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Community Council Meeting Minutes 2003



Nick Walker, Bill David, Brian Young, Christine Scarsbrook, Robert Scarsbrook, Ken Macdonald, Rosee Macdonald, Betty McArthur, Gordon Weir, Grace Weir, David McKie, Danny McAlister, Millar Leon, Craig Crawford, Andrew Wilson.


PC Colette Pryde, John Findlater, Norma Walker, Jeanette Fraser, Noreen Pollock, Gayle Pollock.


Amish Amin, Norma David, PC Graham Barclay.


The Minutes of the 13.05.2003 meeting were accepted (prop. Brian Young, sec. Robert Scarsbrook) with one amendment: that Craig Crawford had attended and ought to have been in the list of those present. Christine Scarsbrook still receives two copies of the minutes under separate cover, and Betty McArthur received none. Alex Hewetson to be informed.


Crime figures for May: a busy month with 1 car theft, 1 cycle theft, 5 thefts by housebreaking, 2 road traffic offences and 1 assault with intent (referring to the attempted armed hold-up at Fred Storrie’s shop). There has been a lot of Police activity around Howwood in response to this crime-wave and three people are in custody relating to the majority of the crimes reported. Some residents have been worried by the increase in criminal activity and PC Pryde indicated that she and PC Barclay would be happy to visit concerned residents to provide reassurance, etc.


Evelyn Currie and Tom Currie have tendered their resignations from the CC due to other commitments. The CC thanked them for their input over a number of years.


The CC agreed that Howwood should enter these awards as comprehensively as possible and noted that we won the community internet section in 2002 despite having less than one week to complete our entry. This year a more studied entry will be possible and a working group was agreed to coordinate the entry, taking account of various village organisations, etc. which could contribute in the categories (environment, local business, young people, older people, community life and the internet). The working group comprises Andrew Wilson, Betty McArthur and Bill David.


Bill David, Brian Young, Andrew Wilson and Ken Macdonald.

Main Street site, Pamandus, Field between Beith and Midton Roads. No news.

Bowfield Way decking. An appeal has been entered, and the CC should have an opportunity to be heard again. The time-scale is unclear. Another house in Bowfield Way is now erecting a deck without planning permission and Renfrewshire Council is looking into this.

Howwood Primary School. Planning permission is sought for the two “portakabin” classrooms which the CC had previously been informed were proposed to allow pupil numbers to expand. The CC has no objection and welcomes appropriate development of the school.

Renfrewshire Council’s proposals for development on the Clyde between Renfrew and Braehead are available for anyone interested in seeing what is proposed.

Local planning guidance. The Royal Incorporation of Architects in Scotland Millennium Awards offer villages with housing development potential to gain funding for the creation of guidance for their area (including for example planning gain ideas, restrictions on areas to develop or styles of development) which may be ratified by Councils; if this happens, the development plan would be taken into account whenever a planning application was considered.

This has the potential to influence housing developments in distinct areas such as Howwood, and the CC agreed that the Planning Working Group should seek more information to inform a decision on whether the CC should apply for the programme.

2003 Fete 21.6.03

David Bottomley, David McKie, Rosee Macdonald and Amish Amin.

The schedule has been distributed around the village. Raffle prizes and as many volunteers as possible are needed to help with setting up, running and dismantling the fete. Please also sell as many raffle tickets as possible, especially at the week’s non-CC events; and sell dance tickets.

Margaret Fraser Commemoration
  • Norma David, Linda Smith and Brian Young.
  • Howwood Playground Project has donated to the fund.

There is no word yet on how speeding will be addressed in Midton Road, and since the recent gas and telephone work there, flooding has been a problem. There is also a large hole near the entrance to the play park. The drains at the triangle have been sorted out again and so far no further flooding has occurred. The Bowfield Road hairpin bend pavement fencing is damaged and causing concern for safe use of both the road and the pavement. Elliston Road and Elliston Place surfaces continue to cause concern, as does the ongoing water leak at the Station / Elliston Roads junction. All concerns to be raised with Renfrewshire Council (and Scottish Water, as appropriate).

There is a community road safety initiative which aims to involve local communities in developing strategies to improve road safety. This may be of relevance to the speeding problem in Midton Road. Other areas in central Howwood like Main Street and Station Road may also benefit. Further information to be sought.


Renfrewshire Council has agreed to consider options to address vandalism around the Pavilion.


The web site remains busy. News of local communities organising broadband access was raised in a letter from Jim Mitchell, and David McKie agreed to look into this although it tends to be expensive.


None available.

CORRESPONDENCE (as per list attached to agenda)

The RCVS AGM was on 9.6.2003 and Betty McArthur reported that it had been aimed primarily at Voluntary Organisations with information about a meeting to inform about sources of funding which may be of value to groups such as the Howwood Playground Project and the Sports & Hobbies Group.

Late items of correspondence included a letter from the Kirk requesting financial support for their summer school holiday club. The CC has supported this in previous years and a £150 donation was agreed. The Sports & Hobbies Group wrote requesting financial support to cover their costs in putting on the family barbecue during fete week. It had been agreed and made clear previously that the CC would advertise the week’s events but would only put on the fete itself and the dance. CC funding for other groups’ fund-raising activities was not agreed. The request was therefore declined.


There has been a complaint about “fly-tipping” on farm land beyond Bowfield. CC members were asked to remain vigilant and report any such activity.


TUESDAY 9 SEPTEMBER 2003, 7.30 pm, Howwood Village Hall.

The Annual General Meeting is on Tuesday 14 October 2003 at 7.30 pm.

Thereafter, the following Tuesdays: 11 November, 9 December, 13 January 2004, 10 February, 9 March, 13 April, 11 May, 8 June.


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