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Community Council Meeting Minutes 2002



Nick Walker, Brian Young, David McKie, Rosee Macdonald, David Bottomley, Craig Crawford, Evelyn Currie, Tom Currie, Norma David, Ken Macdonald, Andrew Wilson, Robert Scarsbrook, Christine Scarsbrook, Gordon Weir, Grace Weir, Millar Leon.


Amish Amin.


Bill David, Linda Smith, Danny McAlister.


The Minutes of the 10.9.2002 meeting were accepted (prop. Norma David, sec. Robert Scarsbrook).


In PC Russell’s absence, there was no report. Figures for June and September will be requested together with those for October at the November CC meeting.

Crime Prevention Board

Evelyn Currie raised the Crime Prevention Board item to indicate that she had not been CC Representative but simply received correspondence as a hangover from her time as CC Secretary. Clarification on CC representation on the Crime Prevention Board has not yet been received and a further request for information will be made.

Electoral Boundaries

The public meeting heard a variety of concerns but there was little focus on the place of the Renfrewshire villages in the redrawing of the boundaries. No decision will be made until the Boundary Commission has considered the submissions and consultations in detail for all of Scotland.

CC Membership

As discussed at the Annual General Meeting, the maximum membership of the CC is 21, but there are currently 2 vacancies. These will be advertised, seeking expressions of interest and nomination to Andrew Wilson, with a deadline of 31.10.2002.

Margaret Fraser Commemoration

Norma David, Linda Smith and Brian Young. Ken Fraser and family have been contacted and they are happy for public contributions to the school garden memorial for Margaret, but they wish it to be low key. Howwood Primary School Principal is writing to all parents and a similar letter will be circulated by CC to the churches, Post Office, etc. over the next few weeks. Donations may be made at the Kirk, the Chapel or the PO.

2003 Fete

The 2002 Fete was a financial success but it was a considerable amount of work for a small number of people. As discussed each year, there was thought to reducing the number of activities but in the end the CC put on too many events for the number of CC members and others available to help. A popular suggestion now is to aim at having only the Fete itself and a dance, perhaps seeking sponsorship from local businesses rather than expecting them to put on separate events. It was agreed to set up a working group to begin planning the Fete itself, probably to be held on 21.6.2003. On the day, at least 15 volunteers will be required! David Bottomley, David McKie, Rosee Macdonald and Amish Amin volunteered.


Bill David, Brian Young, Andrew Wilson and Ken Macdonald. The working group has agreed to keep a constant check on planning applications in Howwood, and will seek further information (and possibly enter formal objections) for retrospective applications and applications for new housing and major extensions. Further information will not normally be sought on applications for relatively minor work such as conservatories and garages. Concerns raised by residents on specific planning issues will be investigated, but the CC will avoid being drawn into disputes between neighbours where there is no significant formal planning issue involved. Timing in planning considerations is limited, making discussion at a full CC meeting impractical in many cases, but major issues will be brought to the full CC where appropriate. To raise concerns, contact any member of the WG directly or via the CC pages on the village web site,

Current applications of relevance are a new house at Mid Risk Farm, and retrospective permission for the decking at 33 Bowfield Way discussed at the at CC meeting. Information has been requested on both and an objection has been lodged on the latter though no hearing diet has yet been notified.


The Bowfield Road traffic calming which had caused concern has been removed, and resurfacing is underway in Station Road and Main Street, as is hedge cutting in various sites around the village. A red baize strip at the school crossing and general resurfacing in Bowfield Road are still to be done. Surfacing in Elliston Road and Elliston Place, and potholes in Midton Road were raised as items requiring attention.


Bill David and Nick Walker responded to the Draft Area Waste Plan consultation on behalf of the CC. The internet response system did not allow a copy of the response to be retained. In summary, we indicated that the overall the plan is welcomed in that it aims to reduce landfill and increase recycling, composting, etc., but it is limited in that it gives no clear indication of how these changes will be implemented or funded. The CC’s concerns about recycling centres and vandalism were identified together with the view that kerbside collections are most likely to be effective in encouraging people to change their waste management practices. The lack of identified resources was highlighted as a major weakness of the plan.

Howwood Wildlife and Woodlands informed the CC of plans to clean up the wilderness area adjacent to the garage opposite the Howwood Inn. The plan will include replanting with deciduous trees and adding bulbs in a year or so.


Again, there has been no response from Renfrewshire Council to the CC’s request for information on the libraries review we were informed of over 12 months ago. CC will continue to pursue.


In Cllr Nimmo’s absence, no report was available.

CORRESPONDENCE (as per list attached to agenda)
Public Transport questionnaire

Strathclyde Passenger Transport seeks information from the public on transport availability, etc. Andrew Wilson and Craig Crawford to respond on CC behalf.

Conference on the Community Plan

Renfrewshire Council plans to update and consult the public on the Community Plan at a conference on 7.11.2002. Anyone interested in attending, contact Andrew Wilson or Bill David.

Renfrewshire Council on Voluntary Services local register

RCVS maintains a register of local organisations including Community Councils, and seeks the CC’s opinion on whether to be included; if so, there is a Data Protection consent to be completed. CC agreed to be included on register given that office bearers details are already listed on the Renfrewshire Council CCs web site.

Rubbish bins

One card in the PO comments box suggested that more rubbish bins should be placed around the village especially between the Kirk and the Semple View estate along Beith Road.


TUESDAY 12 NOVEMBER 2002, 7.30 pm, Howwood Village Hall followed by Tuesday 10 December.

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