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Community Council Meeting Minutes 2003



Nick Walker, Bill David, Ken Macdonald, Andrew Wilson, Brian Young, Betty McArthur, Robert Scarsbrook, Christine Scarsbrook, Millar Leon, Craig Crawford, Gordon Weir, Grace Weir, Rosee Macdonald, Amish Amin, Linda Smith, Norma David.


PC Graham Barclay, PC Tracey Knox-McLean, Margie Stewart, Joan Whyte, Jane Hayes, Agnes Crawford, Jeanette Fraser, Norma Walker, Irene Mactaggart.


Danny McAlister, David Bottomley, David McKie.


The Minutes of the 9.9.2003 meeting were accepted (prop. Robert Scarsbrook, sec. Rosee Macdonald).


PC Tracey Knox-McLean introduced herself and gave the crime figures for September: 3 crimes (all housebreakings) with one detection and good evidence on a second which should lead to a detection. Vandalism of fences at Kilnknowe Cottages and in the play park continue, but an episodic Police presence which will continue, may help the situation. Police attendance at the Guides has improved the disturbances caused by youths gathering outside the church hall.


The CC has two vacancies at present. The AGM called for nominations to be with Andrew Wilson by 31.10.2003.

Bill David announced his intention to stand down as Chairman, and Brian Young will likewise retire as vice-chairman. Nick Walker was nominated to be vice-chairman and chairman designate (Nom. Grace Weir, Sec. Norma David) and with no other nominations, he was elected. He will take over as vice-chair with immediate effect and Bill David will continue as Chairman for up to six months; at that time, nominations for a replacement vice-chair will be sought. The CC thanked Brian Young for his work as vice-chair. Becoming vice-chair, Nick Walker resigned as Minute Secretary and nominations were sought. Robert Scarsbrook was nominated (Nom. Norma David, Sec. Betty McArthur) and with no other nominations, he was elected.

Ken Macdonald indicated a willingness to continue as Treasurer and no other nominations were proposed. He will continue in office.

Andrew Wilson indicated that he would be unable to attend all meetings (or may attend late) due to an evening teaching commitment which sometimes clashes with the CC, but he was willing to continue as Correspondence Secretary, providing information through other office bearers when unable to attend in person. This was acceptable to the CC. No other nominations were proposed. He will continue in office.


Bill David, Brian Young, Andrew Wilson and Ken Macdonald.

Bowfield Way decking. No progress with removal; CC to seek update from Renfrewshire Council on time scale.

Pamandus. Cllr Green, Convenor of Renfrewshire Council’s Planning Committee, and John Smart, Head of Planning, met CC representatives to discuss this application and the concerns of local residents and the CC. Their view is generally in favour of the revised plans but they are aware of a range of issues which will be considered at the Planning Committee meeting on 21.10.2003. Planning Aid advised writing again in time for the Committee meeting to reinforce concerns. Cllr Nimmo is believed to be continuing to object also.

Main Street site adjacent to Railway Inn. This has been sold to Alan Gillespie. Renfrewshire Council is unable to give any further information, but guidance with the advertisement for the sale indicated that shops and flats would be considered appropriate. Rumours suggest that this is likely. Any development will have to go before the Planning Committee and will be discussed by the CC at that time.

Renfrewshire Council’s local plan. CC wrote to support Renfrewshire Council’s decision not to release further greenbelt land and not to remove nature conservation status from land in the Howwood area. There will be a formal hearing on this stage of the consultation in December.

Town Centre strategy consultation. This document requires a response. Anyone interested should contact Andrew Wilson before 27.10.2003.

Margaret Fraser Commemoration

Norma David, Linda Smith and Brian Young.

Linda Smith has spoken to the Fraser family but they have not yet decided what type of dedication and opening they would consider appropriate for the garden.

Calor Scottish Community of the Year Awards

Andrew Wilson, Betty McArthur and Bill David.

No news yet.


