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Community Council Meeting Minutes 2003



Robert Scarsbrook, Christine Scarsbrook, Betty McArthur, David McKie, Nick Walker, Amish Amin, Ken Macdonald, Danny McAlister, Norma David, Craig Crawford, David Bottomley, Millar Leon, Andrew Wilson


Joan Whyte, Jeanette Fraser, Cllr Alastair Nimmo, Graeme Brown, Norma Walker


Grace Weir, Gordon Weir, Bill David, Rosee Macdonald, Linda Smith


The Minutes of the 14.10.2003 meeting were adopted – Proposed, Norma David and Seconded, Ken Macdonald.

There were no matters arising.


No report

Broadband Internet Access
  • It is understood that BT have no plans to upgrade the Kilbarchan telephone exchange, to enable broadband Internet access, in the near future
  • Graeme Brown of Broadband CLAN gave a short presentation on wireless broadband via satellite. This group led the installation of wireless broadband within the Lochwinnoch community.
  • This system operates at 4 times the speed of BT broadband and approx. 40 times the speed of a normal dial up modem.
  • There would be a cost to the consumer of approx. £100 to £200 for the purchase of appropriate equipment on top of the monthly subscription rate. The Business Broadband Incentive can provide grants to businesses to assist in the costs of providing appropriate antennae and it is estimated that a take on rate of approx. 15 businesses and 25 residential properties would pay for the infrastructure costs.
  • Graeme stated in his presentation that his group could provide a consultancy service to the community to assist in the setting up of an Internet service.
  • More information on this subject can be accessed via the website.
  • The support of the community would be essential for this project to work and the Community Council require to ascertain the level of interest within the village – David McKie will lead this initiative on behalf of HCC.
Village Notice Board
  • Styles and prices have now been obtained – Approx. £825 to £860 plus installation.
  • Consensus to have a double size notice board sited outside the Village Hall where Renfrewshire Council could then be approached to take on the matter of installation and maintenance.
  • The content of the notice board and the matter of custodianship are to be further discussed at the next meeting.
Garden Waste Collection “Brown Bins”

Torbracken and Mayfield provided a pilot scheme and the roll out to the rest of the village is now subject to the provision of further funding.

Dog Fouling

Changes to the law on dog fouling have now been implemented and people can now be subject to on the spot fines.

South Renfrewshire Access Network Initiative

Comments and responses relating to the presentation given by SRANI at the last meeting have now been forwarded to them.

Further information will be made available in due course.

Outdoor Access Forum

This forum aims to consider all general principals regarding access in and around villages

Andrew Wilson will be the HCC representative on this forum

  • Millar Leon has, so far, contacted Keep Scotland Beautiful regarding ideas for an appropriate village campaign.
  • Posters etc. can be provided but any talks to schools etc. would normally be organised by the Local Council.
  • Renfrewshire Council have still to be contacted on this issue.
  • Any further ideas/comments to be provided at the next meeting of HCC.

There were only three responses from the village regarding this issue. Two responses were in favour of continuing to have a tree provided and one response was in the negative.

  • HCC will take no active measures to stop a tree being provided
  • HCC will contact Renfrewshire Council with a proposal to have the tree sited on the roof over the door of the Village Hall, perhaps also supplied with smaller decorative lights, in an effort to thwart any possible vandalism.
  • If a tree is not to be provided this year, HCC will investigate the possibility of decorative lights being provided and positioned around the roofline of the Village Hall instead.
Bowfield Road Pavement

HCC has been requested to contact Renfrewshire Council regarding the repair and general cleaning of the pavement.

David McKie will take this forward.

Former Beith Road @ Elliston Grill
  • A “Private Road” sign has now appeared at this site.
  • Questions are now being raised as to whether this is, in fact, a private road or not.
  • David McKie to pursue with Renfrewshire Council.
Home made decking sign

This sign has appeared on the road out of the village towards Johnstone.

Questions have been raised as to the authenticity of this sign and David McKie will raise the matter with Renfrewshire Council.

Community of the Year Awards

No report

Village Design Plan for Howwood

Andrew Wilson Leads this working group and attended a seminar regarding the aims of the Plan.

There will be difficulties in drawing up an appropriate questionnaire due to the complexities of issues for inclusion.

The next step is to arrange an evening for all the village organisations in order to ascertain their views and expectations followed by meetings with the various businesses in the village.

It is at this stage that a questionnaire will be attempted and the views and expectations of the local residents surveyed.

These activities will be ongoing through January/February 2004.


Pamandus – Despite various objections having been raised, this planning application has now been passed. HCC received thanks from residents nearby the development for its efforts on their behalf.

Margaret Fraser Commemoration

No report

“Grass Triangle” at Station Road / Main Street
  • Proposal handed to HCC providing an outline for selective improvements.
  • Approx. £12,000 of funding may be required.
  • Following later discussions on this subject, concerns were raised regarding a number of issues.
  • Thoughts to be discussed at next meeting of HCC at which time Councillor Nimmo will be asked for more details.
Carsewood House
  • Now demolished but plans for the future use of the grounds are presently in abeyance.
Bowfield Road
  • Appears now to be used as a short cut to Neilston thereby increasing volume of traffic.
  • Investigations are ongoing to find a way of making improvements.
Midton Road
  • Plans still underway regarding traffic calming issues.
  • These plans are expected to be available prior to April 2004.
Hill Road Access
  • Access here still difficult
  • Renfrewshire Council to approach householder re sale of part of their land to enable the access at Hill Road to be widened.
  • Another proposal could be to provide a slip road down onto Midton Road.
  • Any further ideas would be appreciated.
Bowfield Way Decking
  • An enforcement notice is due to be issued by end of this week if there is no response from the householder.
A737 Access
  • Responsibility for this access at Elliston lies with the Scottish Executive and AMEY.
  • Councillor Nimmo is to attend a meeting in the near future and will report back to HCC.
Crash Barriers at Station Road
  • There are still concerns over some safety issues.
  • Various proposals still being considered.
Main Street Site Adjacent to Railway Inn
  • There are still issues to be resolved between the Council Legal Department and Buyer and the sale of this site has not yet been concluded.
Mayfield Drive – Landscaping
  • It was intimated that a buyer may have approached householders with a view to buying the land in question.
  • More details to follow when available.
Young Persons Meeting
  • Councillor Nimmo will be meeting with 13 to 17 year olds on 24th November between 7pm and 8pm.
  • Meeting aims to gauge general concerns and possible requirements re facilities.
  • Rosee Macdonald to put notice in local paper.
Drinking Fountain
  • A request has been made to Renfrewshire Council to clean up the drinking fountain on the Main Road
  • No one seems to know where this fountain is situated. Could they be referring to the fountain which went missing some years ago from the Triangle?
  • Danny McAlister has undertaken to obtain more information.
  • There are still two vacancies to be filled on the committee but no nominations have been forthcoming to date.
  • It was agreed that the nomination period would be extended until the January 2004 meeting.
  • Notices will be displayed in the village, in local papers and on the website.

There was recently a meeting held by the Water Customer Consultation Panel which is an independent body who advocates on behalf of consumers.

Rosee Macdonald, Ken Macdonald and Nick Walker were the HCC representatives at this meeting

Issues discussed ranged over a variety of things such as: slow repair of leaks; the poor state of completion of road works; not replying to letters; etc.

A liaison officer has agreed to meet with HCC during the January 2004 meeting.


As per the list included with the agenda.


There was no other business.



Thereafter, the following Tuesdays: 13th January 2004, 10th February 2004, 9th March 2004, 13th April 2004, 11th May 2004, 8thJune 2004.

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