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Community Council Meeting Minutes 2003



Robert Scarsbrook, Nick Walker, David Bottomley, David McKie, Tom Currie, Evelyn Currie, Brian Young, Linda Smith, Norma David, Bill David, Ken Macdonald, Rosee Macdonald, Grace Weir, Gordon Weir, Craig Crawford, Millar Leon, Amish Amin.


Christine Scarsbrook, Andrew Wilson, Alastair Nimmo.


The Minutes of the 14.01.2003 meeting were accepted (prop. Norma David , sec. Ken Macdonald).


None available.



Scottish Evening

Bill David, Brian Young, Andrew Wilson, Amish Amin, Linda Smith, Craig Crawford.

Various acts are confirmed and the Hall is booked for 22.2.2003. Cllr Nimmo, Supt Clark and the Minister have accepted invitations but the Priest is unable to attend. Tickets are 75p. The doors open at 7.00 pm for a 7.30 pm start. The Hall will be open to set up from 6.30 pm. Volunteers were sought for the evening.


Bill David, Brian Young, Andrew Wilson and Ken Macdonald.

Main Street site. Thank you to everyone who wrote to Renfrewshire Council about this issue. The Council has turned down both tenders but the Planning Department will give clearer guidance and tenders will reopen in the spring. With regard to hot food takeaway, Planning has indicated that permission is unlikely outside designated town and secondary centres.

Field between Kilnknowe and Beith Road cottages. Bryant Homes proposes to develop this field and has sought a meeting with the CC to discuss their ideas. Invite them to March CC meeting.

Beith Road south between George Street and the Manse. A third house is being built. CC wishes to clarify that planning permission was sought for this.

2003 Fete

David Bottomley, David McKie, Rosee Macdonald and Amish Amin.

Fete and Dance on 21.6.2003. Local businesses and organisations and larger businesses in the surrounding area are being contacted seeking input and local interest will be gauged. Plan A is to have a week’s programme with the CC providing the advertising and the Fete and Dance; other events put on by other groups and businesses. Plan B is to revert to the Fete and Dance only. Bill David will check the booking of the school and grounds.

Margaret Fraser Commemoration

Norma David, Linda Smith and Brian Young.

The Howwood Playground Project has kindly offered to contribute from their next fund-raiser. They will be asked not to advertise this aspect of the event in line with the Fraser family request for a low key approach. The working group agreed to check on progress with groups around Howwood for the next CC.


David McKie complained that there is often no response from the Roads Dept when he passes on village concerns about roads and pavements. The school approach 20 mph signs are in place but some are obscured by trees or other signs. Other issues raised were: flooding at the triangle again as bad as ever; road surfaces for Elliston and Midton Roads; can the right of way from Elliston Place to the Kirk and Dunallister to Bowfield Road be upgraded to a formed path; water leakage and ice at the Elliston / Station Roads junction; the phasing of the traffic lights at Spateston by the schools; overgrown paths from Howwood Inn to Mayfield and George Street to Manse; beacons often blown away in Main Street. David agreed to pass on these details. Cllr Nimmo wants to know the three top roads issues. The first three on this list were agreed.


Cllr Nimmo would like to know what Station Avenue residents think of their view of the station as the Council is now thinking to plant in the area. Andrew Wilson to gather information.

Howwood Wildlife and Woodlands is having a fund-raising disco in the Hall on 15.2.2003. Negotiations continue on the future of the garage wilderness; anyone with suggestions for other conservation sites should contact the HWW Committee. A day trip is being planned to Ailsa Craig; more details will follow.

Village litter and dog fouling are issues again. CC to ask Alex Hewetson for assistance (eg skips, bags, gloves) to support a litter clearing weekend (maybe 5-6.4.2003) and for the Dog Warden to attend a CC meeting to discuss fouling.


The web site attracts more and more hits, but the bulletin board has had a few negative comments. David McKie will remove anything offensive and will keep count of the issues and sentiments raised for further discussion at the next CC. More content will always be welcome. It was pointed out that the CC minutes should go on line only after approval at the next meeting.


Cllr Nimmo reported that the Budget Committee meeting on 13.2.2003 will consider two porta-cabin rooms for Howwood School.

CORRESPONDENCE (as per list attached to agenda)
History of Howwood

John Anderson indicated that the History of Howwood idea is progressing well but he plans to call a public meeting and may seek CC funding for advertising and hall let to set up a constituted group to raise funds for publication. CC to write agreeing in principle but indicating requirement for formal request for financial support with details of amounts and purposes.

Yellow Pages consultation

The Yellow Pages plans to separate Glasgow-Lanarkshire-Renfrewshire-Inverclyde from the rest of the current Glasgow South directory, removing Ayrshire and everything further south. Agreed that CC respond North Ayrshire is more useful than Lanarkshire from Howwood’s perspective.


The Hall and the village may benefit from some small “cafe” style tables for social events in the Hall; CC to consider if this would be an appropriate use of funds. Ken Macdonald to look into costs.


No developments in terms of the Council library review planned for after the election in May. Evening visits of the mobile library are still desirable. The latest mobile library schedule to be obtained for the next CC.

Crime Prevention Panel

Robert and Christine Scarsbrook provided a written summary of the meeting (available from Andrew Wilson). UV markers and personal alarms are available at reduced rates through the Police; CC could consider buying some for local pensioners, etc. There is a mobile CCTV system being piloted at present which Howwood might try at some stage if there are difficulties with crime in specific areas.


TUESDAY 11 MARCH 2003, 7.30 pm, Howwood Village Hall

Then the following Tuesdays: 8 April; 13 May; 10 June.

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