, the Council intends to put a compulsory purchase order on the land to allow landscaping, etc.
  • Council houses in Howwood will be repainted, etc. over the next year, and former council house residents may be offered the opportunity to have the work completed for a fee.
CORRESPONDENCE (as per list attached to agenda)

South Renfrewshire Access Network Initiative seeks representation from the CC. Agreed to wait for next meeting when they will do a presentation; thereafter an informed decision on involvement will be possible. The CCs Forum AGM in on 22.9.2003. Representation is needed.

Late items of correspondence included letters from the Brownies and the Guides seeking financial support. CC agreed £150 to each group.

Howwood Playground Project

HPP has a fund-raising Race Night followed by disco at Midton Bowling Club on 25.10.2003. All welcome. Tickets through Andrew Wilson or the HPP Committee.

CC Accounts

Ken Macdonald presented the draft accounts for the financial year to the end of August 2003. These will be completed and double- audited for the AGM.


ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING TUESDAY 14 OCTOBER 2003, 7.30 pm, Howwood Village Hall including presentation from South Renfrewshire Access Network Initiative

Thereafter, the following Tuesdays: 11 November, 9 December, 13 January 2004, 10 February, 9 March, 13 April, 11 May, 8 June.

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