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Community Council Meeting Minutes 2002



Ken Macdonald, Rosee Macdonald, Jean Mitchell, John Anderson, Gordon Weir, Robert Scarsbrook, Brian Young, Bill David, Nick Walker, Andrew Wilson, Millar Leon, David McKie, Tom Currie.


Norma David, Craig Crawford.


David Bottomley, Grace Weir, Evelyn Currie, Linda Smith, Alastair Nimmo, Christine Scarsbrook.


The Minutes of the 12.3.2002 meeting were accepted (pro. Gordon Weir, sec. Robert Scarsbrook) with one alteration, Tom Currie was “present” rather than “in attendance” at that meeting.


In P.C. Russell’s absence there was no report and no issues were raised to be passed on to him.


Nothing other than issues covered elsewhere in the meeting. Concern was raised that some matters from the minutes did not appear on the agenda leaving uncertainty about whether there would be updates on progress. Some issues would be covered under correspondence. Further discussion about the agenda was deferred to item 10 below.

COUNCILLOR’S REPORT (Given by Bill David in Councillor Nimmo’s absence)

St Bryde’s Bridge is due to reopen soon, widened as well as reinforced. It will no longer be single-track. One mile of Bridesmill Road (the back road to Lochwinnoch) is to be resurfaced soon, and further work will be done at the triangle to address the repeated flooding.

Hall Hire

Councillor Nimmo supports the idea of reduced rates for hire of rooms within the Hall when other rooms are already let. Discussion identified potential conflicts about one group effectively subsidising another, and it was agreed that all users be encouraged to write to Renfrewshire Council supporting a change of policy aiming to allow each user a small reduction when multiple rooms are booked by multiple users. Andrew Wilson will write in support from the Community Council.

Bowfield Road path and Glen Falls

Councillor Nimmo and Planning Department officials are meeting the Developers of the new houses to discuss this area and the altered water run-off since the new houses began.


This event was a success and received positive feedback from the Senior Citizens who attended and from the Howwood Princess, the Howwood Prince and the Princess’ Lady-in-waiting who helped on the night. Thanks to all who gave donations and/or time. The net cost of the evening (with 45 guests, catering for 60) to the Community Council was £295.02. It was noted that supplies for the numbers attending were almost ideal; for the future, budget for Haggis 8 tins, potatoes 18 kg, turnips 12 kg.


The revised Constitution of the new Community Council was circulated at the March 2002 meeting, but discussion was postponed. It was agreed that the changes we had requested were accepted for the most part by Renfrewshire Council. The Constitution was formally adopted (prop. Ken Macdonald, sec. Bill David). Andrew Wilson will return the adoption paper to Alex Hewetson.

CORRESPONDENCE (See separate correspondence list with agenda)
Computer training

Andrew Wilson and Ken Macdonald agreed to attend, and we agreed to accept Renfrewshire Council’s offer of a computer and associated paraphernalia.


Renfrewshire Council is willing to provide glass, aluminium and paper recycling receptacles if we identify a site. House to house collection for recycling is a possibility but will depend on further specific funding. Concerns were raised over litter, noise and the size of bins. It was agreed that Andrew Wilson would write to Renfrewshire Council requesting the Recycling Officer attend the Community Council to enhance our mutual understanding of the issues and possible solutions.

Water supply

Waterlink indicated that the amalgamation of the Scottish water authorities made it difficult to address problems at present, but they plan to involve Community Councils more. Andrew Wilson will write again asking a representative to attend the Community Council as soon as possible.


The Playgroup requests £300 to replace some of their equipment. We usually give a small donation each year. It was agreed to donate £200 as a single payment for 2002. We will also advise them to consider Awards for All and other grant-making bodies for further funding.

Survey for school places

Returns from 49 households revealed demand for primary school places starting 2003, 15; 2004, 9; 2005, 12; 2006, 4; 2007, 4. This was a good response giving useful guidance about demand.

