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Community Council Meeting Minutes 2002



Nick Walker, Robert Scarsbrook, Christine Scarsbrook, Amish Amin, David McKie, Norma David, Linda Smith, Gordon Weir, Brian Young, Bill David, Rosee Macdonald, Ken Macdonald, Millar Leon, Craig Crawford.


Stuart Russell, Alistair Campbell, Margie Stewart.


Grace Weir, David Bottomley, Andrew Wilson, Danny McAlister, Alastair Nimmo, Evelyn Currie.


The Minutes of the 12.11.2002 meeting were accepted (prop. Robert Scarsbrook, sec. Amish Amin). There were some comments about inaccurate distribution of minutes by Renfrewshire Council over the past two months; CC will write to Alex Hewetson to ensure Council is up to date with membership and addresses.


In November, one theft and one housebreaking with intent were reported; there were no detections. June figures remain outstanding.

PC Russell announced that he will be leaving his community post in January. There is no definite information yet on his replacement. CC to write to Superintendent Clark seeking clarification. CC thanked PC Russell for his input over recent years.

Crime Prevention Board

Christine Scarsbrook volunteered to represent CC on Crime Prevention Board (provided meetings are in evenings). Robert Scarsbrook agreed to deputise if Christine is unavailable. Posts formally agreed. Next meeting is 14.1.2003; CC to check time of meeting.

CC Membership

Danny McAlister and Evelyn Currie both expressed a desire to continue as CC members. One vacancy remains. Trying to broaden membership from around Howwood, it was agreed to circulate a note about CC to new houses at Bowfield Rise.

Margaret Fraser Commemoration

Norma David, Linda Smith and Brian Young. Norma reported a letter has gone to the churches and Post Office. Church intimations will mention the Memorial. Donations may be made at churches and PO also.

2003 Fete

David Bottomley, David McKie, Rosee Macdonald and Amish Amin. Amish reported Fete week will be 14.6.03-21.6.03. The Fete and the Village Dance will be on Saturday 21.6.2003. It is proposed that CC not organise other events. Contacts, helpers and events are beginning to develop.


Bill David, Brian Young, Andrew Wilson and Ken Macdonald. Two items arise.

  • The Council-owned Main Street site has two tenders and CC should be invited to respond. The Railway Inn would make a car park; a developer would build two shops (including a fast food outlet) and two flats.
  • The decking in Bowfield Way had planning permission rejected at the Council Planning Committee hearing on 5.11.2002 and the decking is to be removed. However, Cllr Nimmo reports that the decision is going to Appeal.


David McKie reported that: the dangerous broken concrete cover on the pavement at Hallside Street and Station Road has been referred onto British Telecom by Renfrewshire Council; a signpost remnant near PO, drains on Bowfield Road and overgrown areas and pavements on Beith Road (George Street to Kirk) are being investigated. David was asked to look into: school approach 20 mph signs not yet in place; Mayfield Drive potholes; traffic light phasing and major delays between 8.40 and 9.05 am at Beith and Hallhill Roads junction in Spateston.

Bowfield Road was discussed again taking account of Bowfield Country Club concerns. Gaps in parking to allow traffic to pass seem a good idea; CC to write in support of this proposal. A proposal to straighten Bowfield Road at Main Street (cutting through the garage wilderness) was discussed. CC would support a formal assessment if safety were enhanced and there was environmental improvement.


Nil specific.

WEB SITE AND COMMUNICATION won the community web site planning section of the Community of the Year Awards, sponsored by Calor Scotland. CC received ú500. CC to write thanking Calor. CC thanked David McKie for his invaluable contribution. To broaden awareness, a poster display of the site was suggested for the Hall or a village notice board.

David is keen to receive photos and other items for the site; CC newsletter is partly on line now. E-mail addresses are available through David, and CC agreed that local businesses may advertise but should be asked to make a donation (eg ú25).

Howwood CC Newsletter is ready for distribution. Brian Young will coordinate. Circulation should take place between 4.1.03 and 8.1.03.

A central village notice board or information centre was discussed. CC agreed in principle that this was a good idea, but its form, content and location are all issues of potential contention. Three loci were proposed: the triangle (near the bench almost opposite the shop), outside the Hall (near the main door or in the Christmas tree spot), on Main Street (between Bowfield Road and the derelict shop). Other features (such as a village clock) could be considered too. CC to make initial written enquiry to Cllr Nimmo and Alex Hewetson.


Proposed dates 15.2.03 or 22.2.03. Ideas for acts are welcome as soon as possible, and offers of help for before and during will be required. Working group arranged: Bill David, Brian Young, Linda Smith, Robert Scarsbrook, Craig Crawford, Andrew Wilson.


In Cllr Nimmo's absence, no report. A ceremonial lighting of the village Christmas Tree was suggested as an event for 2003. This could be raised with Cllr Nimmo at the next CC meeting.

CORRESPONDENCE (as per list attached to agenda)
Renfrewshire Community Health Initiative

The community involvement addiction group meeting minutes were received but they focus on procedural matters, so CC to write seeking clarification of remit and responsibilities before deciding whether to send a representative.

Renfrewshire Council

CC Administrative Grant (ú440) was received from Renfrewshire Council. CC acknowledges receipt with thanks.

CC Forum

No one was able to attend the last meeting, so no report.


TUESDAY 14 JANUARY 2003, 7.30 pm, Howwood Village Hall.

Then the following Tuesdays: 11 February; 11 March; 8 April; 13 May; 10 June.


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