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Community Council Meeting Minutes 2002



David Bottomley, Rosee Macdonald, John Anderson, Gordon Weir, Grace Weir, Linda Smith, Robert Scarsbrook, Brian Young, Bill David, Andrew Wilson, Danny McAlister, Evelyn Currie.


Stuart Russell, Norma David, Marie Phillips, Fergie Phillips, Tom Currie, Craig Crawford, Alastair Nimmo.


David McKie, Ken Macdonald, Nick Walker.


The Minutes of the 8.1.2002 meeting were accepted (pro. Linda Smith, sec. Robert Scarsbrook) after correction was made that Norma was not actually a CC representative on the prospective Play Park Committee. Matters arising would be covered in the Agenda of this meeting.


P.C. Russell apologised for his absence at the last meeting. He reported that in January there had been one theft by house-breaking, one house-breaking with intent, one car broken into, and one reported incident of vandalism; 5 crimes in total with no detections. The comparable figure for last year was 6 crimes with one detection. In February there had been one theft by house-breaking and one breach of the peace, with one detection; last February there had been 6 crimes reported with no detections.

Questions were rasied with Stuart about the Traffic calming measures in Bowfield Road. Some members were concerned that an accident was inevitable because of the priority given to traffic coming up hill, and the number of parked cars; other members thought the measures introduced were only formalising what already happens and were therefore not a greater risk It was agreed to monitor the situation, and Stuart will speak to the Lolly-Pop Lady (Lindsay Chalmers), to seek her opinion on how child safety is affected. Secretary to write to Scott Allen, Renfrewshire Council Transport, expressing the CC’s concern that traffic coming downhill does not get adequate warning of traffic calming ahead; and to ask if the Council is planning any other traffic control measures for Howwood.


Alastair apologised for missing the previous meeting, and distributed a written report to all present.

  • Village School: there are 19 children waiting to start at the school, and only 13 places. They will however all be accommodated by increasing the P1 classes to 28, bringing the school role to over 100. There are at present 14 pupils attending Howwood Primary from Johnstone. Alastair noted the concern that Howwood parents may not be able to get places for their children in Howwood Primary, but reported that George Smart, Renfrewshire Council Education Departemtn is to investigate; information will be available for parents well before the 2003 intake.
  • Carsewood House: Alastair reported that Renfrewshire Council is negotiating the sale of the Carsewood House site and an adjacent piece of land (beside the school) to a developer. Concerns were raised about the risk of increased traffic on Bowfield Road and other roads in the vicinity. Secretary to write to Paul Gannon Renfreshire Council Corporate Services expressing these concerns.
  • Police Crime Figures: Alastair produced figures which can be inspected along with the correspondence (see below).
  • Roads & Pavements: Alastair had responded promptly to letter from the CC, again letter can be inspected with correspondence.
  • Howwood Wildlife & Woodlands: It was suggested that this group might take on semi-derilict areas in the village. Secretary to write to HWW with this suggestion and to offer CC support.
  • Area of Land at Garage: Ownership of this land was discussed and Alastair suggested a property search at the Mitchell Library.
  • Right of Way Bowfield Road to Beith Road opposite Kirk. This is now virtually impassable and one of the old houses is being flooded by water from the new development.
  • Landscaping between Mayfield and Main Street: This work still remains to be done.

To be discussed at the April meeting; copies of proposed new Constitution handed out.


Letters sent regarding the Orange Mast (no reply), Primary School role (being looked into), Water Quality in Howwood (no reply), Maximum membership of CC, Flooding & Road Repairs (replied to), reply to NFUS letter, invitations to the Scottish Evening. Letters to be sent to those who have not yet replied.

Letters received regarding Renfrewshire CCs Forum (Brian and Bill intersted in attending); lack of recycling facilities in Howwood (Secretary to write to Renfrewshire Council requesting views); Revised Constitution & Standing Orders from Alex Hewetson; Computer Equipment for CCs; Health Council Review; Planning Applications; notice of special meeting of Renfrewshire Council.


Saturday 23 April from 7.00 pm. Brian will coordinate the evening and be in touch with helpers. At least 45 guests expected. There have been changes to the programme, Margaret Fraser and her team of dancers are unavailable. The CC expressed its concern and sympathy to Margaret who is in hospital.

Play Park

leaflets distributed and public meeting called Tuesday 19 April at 7.30 pm. Alastair will be present as will Colin McClelland from the Parks Department and Barbara Brown from Lochwinnoch Playground Group. With sufficient support, a committee can be set up to take the project forward.

History of Howwood

John and Danny had met with John Gray, collected various photographs and would be meeting again on Tuesday 19 April.


Rosee circulated a revised draft. Ideas and additions need to be in soon.


No Report.


David reported that the group was interested in maintaining several sites in and around the village. Three walks and talks were to be arranged over the year. The Website has been added to. David had an initial meeting with the new owner of the Midton Wood, and they will meet again. Contact has also been made with the Biodiversity Officer for Greater Renfrewshire and the Farming & Wildlife Advisory Group. Ideally it is hoped to establish a local nature reserve.


The Minister has asked if the CC plans any Jubilee Celebration. Any ideas should be brought to the next meeting and might be incorporated into Fete Week.

AOCB: Comments Box

There were no comments for this meeting. However there has been a good response to the Survey to Forecast demand for Primary School places in Howwood.


Tuesday 9 April 7.30 pm Howwood Village Hall.


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