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Community Council Meeting Minutes 2003



Brian Young, Robert Scarsbrook, Christine Scarsbrook, Betty McArthur, David McKie, Ken Macdonald, Norma David, Craig Crawford, Rosee Macdonald, Gordon Weir


John Findlater, Jeanette Fraser, Norma Walker, Cllr Nimmo, PC Knox-McLean, PC Barclay, Superintendent Dyer


Grace Weir, Bill David, Linda Smith, Nick Walker, Andrew Wilson, Danny McAlister, Miller Leon, Amish Amin


The Minutes of the 11.11.2003 meeting were adopted – Proposed, Ken Macdonald and Seconded, Norma David.

There were no matters arising.

  • Superintendent Daniel Dyer introduced himself and gave an overview of how he sees the role of community policing being carried out.
  • The three main aims are:
    • Public reassurance through community policing,
    • Response policing and
    • Engage criminality
  • The main issues are seen to be youth disorder, vandalism, under age drinking, dog-fouling etc.
  • During his attendance, Superintendent Dyer was asked for clarification on the working hours of the dog warden and statistics provided at a recent Community Safety seminar.
  • Dog warden works normal office hours but a 24-hour call out service should be available.
  • Renfrewshire Council can be contacted for the appropriate number.
  • The Community Safety statistics could be misleading due to CCTV displacement of crime, child school displacement and parental control issues.

  • Crime figures for October 2003
    • 8 crimes reported with 1 detection - 1 child/young person Scotland Act (Assault), 2 vandalism, 2 housebreaking, 1 attempted housebreaking, 1 assault and 1 road traffic offence.
  • Crime figures for November 2003
    • 3 crimes reported with 2 detections - 1 serious assault, 1 wilful fire raising and 1 road traffic offence.

Renfrewshire Council and Police Traffic have been contacted requesting their attendance at a future HCC meeting – There has been no response to date.

Bowfield Road Pavement

No response received

Former Beith Road @ Elliston Grill (Private road sign)

No response received

Home made decking sign

No response received

A737 junction

Renfrewshire Council and AMEY have been contacted to add community council support to concerns raised and requesting their views and plans

There has been no response to date

Roads Department

Concerns have been raised regarding possible cut backs in funding for Roads related issues.

It has been intimated that HCC should invite the Roads Department to attend a meeting as soon as possible next year to discuss our concerns.

Outdoor Access Forum

Andrew Wilson attended and has received a full draft consultation strategy.

The content is to be discussed at the January 2004 HCC meeting which is before the consultation deadline and next forum meeting.


No further update available


It is too late this year to alter the usual plans regarding the supply of a community Christmas tree but Renfrewshire Council now know that we would like to express our views. The Council will consider our proposals for next year as long as we advise them before the end of May 2004.

Broadband Internet Access
  • It is now understood that BT may provide broadband access if at least 500 people register their interest
  • Satellite broadband would only require 40 people to register an interest
  • Thoughts and views to the next HCC meeting please in order that a final strategy can be decided.
Village Notice Board
  • A board has now been ordered and Renfrewshire Council is happy for it to be put on the wall of the Village Hall alongside the main entrance. They have also confirmed that they can erect this for a maximum fee of £35.
  • The content and custodianship of this notice board has been deferred until the January 2004 HCC meeting.
Community web site
  • David McKie advised that there had been in excess of 30,000 visits to the web site since the beginning of the year
Bowfield Road
  • Works to eradicate the problems and disrepair of this road are to commence in the Spring of 2004
Midton Road
  • Plans still underway regarding traffic calming issues.
  • It is thought that pavement works presently underway may be a part of the overall traffic calming measures. This will be monitored further.
Hill Road Access
  • Renfrewshire Council’s approach to householder re sale of part of their land to enable the access at Hill Road to be widened seems successful.
  • There is however still some legal documents to be signed.
Bowfield Way Decking
  • The owner has now removed decking but there are plans for replacement decking.
  • This is still under investigation by Planning.
A737 Access
  • Responsibility for this access at Elliston lies with the Scottish Executive and AMEY.
  • Councillor Nimmo has contacted AMEY and also various MSPs.
Main Street Site Adjacent to Railway Inn
  • There are no further details regarding the various legal issues at this time.
Mayfield Drive – Landscaping
  • No further details at this time but a Land Search is being carried out to ascertain ownership.
Young Persons Meeting
  • Cllr Nimmo reported that there had been excellent feedback but will supply a fuller report at a later date.
  • There is to be another meeting 13th January 2004.
Belltrees Road
  • Several parts of this road are in serious disrepair.
  • Cllr Nimmo carried out a site visit and repair works are to be carried out by the end of December 2003.
Play Ground Project
  • Works on this project should begin in the New Year.
  • New fencing to replace the present fencing, which is in disrepair, will be erected as a part of these works.
Bowfield Rise
  • Concerns raised regarding the ‘unfinished’ state of this estate
  • There are ongoing problems with fencing, tree planting, exposed cables etc.
  • Planning Department is currently investigating.
Code of Conduct
  • Cllr Nimmo has handed a new Councillor’s Code of Conduct to HCC for our consideration.
  • Cllr Nimmo completed his report with a suggestion that HCC should consider a strategy whereby we would prioritise issues for his attention in order to reduce the ever-increasing workload of smaller issues. It would be more beneficial if we could all concentrate on a smaller number of more important issues before moving on to other items on the list. – This concept to be discussed at the next HCC meeting.
Community of the Year Awards

No report


No applications of relevance received to date.

Community Planning Forum

Andrew Wilson and Betty McArthur attended this forum

The Village Design Plan would seem to fit into this agenda and may be well timed to have some impact on Council Planning Policy for Howwood.

Margaret Fraser Commemoration

No report but it is now unlikely that there will be any further action until the spring of 2004.


The annual Scottish evening for senior citizens will again be held next year.

  • Date – 28th February 2004 (dependent upon Village Hall availability.
  • Working Group – Brian Young, Bill David and Andrew Wilson.
  • He date for nominations has been extended to the HCC January 2004 meeting.
  • Reminders of the 2 vacancies will be posted on the web site.

As per the list included with the agenda.


There was no other business.



Thereafter, the following Tuesdays: 10th February 2004, 9th March 2004, 13th April 2004, 11th May 2004, 8thJune 2004.

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