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Community Council Meeting Minutes 2002



Nick Walker, Brian Young, Rosee Macdonald, Norma David, Ken Macdonald, Robert Scarsbrook, Christine Scarsbrook, Grace Weir, Millar Leon, Amish Amin.


Stuart Russell, Alistair Campbell, Margie Stewart.


David McKie, David Bottomley, Andrew Wilson, Gordon Weir, Bill David, Linda Smith, Danny McAlister, Alastair Nimmo.


The Minutes of the 1.10.2002 meeting were accepted (prop. Norma David, sec. Robert Scarsbrook). The Minutes of the AGM (also 1.10.2002) were agreed but will be considered formally at the 2003 AGM.


For September, 6 crimes reported (including 1 assault and 1 road traffic) and 3 detected; for October, 6 crimes reported (including 1 road traffic), 1 detected. Figures for June are still outstanding.

PC Russell reported a manual speed survey in Bowfield Road found an average speed of 28 mph, but the range and appropriateness of speeds was not known despite the apparent lawfulness of the average. There will be occasional monitoring in future.

Crime Prevention Board

The contact for this is PC Brian Smith, Linwood Police Office. The next meeting is 14.1.2003, and a CC representative will be invited. Anyone interested in this role, please indicate for next CC meeting.

CC Membership

One nomination was received and Amish Amin was duly elected. This leaves one vacancy. It was also noted that Danny McAlister and Evelyn Currie have missed 6 meetings over the past 12 months; Millar Leon agreed to discuss their ongoing CC membership with them individually. Christine Scarsbrook indicated that she has not received minutes since joining the CC; Alex Hewetson to be informed.

Margaret Fraser Commemoration

Norma David, Linda Smith and Brian Young. Norma has a letter from Howwood Primary School and will modify it for the churches to distribute. Donations may be made at the churches or PO. The official dedication of the Memorial Garden is planned for August 2003.

2003 Fete (21.6.2003?)

David Bottomley, David McKie, Rosee Macdonald and Amish Amin. Meeting before next CC.


Bill David, Brian Young, Andrew Wilson and Ken Macdonald. Three items arise.

  • Cllr Nimmo reports that the Roads Dept objected to Council plans to sell the Carsewood House site for housing on the grounds of traffic congestion. It is unclear what will happen next.
  • Renfrewshire Council has put up for sale a property in Main Street between the Railway Inn and the former shop (“the pub car park”). The closing date for tenders is 5.12.2002.
  • The decking in Bowfield Way was to be considered at the Council Planning Committee on 5.11.2002. The outcome of the meeting is unknown; CC to request info. on outcome.

    INFO. OBTAINED AFTER CC MEETING: The report from officials to the Committee advised refusing permission for the decking but granting permission for fencing which was in the same application.


Cllr Nimmo had indicated that the Roads Dept plans to install 20 mph signs around the route to school. The proposal was discussed and agreed but CC will write to suggest that the signpost for Hill Road be placed in Bowfield Road facing up hill at the Hill Road corner in the hope that it might slow traffic in Bowfield Road as well as Hill Road. Alistair Campbell indicated that the Bowfield Country Club encourages members to take care on Bowfield Road, and that the recent removal of the traffic calming devices has led to an improvement in traffic flow.

CC will notify the following problems: large crack in telecom cover on pavement outside Hall, on corner of Station Road and Hallside Street; flooding in Main Street between Garage and Bowfield Road junction opposite Ivy Cottage.


Renfrewshire Council has done some work on the wilderness area adjacent to the garage opposite the Howwood Inn. Howwood Wildlife and Woodlands was planning to develop the site and will be in contact with the Council about their plans. The autumn edition of WildWood, the HWW Newsletter, is being distributed around the village this month.


There is still no word on this issue, and it will move to the reserve agenda. CC will continue to pursue.


Cllr Nimmo indicated the Education Dept has assured him Howwood children will get places at Howwood Primary School, but over what time period this assurance applies is not clear.

CORRESPONDENCE (as per list attached to agenda)
World Development Movement

To engage the community in world issues, the World Development Movement has funding for local consultation, etc. and Renfrewshire is a target area. There is a meeting in Paisley on 27.11.2002. Anyone interested in attending may get details from Andrew Wilson (tel. 702 392).

Renfrewshire Addiction Forum

This group now includes a Communities subgroup, and is keen to have CC representation. CC has requested minutes of the most recent meeting and further information. Anyone interested in this role, please indicate for next CC meeting.


The final draft was agreed and Rosee Macdonald will forward to David McKie for inclusion on the web site and Andrew Wilson to organise printing with Renfrewshire Council as per previous correspondence. Rosee was thanked for her work.

Community of the Year

The HCC web site has reached the last stage of this competition. David McKie and Andrew Wilson will attend the awards final.


TUESDAY 10 DECEMBER 2002, 7.30 pm, Howwood Village Hall.

For 2003, the following Tuesdays: 14 January; 11 February; 11 March; 8 April; 13 May; 10 June.


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