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Community Council Meeting Minutes 2002



Nick Walker, Bill David, Brian Young, Ken Macdonald, Rosee Macdonald, Gordon Weir, Grace Weir, Robert Scarsbrook, Christine Scarsbrook, Norma David, Andrew Wilson, Craig Crawford, Linda Smith, David McKie.


Alastair Nimmo, June Mulholland, Margie Stewart, Terry Higgins, Stuart Russell.


David Bottomley, Danny McAlister, Amish Amin.

Bill David informed the CC of the death of Jean Mitchell. The CC expressed condolences to Jean’s family, and thanks for her contribution to Howwood over many years.


The Minutes of the 18.6.2002 meeting were accepted (prop. Norma David, sec. Brian Young) with one change to item 1 (Police Report); Evelyn Currie has resigned as CC representative on the Crime Prevention Board NOT the Strathclyde Joint Police Board (which does not have any CC representation) and NOT the Police Liaison Committee (which does not exist!).


For July, 5 crimes reported and 1 detected; for August, 3 crimes reported and 2 detected. There were no road traffic offences. There were no figures available for June.

Before seeking representation on the Crime Prevention Board, it was agreed to write seeking details of the Committee’s meetings, etc.


Clarification was sought on item 10.1 (damage to Pensioners’ Club property in the Hall), in that one of the Sports and Hobbies Group leaders had been unaware of any damage. The Pensioners’ Club had contacted the Group before contacting the CC and all damage had been reported to the Halls office at Johnstone Town Hall. The Pensioners’ Club has made no further contact (eg requesting funding) with the CC.

Further correspondence with the Association of Scottish Community Councils indicates that the CC’s membership fee WAS paid and the CC has in fact joined and does receive some level of insurance. But the ASCC has not yet supplied policy details or other information.


Councillor Nimmo cannot secure funds to create a safe area for recycling in Howwood which the CC had already agreed would be essential if we were to establish a recycling depot. It was agreed therefore that we abandon the idea of recycling bins and await the outcome of Renfrewshire Council’s pilot of door to door collections, which may take a year or so. The Area Waste Plan for the Clyde Valley is out for consultation but was received fairly late. Bill David and Nick Walker agreed to read and respond on behalf of the CC as the deadline is 20.9.2002.


David McKie and Alastair Nimmo met Roads Dept staff in Bowfield Road recently and it was agreed that the “traffic calming” be removed. Other ways of making it safer to cross both Bowfield Road and Main Street may be discussed in the future (eg zebra crossing on Main Street). There were further complaints about flooding in Bowfield Road and at the triangle, a damaged barrier on Bowfield Road and overgrown vegetation obstructing pavements in numerous areas around Howwood (including three cards in the Suggestions Box). CC to write to Roads and Environmental Services (copied to Cllr Nimmo). Alastair Nimmo reported that the new Council budget may include money for rural roads.


David McKie has developed and continues to seek content for it. Currently there are sections on History, What’s On, the CC (including minutes of our meetings), children’s items, guest book, bulletin board. Amish Amin has offered IT assistance. e-mail addresses are available through David. He can be contacted at [email protected]


Rosee Macdonald will collate material and the Newsletter should be ready for distribution (around the village and on the web site) in early November.


A number of residents had raised the issue of a deck being added to a property in Bowfield Way which appears intrusive to neighbours. There is apparently no planning permission for the work and Alastair Nimmo and Planning Dept officials have visited the site. Two major concerns arise: how the CC should respond to planning applications; and how to address a situation where work is conducted without the opportunity of an enquiry. On the latter, powers are limited and it was suggested that affected neighbours seek legal advice (possibly pursuing an interim interdict); on the former, Alastair Nimmo was keen that the CC set up a Planning Working Group (as Lochwinnoch CC has) to consider all applications in Howwood and to provide support to residents who raise planning related concerns. It was agreed to set up such a group comprising Bill David, Brian Young, Andrew Wilson and Ken Macdonald. The Group will visit the Bowfield Way site and report on progress at the next CC meeting.

Carsewood House

Alastair Nimmo updated the CC on Carsewood House. Renfrewshire Council has agreed to sell off the site together with a portion of Howwood Primary School grounds adjacent to the Carsewood property. The site will be sold for development, though no planning consent has yet been sought. Development is possible because the site cannot be considered green belt as it is currently built on and used. The remaining land along the undeveloped side of Hillfoot Avenue and the garages will not be sold or changed.

CORRESPONDENCE (as per list attached to agenda)
CC Administrative Grant

Alex Hewetson explains that our recent grant of £186.00 is in respect of the year to 31.8.2001. The grant is paid in arrears. In future years we should receive £440.50.

ASCC Community of the Year

Over the summer, the Community of the Year awards entries had to be submitted. Bill David, Andrew Wilson, Nick Walker, David McKie and John Anderson completed the details of an application on community life, environment, young people, the elderly and the internet. Andrew has a copy of the submission if anyone wishes to view it.

Renewing Local Democracy

The Scottish Executive is running a series of public involvement seminars on local democracy, and for Renfrewshire this will be on 1.10.2002 (from 1.45 pm to 4.45 pm); it will include workshops on various community needs such as access and education. Andrew Wilson agreed to attend on behalf of CC but others with an interest would be welcome. Andrew has details.

Library Services

Renfrewshire Council has not responded to the CC’s enquiries about library services. CC agreed to write again requesting update on the planned review of libraries.

School Memorial Garden for Margaret Fraser

Alastair Nimmo brought a request from Jim Smith, Howwood Primary School janitor, for a financial contribution to the Margaret Fraser Memorial Garden. The Local Grant is completely spent, and the CC agreed to contribute. Norma David, Linda Smith and Brian Young will form a Working Group to contact Margaret’s family and look at raising public contributions within the village. The CC agreed to underwrite the project (up to £768.00).

Requests for financial support

The Kirk has requested a contribution to the costs of their summer children’s activities group; CC agreed to contribute £150.00. Howwood Guides requested a contribution to their ongoing work which incurs increasing costs as their numbers have doubled in the past year or so; CC agreed to contribute £150.00.

Electoral Boundaries

Andrew Wilson informed the CC that the Boundary Commission is to hold a public meeting on the review of West Renfrewshire Constituency boundaries on 19.9.2002 (at 10.00 am) at Paisley Town Hall. As many people as possible should attend to reinforce Howwood’s views (that Howwood and the other Renfrewshire “villages” should remain together in one constituency rather than Howwood being separated from other rural locations and added in with a large, urban area of Paisley) expressed to the Commission by petition after the proposed boundary changes were announced.


Christine Scarsbrook accepted the offer of co-option to the CC (co-option forms to be submitted to Alex Hewetson). Alan Sinclair’s seat on the CC is now forfeit and this leaves two vacancies on the CC. Amish Amin has written to express his interest in joining. Any others with an interest should be encouraged to attend the next meeting.


Primary topics: Working Groups (2003 Fete, Planning, Margaret Fraser memorial, etc.); Roads, etc.; Environmental issues; Library services.

Reserve items: Web site and IT; Newsletter; Howwood Primary School.


ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING TUESDAY 01 OCTOBER 2002, 7.30 pm, Howwood Village Hall.

THEN THE FOLLOWING TUESDAYS: 12 November & 10 December.

Please note there will be no meeting on 8.10.2002 as Howwood Wildlife and Woodlands have a public meeting that night.

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