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Community Council Meeting Minutes 2002



Bill David, Andrew Wilson, Nick Walker, Tom Currie, Rosee Macdonald, Ken Macdonald, David Bottomley, Gordon Weir, Grace Weir, Robert Scarsbrook, Brian Young, David McKie, Susanne O'Brien, John Anderson, Danny McAllister.


Cllr Alistair Nimmo, Stuart Russell (Strathclyde Police), Norma David, Christine Scarsbrook.


Jean Mitchell, Evelyn Currie, Linda Smith.


For December 2001, 15 offences were reported in the L&H Ward, but only one (theft by house-breaking) was in Howwood. Of the others, 7 were in Lochwinnoch and 7 were Lochwinnoch area Road Traffic offences.

Stuart Russell mentioned that the theft of farm "quad-bikes" was increasing, and that local farmers should be aware.

David Bottomley asked whether figures for crimes showed any reduction; Stewart replied that they show an increase of 40 (11%) to 400 for the year 2001 for the ward, independently of road traffic offences.


Budget. The new budgets will be settled in March, so there is little to report from Council.

Roads. Station Road and Station Avenue and the Mayfields will be next roads for repair, hopefully followed by Hallside Street. Bill David asked about flooding at the triangle, but Alistair understood there had not been a problem since the road repairs were done there.

Play park. Marie Phillips and another mother had discussed the play park condition at the July 2001 CC and separately with Alistair. CC agreed to provide support to their bid to upgrade the area. Following their petition in the village, Alistair had asked the Council Works Department to develop and cost proposals to move the play-park up to where the Old Tennis Court is at the side of the pavilion including re-provision of equipment and installation. The estimated cost is £59,000! Alistair passed the papers, including information on available grants (grants from the Landfill Tax may be particularly useful) to Andrew Wilson. Andrew agreed to contact Marie to bring forward the setting up of a Play Park Committee to include CC representation (as agreed at the November 2001 CC). It was suggested that the property developer building the new houses on Bowfield Road may be willing to contribute. The Council may contribute some funds and would provide support in kind (eg doing some of the work). Alistair confirmed that the Council would maintain the play-area once it had been built.

Lunches for the Elderly. Alistair reported that the lunches for the elderly on Mondays (followed by Bingo) and Tuesdays (followed by carpet bowls) were going well; there had been a Christmas lunch and two bus runs. These events are self-financing.


There was one correction to the AGM minutes: there were two references to the Fete day and only one was necessary. There were two matter arising: flooding at the triangle, concern was again expressed that it was a problem of inadequate drainage, and that nothing had been done about this. Secondly, concern persists about the lack of traffic calming measures in the village. The AGM minutes were the proposed by Ken Macdonald and seconded by Bill David.

The minutes of the joint meeting December 2001 (old CC AGM & new CC inaugural meeting) were proposed by Brian Young and seconded by Gordon Weir. There then followed a discussion on whether the meeting had been properly convened; most people felt it had been.


Howwood was the only CC with more nominations than places. The minimum is 7, the maximum 21. It was noted that some nominees stood down to avoid an election. Para. 10 of the Scheme for CCs allows us to seek amendment to the constitution, membership and quorum, as benefits local circumstances. Para. 3c of the new Constitution supports this local flexibility. On this basis, we agreed to co-opt the four people who withdrew their nominations (Jim Mitchell, Craig Crawford, Norma David & Christine Scarsbrook) and raise our maximum membership. This would make the CC more representative as Jim Mitchell is from the Sports & Hobbies group, Craig Crawford from the church. Letter to be sent to the Council CC Liaison Officer, Alex Hewetson and Head of Administrative Services, Paul Gannon stating our intention.

The subject of CC members being effective was raised by the chairman, with specific mention of 6b of the old CC constitution under which any member not present or not sending apologies for non attendance, for 4 consecutive meetings may forfeit their membership. After some discussion it was felt that this provision should be added to the new CC Constitution but such a person should be approached for an explanation before any decision be taken as to whether they continue as a member.

Draft Constitution to be drawn up soon and sent to Paul Gannon and Alex Hewetson for approval. They will also be invited to the February CC meeting.

Questions were asked about who will pay for Hall lets for any sub-committee meetings of the CC. Problems were not anticipated since they may be held in other venues and CC meetings are subsidised by the Council.

There was also a discussion about the antique table and chairs which belong to the CC but are kept in the Kirk, and who would be liable if they were stolen or damaged. Generally the meeting seemed content that the Kirk was a good custodian, and that office bearers of the CC would not be held personally liable for these assets.


Ken Macdonald (as Hon. Treasurer) had not had time to study the new financial rules and cashbook, but will report at the next meeting. Meanwhile copies were left with other office bearers, for their reference, and Ken produced a draft of the layout he intends to use.


Discussion took place on the aims of the CC, what its remit was, who exactly did we represent, what was our vision, how would we have better links with more people in the village. The following came out of the discussion.

  • Upgrading of the Public Park. Andrew to contact Marie Phillips and report back on the setting up of a specific committee (see above).
  • Public involvement. There will be a newsletter: Rosee, David B and David McK and Grace to confer. Rosee apologised for the lack on notice of CC meetings in the Gazette; it would have appeared but the Gazette's e-mail was not working. Hereafter notices about CC meetings to go in the Gazette, and on the notice board in the Hall, the Post Office and Fred's Shop, with copies of the minutes for people to consult in the first two venues.
  • Fete. Details to be arranged in spring.
  • Scottish Night. See below.
  • History of Howwood was proposed: especially as John Gray in the village had such a fine collection of slides and stories about the village. Danny to ask John if he would give another slide show and talk; and a booklet or permanent record of village life would be considered in the future.
  • Village in Bloom: perhaps Howwood could be entered in the future. Craig Crawford to be asked for further information.

Date is Saturday 16 March, but some flexibility to be allowed so concert could be built around availability of those providing entertainment. Bill has been in touch with several of the acts; a variety of short acts was suggested rather than a few long ones. Bill David, Robert Scarsbrook, Brian Young and Andrew Wilson agreed to bring proposals to the next meeting.


Web Site. David McKie reported that there had been poor response form the communities internet representative. However as they are meeting the Woodlands Committee tomorrow David would join that meeting and report back to the next CC.

Funds set aside for Hall. Not discussed, further information required from old minutes.

Sports & Hobbies Group. Disco had gone very well, and various activities continuing. Craft Fair had been poorly attended, thanks to Fiona for organising it.

Community Woodland Group. Not a lot of change since newsletter went out to advertise the Public Meeting on Tuesday 29 January. Meeting of the Management Committee on 09.1.2002 to plan the public meeting. The group may change its name and formalise its membership as part of its plan to broaden its scope. The new owner of Midton wood has been contacted, but there has been no meeting with him yet to discuss managing the wood.

Badminton Group now meeting every Monday at 7.30 pm; more players needed, all welcome.


Tuesday 12 February 2002 at 7.30 pm in the Howwood Community Hall.


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