Suggestion box

There was one card, requesting a teenage café and drop-in centre in Howwood.


Nick Walker reported that the group has made good progress looking for sources of funding, completing its constitution and planning to apply for charitable status as soon as possible. Anyone with information about the old public park or the history of park and play areas in the Howwood should contact the group (through Andrew Wilson) if they wish to pass on this information.

History of Howwood

John Anderson, Danny McAlister and Terry Higgins met recently and they seek more information, photos, etc. from any source. They would like to receive a “release” (for copyright purposes) with any pictures. The Library has been helpful with advice and would probably provide an archive for materials so that access can be provided in the future. John Anderson envisages charges for copying, etc. becoming an issue in the future.


The final draft newsletter is ready. We need 750 to 800 copies. Bill David will ask Alastair Nimmo and Alex Hewetson if Renfrewshire Council would provide printing/copying, otherwise he will instruct a commercial printer who has quoted £100 for a black and white production.

Web site

David McKie reported slow progress. E-mailing items to be included in the standard form Howwood Community site seems too slow to be of value; a dedicated domain name for the Community Council would provide us with more direct control, similar to Howwood Wildlife and Woodlands. Bill David will ask Alex Hewetson if Renfrewshire Council can expedite the response of Community site. A decision will be taken at the next Community Council meeting about whether to purchase a dedicated domain name (cost £10 for 2 years).

Sports & Hobbies Group

John Anderson reported there had been a 2 week break over Easter. Lottery grant funding is being sought. Attendance remains high.


Recent meetings have been busy with many issues related to the change in community councils and a large amount of correspondence. Bill David proposed 2 things: one, that the the secretarial duties be split into Correspondence Secretary and Minute Secretary; the other, that the Community Council executive prioritise issues and limit the agenda of each meeting to 5 key items aiming to complete each piece of work (or acknowledge a failure to progress) before embarking on another. There would also be a “waiting list” for other items to move onto the main agenda. Prioritisation would change at the Executive’s discretion as urgent issues, time scales and so on dictated. There was a brief discussion and these proposals were agreed; the new system will be reviewed at the end of the calendar year.

Andrew Wilson agreed to remain Secretary for Correspondence.

Nick Walker was elected Minute Secretary unopposed.

The five headline agenda items for the next meeting were identified as: water quality, road surfaces and flooding, recycling, web site, and library services. The waiting items were: primary school, Carsewood House, community council computers and IT, and environmental issues (landscaping, cleanliness, etc.).


Following the 2001 fête, it was agreed that the Community Council had taken on too many tasks for the amount of help available; a reduced programme was envisaged for 2002. This could include a fête day, a dance and one other event. Other events in the village would be encouraged and could be included in Community Council advertising but would not be organised by the Community Council.

Now, the Kirk and the Primary School have approached the Community Council asking if we wish to organise an event to coincide with their Golden Jubilee celebrations for the Queen. The Kirk is having a joint celebration with other churches at the Collegiate Church (by the cycle path on the way to Lochwinnoch) on Sunday 9.6.2002. The School is having a “period” dress event on Friday 7.6.2002. It was agreed to have a Jubilee Family Fun Day & Fête on Saturday 8.6.2002. A dance may be arranged for the Village Hall on 15.6.2002, and the History of Howwood presentation could be held mid-week.

Brian Young, Jean Mitchell, Rosee Macdonald, Bill David and David McKie agreed to form a Fun Day & Fête Working Group; Craig Crawford offered to join on a “stand-by” basis.


There were 2 vacancies on the Community Council and it was agreed to fill them by co-option of people who withdrew to prevent an election in the reorganisation. Jim Mitchell has indicated that he is too busy to be involved at present. Christine Scarsbrook is happy to attend in a non-voting capacity. Norma David and Craig Crawford were co-opted onto the Community Council as full members. Andrew Wilson will forward their co-option forms to Alex Hewetson.



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