Speeding on Bowfield Road (both within and outwith the 30 mph area) have been surveyed by the Police’s Traffic Management Dept. Their findings suggest that there is no actual speeding but there may be a perception of excessive speed reflecting road conditions and hazards. Concerns along Midton Road continue too. There are also problems with car parking on Bowfield Road pavements blocking pedestrian access with prams, etc. In view of these ongoing issues, it was suggested that the Roads Dept of Renfrewshire Council and the Traffic Management Dept of Strathclyde Police be invited to attend the CC to discuss further.


Garden waste collection “brown bins.” Torbracken and Mayfield have these, but collections do not occur during the winter (November to February inclusive). CC to check when the remainder of Howwood will be included in this scheme.

Litter and dog fouling were raised as concerns again. CC to check when changes to the law on dog fouling come into effect. The CC was reminded that Renfrewshire Council’s Dog Warden, Michelle Knox, is able to be contacted at Council HQ (0141 840 3106). On litter, the CC was asked to consider ways of involving the village in improving behaviour of all residents, perhaps including the school. Millar Leon agreed to gather information on available resources such as Keep Scotland Tidy and similar campaigns. Ideas to next CC meeting.


There were varied opinions on the village Christmas tree ranging from not having one at all to making a ceremony of its installation and decoration. Thoughts and ideas for the next CC meeting.


Some information about notice boards has arrived and Andrew Wilson will seek further details on costs, etc. Please consider location, style, etc. for the next CC.


No report.

CORRESPONDENCE (as per list attached to agenda)

Scottish Water has not responded to the CC’s letters but a public meeting of the Customer Panel is scheduled for 7.30 pm on Tuesday 4.11.2003 at the Glynhill Hotel, Renfrew. As many CC members and others as possible should attend please; we have had concerns about Scottish Water’s tendency not to complete road works and about water quality in some parts of the village.

The Advice Works (Debt, etc. information and support) agency of Renfrewshire Council wishes to attend the CC to advertise their activities. CC agreed to invite them for early 2004.

Ardrossan CC has written to seek support for a demonstration at the Scottish Parliament on antisocial behaviour. CC interested to know more but without details, no opinion could be formed.

Village Design Statement

Andrew Wilson announced that the Royal Incorporation of Architects in Scotland has awarded £2344.51 for this project which aims to gather views on development in terms of housing, environment and other amenities through a comprehensive consultation process. With architectural and design input, a formal Village Design Statement will result which we hope will influence Renfrewshire Council when it considers applications to build or develop areas in and around Howwood. Andrew will set up a Project Group to lead this process including CC members and others.

Carsewood House

Cllr Nimmo reported to the last CC that Carsewood House was to be demolished, but this has not happened. It is rumoured that asbestos has caused the delay, and this must be dealt with before demolition can proceed.

Crime Prevention Board

Christine Scarsbrook has attended the Crime Prevention Board on the CC’s behalf for a year and has found it of little relevance to Howwood. She suggests no longer attending as the CC has excellent input from the Community Police already. CC agreed.

South Renfrewshire Access Network Initiative

Prior to the CC AGM which preceded this meeting, Zul Bhatia, John Hannah and John Collie presented the outline plan of SRANI, which proposes to seek funding to improve access to the Semple Loch, Lochwinnoch RSPB land and the surrounding area, particularly emphasising rail, cycle and pedestrian access. The CC and Howwood residents felt that linking Howwood safely to the cycle track at St Bryde’s Bridge and the Cartside right of way across Garthland Bridge would be valuable. Information is available at the RSPB and comments can be sent to Kate Cuthbert, Access Officer at Renfrewshire Council. CC representation is sought and the CC agreed this would be appropriate. Craig Crawford and Andrew Wilson agreed to consider the role.


TUESDAY 11 NOVEMBER 2003, 7.30 pm, Howwood Village Hall.

Thereafter, the following Tuesdays: 9 December 2003, 13 January 2004, 10 February, 9 March, 13 April, 11 May, 8 June.

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